Wild Hearts Lizard Bloom [Farming Guide]

Learn how to farm Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts for forging armor and weapons for your hunter character build.

Wild Hearts Lizard Bloom
Wild Hearts Lizard Bloom

Upgrading items to benefit your gameplay is a top aspect of Wild Hearts. At the same time, it can easily overwhelm all kinds of players. Especially since upgrading armor and weapons require Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts, many players are perplexed about where to begin. 

For those uninitiated, Lizard Bloom is an essential lootable item exclusively used to upgrade weapons and armor. Unlike most items you receive by progressing the storyline, Lizard Bloom involves looting or killing specific Kemono. These include the two lizards Kemono known as Springwatch Monitors, and Nightshade Monitors.

Now the crux of the matter is where players can find them and how to obtain the Lizard Bloom. This is where our guide is handy to assist players with the best and most guaranteed approach to get their hands on Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Wild Hearts allows players to craft and upgrade their armor and weapons using an essential Lizard Bloom item
  • Unfortunately, the game gives a very short description of where to find the Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts and utilize it to your benefit in gameplay. 
  • For the uninitiated, Lizard Bloom is a lootable item dropped by the small lizard Kemono known as Springwatch Monitors and Nightshade Monitors. Meanwhile, most players are perplexed about where to find this lizard Kemono to get their hands on the Lizard Bloom
  • Fortunately, the game enables players to access the upgradable item early in the gameplay. All you need to do is find a Springwatch Monitor in Natsukodachi Isle or surrounding Harugasami Way and kill or pet the creature to receive the Lizard Bloom.
  • Notably, killing the creature does not always guarantee the Lizard Bloom drop. However, petting the creature by sneaking behind them is the ideal and most guaranteed approach for receiving the Lizard Bloom.
  • Players can also consider farming on Nightshade Monitors, encountered during Chapter 2, and the Akikure Canyon location. You can follow the same strategy of killing or petting the creatures to farm as many Lizard Bloom as they want in Wild Hearts. 
  • One important aspect is that petting the Springwatch Monitors and Nightshade Monitors requires Poison Resistance on your character. Otherwise, you will be unable to pluck the Lizard Bloom from these creatures and also fall prey once they turn hostile. 

How To Get Lizard Bloom In Wild Hearts

As said above, players can obtain Lizard Bloom by killing or looting by petting the lizard Kemono in Wild Hearts. But there is a catch when it comes to dropping the Lizard Bloom. Let’s look at both small lizard Kemono, where to find them, and how to obtain the upgradeable item in your playthrough.

Springwatch Monitors

The reason that Lizard Bloom is easily accessible early in the game is because of the Springwatch Monitors. These small lizards Kemono can be found easily in one of the notable locations in Wild Hearts known as Natsukodachi Isle. If you notice, this is one of the earliest locations in Wild Hearts, thus helping players to obtain their Lizard Bloom early. 

Springwatch Monitors
Springwatch Monitors

Although you may already have encountered and killed these green lizard Kemono during the campaign, but you have the choice to either kill or pet these creatures. The main reason is that killing these creatures will not always drop Lizard Bloom for your character. Meanwhile, if you can sneak up on these creatures and interact as petting, they will surely drop the Lizard Bloom. 

As for the traits, Springwatch Monitors are swift and intelligent creatures that keep things mostly to themselves. However, if they notice your character up close and personal or any other activity, they can immediately turn hostile and will attack you. In this case, you have no choice but to slay the Springwatch Monitors

The best way to find Springwatch Monitors is to visit the Detailed Map and filter out the enemies with Small Kemono. This way, you can easily find these monsters around the Natsukodachi Isle. You can also search the complete area of Harugasami Way to discover more Springwatch Monitors and pet or slay them to farm more Lizard Bloom for your playthrough needs. 

All Possible Spawns for Springwatch Monitor
All Possible Spawns for Springwatch Monitor – Picture Credits: MapGenie
All Possible Spawns for Springwatch Monitor in Natsukodachi Isle
All Possible Spawns for Springwatch Monitor in Natsukodachi Isle – Picture Credits: MapGenie

Nightshade Monitors

Apart from Springwatch Monitors, you can also receive Lizard Bloom from Nightshade Monitors, another small lizard Kemono. Here is a little twist; unlike Springwatch Monitors, which you can access early, Nightshade Monitors requires players to start at least Chapter 2 of the Wild Hearts campaign. 

We will follow the same strategy for Nightshade Monitors, which involves either killing the beast or petting it to pluck one Lizard Bloom from its body. However, you will visit another portion of the map this time: “Akikure Canyon.” Once again, you can filter out the small Kemono on the map to find all the possible spawning locations of the Nightshade Monitors

Tips & Tricks For Farming Lizard Bloom

Now that you know the locations for Springwatch Monitors and Nightshade Monitors, you can easily pursue any option to kill or pet the beast and claim the Lizard Bloom. However, it is highly recommended to go after petting instead of slaying it. 

It is worth noting that going near these creatures might poison your character. For that instance, you might want to use Poison Resistance and then pet the creature. Otherwise, the best farming strategy of petting the lizard will not work, resulting in losing progress

Concluding Remarks

Lizard Bloom is a great addition to Wild Hearts, enabling players to make choices and upgrade their weapons and armor for their ideal character build. At the same time, the developers did a perfect job of balancing the item so that players could easily access the item and farm as many as they wanted. This way, you will not have to worry about lacking behind in your gameplay and pursue a playthrough of an ultimate hunter in Minato.

That is about it for our guide on how to farm Lizard Bloom in Wild Hearts. Do you find this guide helpful for getting your Lizard Bloom? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

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