Lords of the Fallen Best Classes [Top 5]

Discover the Top Classes that you can equip in Lords of the Fallen to unlock your character's ultimate potential and get the best out of your Adventure in the world of LOTF.

lords of the fallen best class

Lords of the Fallen is here and before you start your playthrough, let’s ensure you have all the right information so there is no buyer’s remorse later. With this Lords of the Fallen Best Class guide, I will get you in on the five best classes you can start with, in my opinion.

Note: I am not mentioning the other three unlockable classes since they require you to start a new character (exclusive of NG+) to access them.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 10 starting classes in Lords of the Fallen with 3 being advanced/nuanced to start.
  • The Dark Crusader is only available with a Deluxe Edition or higher, although you can unlock this class through a questline later on in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Each class has a unique aesthetic that is quite familiar to fans of souls-like games such as the Hunters from Bloodborne or the Knight from Dark Souls.

Dark Crusader

Best Class For Beginners

lords of the fallen dark crusaderDark Crusader Class | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Crusader Class?

The Crusader comes with powerful starting gear and with its Endurance and Vitality stats, it has the potential for end game viability.

Weapons Paladin Issac’s Sword
Radiantburst Parchment
Throwing Hand
Armor Paladin Helm
Paladin Armor
Paladin Gauntlets
Paladin Leggings
Pendants Paladin’s Pendant

The edgy older brother of John Darksoul is a new variation we have seen in other titles but this one surely takes the cake in terms of style and design. The Dark Crusader is not really that dark at all in fact he is actually part of the paladin section. This means being able to use Holy spells to buff, heal, and all other manner of sorcery. You get everything that comes with the Hallowed Knight class and more since you have to get the Deluxe Edition or above for Lords of the Fallen to unlock this class.

Strength 12
Agility 8
Endurance 14
Vitality 14
Radiance 11
Inferno 8

Although it is well worth it with the increase to all forms of damage, defense, and stamina. You start off with the highest Vitality stat at 14 alongside a starting level of 14. Supporting both the tank-like playstyle and heavy damage playstyle while remaining somewhat neutral in terms of scaling. I’m so far having a great time with Dark Crusader.

  • Powerful starting gear
  • Strong starting class
  • End game viability
  • Higher starting level

  • Cost
  • Limited starting shield
  • Less diverse weaponry

Exiled Stalker

Best DPS Class
lords of the fallen exiled stalker
Exiled Stalker Class | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Exiled Stalker?

The Exiled Stalker class has the highest DPS currently and it also comes with high Agility stats which highly supports it as a starting class.

Weapons Exiled Stalker Daggers
Lacerating Knife
Armor Exiled Stalker Headscarf
Exiled Stalker Garb
Exiled Stalker Wrappings
Exiled Stalker Trousers
Misc. Poison Salts

If you wanted to play as a twin dagger-spinning fast-paced poison machine with the sands of time at your beck and call (Prince of Persia reference for you in the back) then I recommend you should play the Exiled Stalker. With the potential to reach the highest DPS alongside applying status effects relatively easily this class is one of the most fun ones you could use.

Strength 9
Agility 16
Endurance 11
Vitality 11
Radiance 8
Inferno 8

Having the highest Agility stat out of all the starting classes with a 16 and a starting level of 10 the speed and tenacity of the Exiled Stalker are nothing to scoff at and can be amazing to take with you as your starting class.

  • High agility
  • Dual-wielding
  • Poison and bleed
  • Ranged options

  • Light armor
  • Dependence on dodging
  • Limited health

Blackfeather Ranger

Best Ranged Class
lords of the fallen blackfeather ranger
Blackfeather Ranger Class | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Blackfeather Ranger?

This is the most versatile class as it supports multiple builds and is proficient in ranged combat.

Weapons Blackfeather Ranger Axe
Blackfeather Ranger Bow
Blackfeather Ranger Shield
Armor Blackfeather Ranger Hat
Blackfeather Ranger Armor
Blackfeather Ranger Gloves
Blackfeather Ranger Trousers
Misc. Ammunition Pouch
Oak Arrows

To me it looks like the hunter took a wrong turn in Yharnam and ended up in Lords of the Fallen. But in all seriousness, the resemblance is uncanny although the playstyles are completely different. A ranged class by trade with some decent melee options the Blackfeather Ranger really embodies the ranger archetype by being primarily range-focused using a bow and arrow.

Strength 11
Agility 13
Endurance 11
Vitality 10
Radiance 8
Inferno 8

The Blackfeather Ranger starts at level 8, the second lowest starting level in the game just barely above the Condemned. Overall a very versatile class that can easily be molded into your play style.

  • Versatility
  • Ranged combat
  • Starting items lead to balanced starting setup
  • Agility focus
  • Critical hits and specialized arrows

  • Limited starting strength
  • Dependence on ammo
  • Less elemental magic

Hallowed Knight

Best Class For Heavy Armor

lords of the fallen hallowed knightHallowed Knight Class | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Hallowed Knight?
It has the highest endurance stat in the game and it comes with solid starting gear to help you pass the early stages.
Weapons Hallowed Knight Sword
Hallowed Knight Shield
Armor Hallowed Knight Helm
Hallowed Knight Armor
Hallowed Knight Gauntlets
Hallowed Knight Leggings
Misc. Enervated Vigor Skull
Briostone Pair

Good old classic John Darksoul is back at it again in another franchise. This time he goes by the Hallowed Knight and aims to fight the good fight against all manner of beasties. Jokes aside this is probably the second-best starting class you can go as a new player to souls-like games. The class has decent health, stamina, defense, and damage.

Strength 12
Agility 8
Endurance 15
Vitality 11
Radiance 9
Inferno 8

You start with the highest Endurance stat in the game at 16 and a starting level of 15 which is also the highest among the starting classes.

It is the ultimate all-rounder for those looking to get into the game and have a decent time experiencing everything.

  • Robust defensive stats
  • Solid starter gear
  • Flexibility in builds
  • Medium encumbrance

  • Limited offensive potential
  • Dependency on heavy armor
  • Limited ranged options

Udirangr Warwolf

Best Class For Late Game
lords of the fallen udirangr warwolf
Udirangr Warwolf Class | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Udirangr Warwolf Class?

It has the highest strength stats in game currently and it supports offense completely so its suitable for aggressive gameplay.

Weapons Udirangr Warwolf Sword
Bloody Hatchet
Armor Udirangr Warwolf Hood
Udirangr Warwolf Armor
Udirangr Warwolf Sleeves
Udirangr Warwolf Trousers
Misc. Minor Fire Salts

If you are a fan of Vikings and brutal strength then you will have the most fun with the Udirangr Warwolf class. A class that disregards defense in exchange for maximizing offense.

Strength 16
Agility 10
Endurance 13
Vitality 10
Radiance 8
Inferno 8

It starts off with the highest Strength stat in the game with a whopping 16 and a starting level of 12 which is quite average among the starting classes.

  • High strength and agility
  • Effective weaponry
  • Minor fire salts
  • Physical damage focus

  • Light armor
  • Limited defense
  • Dependence on dodging

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Pyric Cultist: This class is slower to attack compared to other classes like the Exiled Stalker, which could be a disadvantage in close-quarters combat where quick attacks are crucial.
  2. Condemned: This class starts with the lowest numbers in strength, agility, endurance, vitality, radiance, and inferno, making it the weakest class in terms of raw stats and it also has a low starting level.
  3. Mournstead Infantry: While this class does have a throwing spear for ranged combat, it’s not as strong in either melee or ranged combat compared to other classes, hence I do not recommend it to you.
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My Opinion On The Best Classes

I am a Dark Souls fan boy through and through so the one that appeals most to me is the Dark Crusader. It’s the one I have enjoyed playing the most and a close second is the Exiled Stalker. These two have been my main go-to characters simply because of how much fun I have with them. The Crusader with his amazing aesthetic and the Stalker with the twin blades are just my kind of playstyle.

If you enjoy dex builds or love the dark paladin aesthetic then definitely pick up these classes as your choices for your first playthrough. On that note check out some of our other Lords of the Fallen guides such as:

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