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Life is Strange: True Colors Interview Details Alex’s Powers and Narrative Theme

Life is Strange: True Colors was recently revealed at Square Enix Presents. Developed by Deck Nine, the game will feature a new protagonist, Alex Chan, who has recently been released from foster care. She goes to Haven Springs, a small town in Colorado to visit her older brother Gabe. The reunion is short-lived when Gabe is found dead.  In response, Alex goes off to investigate her brother’s death. She then finds that she has acquired the ability to detect and read other people’s emotions.  

Life is Strange: True Colors Theme Is Empathy

In a recent interview  game director Zak Garriss provided more details about the game. He said that the central theme of Life is Strange: True Colors is empathy. Alex has supernatural powers that are sensitive to people’s emotional states. If people are experiencing strong emotions like rage or fear Alex quickly gets overwhelmed and starts to feel that emotion herself.  Zak said that Alex’s ability has alienated and isolated her from others.

This has led to behavior that most people do not understand and probably mostly condemn, but the story that we’re about to invite players into is the story of Alex learning how, through hardship to take this curse and do something good with it. And in doing that, sort of make her peace with who she is.

Zak Garriss

A Returning Character

Garriss also said that the decision to focus on empathy stems from their previous game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. In the prequel, they look closer at Chole Price who in the first game was angry and rebellious. They highlight her troubled household and her relationship with Rachel. Fans of the first game grew sympathy with her struggle to find her identity after her father passed away. Steph Gingrich from the prequel returns to have a prominent role for the upcoming game. Garriss said that the Life is Strange: True Colors will focus more on exploration with larger areas and more interaction with the characters in the world.  

Life is Strange: True Colors will be ditching the episodic model as the game will be released entirely on September 10, 2021 for last gen and current gen. The game will cost $60 for both generations of consoles.  Square Enix announced that it will also be releasing the remaster collection featuring the first game and the prequel. The remaster collection will be available for the fall 2021. It will be interesting to see how Deck Nine will utilize Alex’s superpower in unveiling the murder mystery.  

You can pick up a copy of the original Life is Strange here whilst you wait for the next instalment (affiliate link).

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