Lords of the Fallen: Best Hallowed Knight Build

Hallowed Knight is a highly picked Archetype for new players. However, they fail to unleash its maximum potential, as their build is weak. Learn about the Best Hallowed Knight Build by reading this guide!

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Lords of the Fallen: Best Hallowed Knight Build

The hallowed Knight class is known for its defense-based playstyle to increase survivability and become tanky. Along with thick armor, this class can be combined with potential weapons to enhance the build. I chose Hallowed Knight as my starting class in Lords of the Fallen, and I have learned some important points which I will share in this guide!

Key Takeaways

  • Hallowed Knight focuses on dealing high damage to enemies while preserving their health for surviving more challenges in Lords of the Fallen.
  • I use melee weapons in Lords of the Fallen with higher Attack Power, and their Stat Scaling is mainly for Strength stat.
  • To keep a solid, unbreakable defense, you need Armor with moderate weight but significant resistance stats against damages of all types.
  • The only disadvantage of this build is that you become heavily dependent on your equipment. This requires you to constantly upgrade them which is a hectic process.

Hallowed Knight Stats Explained

take a look at the Hallowed Knight in LOTF
Hallowed Knight | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

If you are looking for a tanky character that will take a lot of damage from enemies and resist them with a thick armor shield, this class will suit you. In my opinion, Hallowed Knight possesses enough power to dominate enemies during the early game. However, with the correct build choices, it can be lethal in the late game as well.

Let’s take a look at the stat distribution for the Hallowed Knight class.

  • As this class majors in Endurance (15) and Strength (12) stats, this means that you will successfully land accurate shots that give a lot of damage.
  • With that, your character will conserve a significant amount of stamina that can be used in sprinting or other activities.
  • With significant Vitality (11), your character will pack a lot of health that will help survive for a longer period.
  • In my opinion, if you raise the Endurance and Vitality stats, you can induce a tanky nature in your Hallowed Knight, which can help you defeat tougher enemies.
  • Although points for Radiance (9) are lesser, you can still focus on building a Radiance Magic Build, but that won’t be encouraged in this build guide, as we are prioritizing hitting and giving damage through weaponry.

Recommended Weapons

The most important thing I learned about builds in Lords of the Fallen is that your class stats must align with the weapon stats. In the case of Hallowed Knight, I will list weapons that prioritize Strength stats in Weapon Scaling.

Avowed Mace

A Hammer that packs power that is capable of killing enemies in the initial hits. Its scaling is done based on Strength and Agility stats, so it matches with the nature of Hallowed Knight.

There are multiple locations for finding Avowed Mace:

  • You can expect to get Avowed Mace at Skyrest Bridge. I found out that you will get the hammer as a drop by killing enemies at this location.
  • If you are exploring, look for Thehk-Ihir at the Forsaken Fen. After having a conversation, you can buy the hammer from that station.
  • Lastly, if you cross an Avowed Enemy, you can get this melee weapon as a drop from there.

Here is the table that lists all the upgrade levels for Avowed Mace.

Upgrade Level Attack Power Strength Agility Rune Slots Items needed
1 106 C- D- 1 Deralium Fragment (small) x2
2 119 D- D 1 Deralium Fragment (small) x4
3 132 C D 1 Deralium Nuggets (regular) x1
4 144 C D+ 2 Deralium Nuggets (regular) x2
5 155 C+ D+ 2 Deralium Nuggets (regular) x4
6 166 C+ C- 2 Deralium Shards (Large) x2
7 176 B- C- 2 Deralium Shards (Large) x4
8 186 B- C- 2 Deralium Shards (Large) x6
9 195 B C 3 Deralium Shards (Large) x8
10 204 B C 3 Deralium Chunk x1

Faithful Bludgeon

This hammer will help you destroy enemies with its extraordinary Strength stats. I always prefer using Faithful Bludgeon when I am playing as the Hallowed Knight. It packs more power than the potential swords in Lords of the Fallen, hence I picked this for you.

To get Faithful Bludgeon, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Find a way to the Skyrest Bridge.
  2. Go to the ending node of this bridge but don’t touch the Effigy, as it will teleport you.
  3. Get close to the Effigy and look to your left.
  4. Notice an opening underneath you that can take you to the Faithful Bludgeon.
  5. Ensure you don’t fall by staying close to the wall.
  6. Keep walking where the track takes you, at least that is what I did to get to the Hammer.

Here is the table that lists all the upgrade levels for Faithful Bludgeon.

Upgrade Level Attack Power Strength Rune Slots Items needed
1 193 C+ 1 Deralium Fragment (small) x2
2 216 C+ 1 Deralium Fragment (small) x4
3 238 B- 1 Deralium Nuggets (regular) x1
4 258 B- 2 Deralium Nuggets (regular) x2
5 276 B 2 Deralium Nuggets (regular) x4
6 293 B+ 2 Deralium Shards (Large) x2
7 309 B+ 2 Deralium Shards (Large) x4
8 322 A- 2 Deralium Shards (Large) x6
9 335 A 3 Deralium Shards (Large) x8
10 346 A 3 Deralium Chunk x1

Recommended Armor Sets

A good armor choice is a priority with Hallowed Knight. Its purpose is to keep you safe and healthy after taking a big hit from an enemy. I made the mistake of keeping a light Armor set when I played Hallowed Knight, which made me lose a lot of health and distracted me in combat. Therefore, I recommend you prefer the following Armor set.

Hallowed Knight Armor Set

Armor Type Medium Torso
Weight 24.4
Physical Damage 120
Holy Damage 107
Fire Damage 107
Wither Damage 105
Smite Resistance 69
Bleed Resistance 77
Ignite Resistance 69
Frostbite Resistance 73
Poison Resistance 84
  • This tanky Armor piece comes with the Hallowed Knight Class.
  • It is capable of absorbing significant enemy damage and stopping you from losing health.
  • If you use this Armor Set, you will get a Helm, Gauntlets, and Leggings.
  • You can buy the Hallowed Knight Armor Set from Stomund, who is the captain of the Fidelis on Skyrest Bridge.
  • I will recommend you keep this Armor equipped at the initial stages of Lords of the Fallen, as its stats are not powerful for the late game.

My Experience Of Using Hallowed Knight

In my opinion, Hallowed Knight is all about balancing Strength and Defense to deal maximum damage to your opponents. It’s not completely Glass canon which allowed me to have enough health to survive most of my battles and plenty of attack power to defeat my enemies.

Your aim should be to have a powerful defense to stop incoming attacks. The Hallowed Knight luckily excels in these quarters. My final suggestion for you is to increase Strength, Agility, and Vitality stats if you are aiming to deal more damage through your weapons while maintaining a significant amount of health.

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