Liverpool FC’s Diogo Jota Leads the Way On FUT Leaderboard

The footballing season has been one of the strangest and most unpredictable of any on record this year. Games are coming at us thick and fast to comply with the jammed packed schedule due to Covid-19. So as a result, many players are succumbing to injuries than ever before. Liverpool’s Diogo Jota is one such player on the treatment table but it seems that he has been keeping himself busy and on the digital stage, he’s quite the baller as well.

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Diogo has managed to win thirty games on the trot, topping the FIFA Ultimate Team champions leaderboard this weekend. Meaning that aside from being a highly paid footballing superstar in reality, Diogo is also the top ranked player in the world. For at least this weekend anyway.

King of the Kop

The Liverpool star didn’t do this by a stroke of luck by any means. The Portuguese forward is actually known for his skills on the digital stage. He has been consistently amongst the top players within the weekend league standings and he even managed to win the Esports invitational in May 2020. This was a competition that seen pros play FIFA during the forced off season. This competition also featured stars such as James Maddison of Leicester and Diogo’s teammate Trent Alexander Arnold.

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Diogo was actually in good form this season before he picked up an injury. Currently, his record stands at five goals in nine in the EPL and four goals in six in the Champions League. Including a stellar display against Atalanta where he scored a wonderful hat trick. He will be looking to take this fine form on FIFA and turn it into real world results when he returns to the action.

What Team Does Diogo Have?

You may be wondering, what kind of Ultimate Team does Diogo run with during the weekend league. As a highly paid individual, he can afford to pour funds into the EA coffers, so can only assume that it’s a very strong team indeed. Here is a look at what the team looked like about three weeks ago.

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As you can see it’s a very strong one indeed. Here you’ll find both the young and old Ronaldo’s, his teammate Joe Gomez, the Dutch icon Ruud Guillet, Patrick Viera and of course, his very stylish 99 rated pro card. If we came up against this side, we would certainly brace ourselves for a tough game. So if you’re playing weekend league on Playstation in the future, keep an eye out for Diogo Jota. He bronze benches and he takes no prisoners.

So that’s our news regarding Jota and his incredible achievement in FIFA this week. What do you make of the news? Do you think Jota is the best pro at FIFA? If not, who could challenge him? Let us know in the comments section below. Plus, if you liked this, then check out our news on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition or alternatively, check out our touching tribute to the late CEO of Bethesda.

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