Lords of the Fallen: Best Place To Farm XP [Tried & Tested]

Here you can learn where to find the Best place to farm XP in Lords of the Fallen and upgrade your gears and weapons fast.

Best Place to Farm XP Lords of the Fallen
A detailed guide on Best Place to farm XP in Lords of the Fallen.

Killing enemies is an arduous task early-game and may come off as challenging. However, after spending a good number of hours in LOF, I believe it’s the quickest method available to farm Vigor, also known as XP and currency in Lords of the Fallen. I’ve had my fair share of struggle farming XP, but I managed to locate a great spot for quick Vigor farming. Continue reading to discover the best place to farm XP in Lords of the Fallen.

Key Takeaways

  • To farm vigor/XP, players must track down enemies and kill them in Lords of the Fallen.
  • The best location to farm XP is located in Pilgrim’s Perch.
  • There’s a spiked metal enemy in Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom who gives off around 500 XP once defeated and didn’t pose much threat.
  • Players can kill the enemy and rest at the nearby Vestige point. This allows them to repeat the process and earn more XP.

Location To Farm XP

While you’ll encounter farming zones throughout the gameplay, unlocking such locations will be quite time-consuming, and most won’t be as friendly. That’s exactly why I’ve found a place accessible comparatively early on in your playthrough. This will allow you to kick off your adventure with a strong advantage, enabling you to efficiently farm Vigor right from the beginning.

Lords of the Fallen Pilgrim's Perch.
Lords of the Fallen Pilgrim’s Perch. – Captured By VeryAli Gaming

Follow the mentioned steps and farm infinite xp without constant visits to checkpoints:

  1. To farm Vigor/XP much faster than usual, visit Pilgrim’s Perch.
  2. Go to Vestige of Blind Agatha (Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom).
  3. Here, look for an enemy standing nearby. It’ll be wearing a spiked round metal on its head.
  4. The enemy may seem intimidating upon sight. However, by Soul Flaying it using the Umbral Lamp, the enemy will immediately become weaker.
  5. Take the spiked foe down with your weapons to obtain around 500 Vigor/XP.
  6. Now rest at the Vestige of Blind Agatha checkpoint, which is located right beside the enemy’s spawn location.
  7. The enemy will respawn; pay him another visit and take him down for further Vigor/XP.
  8. Keep the wheels turning by repeating the process as long as you’d like.

I assure you this method is not only safer (than alternative methods), but it also takes way less time due to the resting point located right there. Therefore, you won’t have to cover long distances in order to repeat the process.

Secondly, you can benefit even further from this farming spot. Simply jump off the edge; the enemy will follow and jump, too. Once you respawn, pick up the Vigor from the edge. This way, you’ll earn more Vigor than usual (up to 750-800). It’s a dangerous approach if you’re still not used to the in-game mechanics.

My Verdict

In my own experience, taking down the enemy at Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom didn’t pose much of a problem. But if you’re finding it a bit tricky, it could be because of your class choice. Squishier classes like the Blackfeather Ranger might struggle with some opponents. In such situations, the best approach is to stay patient and adopt a more cautious play style. Good luck, Gamers!

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