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Location: How To Find Zaerhud In Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal is the latest game in the Diablo series and is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. Being a loot-em-up style game, one of the core gameplay elements of Diablo Immortal revolves around exploring new areas and finding and defeating several exotic monsters. One of these monsters is the fabled Diablo Immortal Zaerhud Location.

Zaerhud, Unbridled Fury is a Super Unique class Monster, and is found in the “Defeat Zaerhud” quest. Zaerhud resembles a giant bear, and attacks mostly with melee attacks. The Zaerhud can be found in the Dark Wood area of the game. Killing Zaerhud gives the player an exploration achievement for the Dark Wood.

What is the Dark Wood?

The Dark Wood, as the name implies, is a dark and foreboding landscape found in northern Khanduras and is a forest biome. The forest follows somewhat of a pyramid styling, with the largest and thickest trees near the south of the forest.

The Dark Wood? Whew. You know, I grew up not far from there. If you’re heading to a place like that, you are going to need some better equipment . . . – Charsi

The Dark Wood has a fabled history of being a frequently used shortcut for merchants and travelers passing through the Northern Khanduras. 

diablo immortal dark wood
The Dark Wood

In the year 1264, the protagonists of Diablo 2 explored the forest, trying to find the Dark Wanderer. The next year, a fragment of the disintegrated World Stone found its way into the forest. 

As the years went on, the Dark Wood became more and more hostile. Moreover, an eldritch evil began manifesting itself in the forest, challenging any that might dare wander in. Also, several different types of demons haunted the forest, including the Fallen, who resided beneath the largest trees, especially those most gravely affected by Andariel’s foul magic. As a result, the Fallen established their home base in the Cursed Grove, near the forest’s southern region.

Eventually, the Bloodsworn, which was an all-female cult dedicated to the Countess, rose in the Dark Wood and made any exploration and travelling there next to impossible. To counter the danger, Westmarch requested the aid of adventurers to cleanse the forest of all ill-intentioned entities, so that the Dark Wood may be traversed again.

At the time, the Dark Wood was corrupted by the influence of the Blood Rose, but the Blood Rose was killed by said adventurers. Later on, the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye attempted to further clean the forest of all corruption, and asked for the help of the Westmarch adventurers, and started from the Fetid Swamp.

Westmarch also asked for the aid of adventurers later on. There was a large tribe of the Fallen near the western end of the Forest, and villagers who needed to traverse the forest in search of shelter were unable to do so due to the numerous dangers in the forest, including the Fallen. As a result, the adventurers had to clear the entire forest to make ensure the safety of all those passing through.

Finding Zaerhud

To find Zaerhud, the player must first make sure that they have take the “Wanted: Zaerhud” side quest. After that, they must go to the Dark Wood area of the game. Once Dark Wood has been reached, head over to the south east of the Sanguine Ruins. At this place, there will be a clearing.

This clearing is also Southwest of the Tree of Inifus. Defeat all the enemies in the area and start clicking on everything interactable, e.g chests, shrines etc. The mobs will continue respawning, so keep defeating them until the Zaerhud spawns. It may take several rounds, but eventually Zaerhud should appear in the area. 

However, the issues is that only one Purple Rare Elite monster can spawn at a time, and the Zaerhud shares the area along with the Arag, which has a much higher spawn rate than Zaerhud.

As a result, the player can potentially spend several hours without so much as seeing a glimpse of Diablo Immortal Zaerhud Location, if they are exceptionally unlucky. Leaving the area and coming back seems to rest the loot tables, therefore if the player seems to have bad luck, try leaving the area and coming back to it.

Defeating Zaerhud is a reasonably easy task. His attacks are simple and easily telegraphed, one of which is the Ice Beam, which spawns 3 ice beam attacks from the sky that inflict raw damage and a Chill effect. Also, when Zaerhud dies, it releases slimes from its body, which attack the player and must be defeated.

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