Sonic Frontiers: Light Speed Dash Guide

This article explains how you can use the Light Speed dash feature in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Light Speed dash cover
Detailed explanation of how to use the Light Speed Dash in Sonic Frontiers

Players experienced in Sonic games know about the Light Speed dash that Sonic performs. The feature is the most frequently used feature. This might be a surprise, but Sonic Frontiers also has this very important feature already unlocked from the start.

Key takeaways:

  • Light Speed dash is a very important feature of Sonic Frontiers for progressing the game smoothly and quickly
  • The feature is already available to use from the start and it can be used immediately
  • Most players can use the feature with L3 but the controls are different based on the gaming platform used.

Gameplay Visual of Sonic Frontiers
Gameplay of Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers tutorials miss out on making the players realize this feature of the game and hence, most players are not using it. But the feature is there from the start and no special mission is to be undertaken to unlock the it.

You can use the feature if you know the control button that is required to perform it.

Light Speed dash is an extremely vital feature that has had grave importance throughout other Sonic franchises. Even in Sonic Frontiers, this feature carries profound use.

How To Perform Light Speed Dash

Before using the Light Speed dash, a player must know that is unlocked from the start. It is at the player’s discretion to use the feature whenever he wants.

The dash is performed differently based on the gaming platform being used:

  • L3 button (left analog stick to be pressed) – PlayStation
  • LS button (left analog stick to be pressed) – Xbox
  • Z key – PC
Sonic Frontiers Light Speed Controls
Use The Left Analog Stick for Light Speed Dash

Since in Xbox and PlayStation, the user is required to press the left analog stick – something that has never happened before, even in other games – it is understood why most players were unaware of the very special feature.

The controls mentioned here are pre-set in the game. The player can change the button configuration and set the feature to any of the player’s liking.

Moreover, after using the feature for the first time, Sonic’s double jump is also reset. This fact later comes into use when completing advanced challenges.

Importance Of Light Speed Dash

After using the dash, a player realizes how many opportunities are unlocked by using it. Opportunities that otherwise might be delayed or never achieved. Furthermore, using the is also very helpful for quick and smooth game progression.

The feature seems like a luxury when used at the start but as the game progresses it becomes a necessity. There will be missions where it will not be possible to complete the mission without making use of the dash.

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Most importantly and most frequently, the Light Speed dash is used when a trail of rings is to be collected. Players often find a trail of a few rings that, apparently, are hard to understand the presence of. It is only when the player knows or realizes the existence of Light Speed dash that he is able to pick all those rings.

Collecting the rings with the dash becomes extremely important when the player encounters an enemy and is hit by the enemy. The recollection of rings becomes faster with the Light Speed dash.

Sonic Running Trail of Rings
Trail of Rings in Sonic Frontiers

The dash is also used in complement with the double jump to grab the trail of rings or at times to catch a ledge etc. Combining the dash with the double jump increases the efficiency and usage of both features.

Conclusive Remarks

Light Speed dash is a must-use feature that is used time and again. Since no special missions or campaigns are to be undertaken to unlock it, therefore it must be immediately employed by a player in his game.

This is all that a player must know about the Light Speed dash feature of the Sonic Frontiers. Start using it early and use it often.

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