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Upcoming The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Horror Game Focuses On Player Choices

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, developed by Supermassive Games, is the second instalment in the Dark Anthology series. Akin to Until Dawn and Man of Medan’s focus on delivering a cinematic experience driven by player choices. This dynamic of being able to influence the narrative is any horror junkie’s dream.

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Until Dawn showcased how cinematic games can be perfect for the horror genre. As player decisions heavily influence character relationships and survival. Consequently, the game has a high level of re-playability.

The Dark Anthology hopes to capture the success of Until Dawn and turn it into an episodic series. But Supermassive games would understandably not be able to stick to their 6-month release schedule.

Co-op and online play will return to Little Hope. Man of Medan also had co-op features that were a success. As friends and family can each control a character’s choices, producing a fun co-op experience.

Little Hope’s plot a contrast to previous episode

After a bus crashes and leaves four college students and their teacher stranded, they are surrounded by a fog that leads them to the isolated town of Little Hope. The narrative transpires over three stories: the present, a 1970s family and the witch trials of the 1600s. A stark contrast to Man Of Medan’s sole setting of a ghost ship.

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Until Dawn had an impressive cast of actors and actresses, such as Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare and Rami Malek, that did a fantastic job with their characters. With a smaller cast, Little Hope will include Will Poulter, an actor who gained recognition in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Little Hope, to be half the play-time of Until Dawn

Until Dawn’s playtime is roughly 10 hours, while Man of Medan is merely half the time. While Supermassive games were aiming for shorter horror experiences in the Dark Anthology. Until Dawn’s run time allowed for deeper character development, which emphasized focusing on player choices. The Dark Anthology’s structure of being series-based makes it difficult to stand up to its original predecessor. While Man of Medan had a good reception scoring 75 Metascore on PC according to Metacritic. The experience was over in a few hours leaving fans waiting for the next instalment.

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Supermassive Games have focused on accessibility for The Dark Anthology, as the series resembles the monster of the week formula found in shows such as The X-Files and Doctor Who. This allows players to experience a complete story regardless of playing earlier titles. The combination of a short playtime and simple gameplay produces a great game to play with people that aren’t gamers. Because the gameplay is focused on choice, the game becomes less about the mastering of mechanics but instead a focus on a narrative.

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