Ranked: 3 BEST Starting Classes In Lords of the Fallen

Here you can find some of the best starting classes you can choose from in Lords of the Fallen that will give you a great start in your journey and make things easier during the progression.

Lords of the Fallen - Best Starting Classes
Lords of the Fallen - Best Starting Classes.

Lords of the Fallen offers different classes that include Strength, Defense, and Support. But which class should you proceed with as a beginner, and which can help you progress fast? Let’s find that out!

Key Takeaways

  • The Hallowed Knight class is known for its outstanding Endurance in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Udirangr Warwolf allows you to have the best Strength attribute so far but also comes with a few cons.
  • The Orian Preacher is most suitable for beginners who admire gameplay that includes magic in Lords of the Fallen.

I’m discussing the top 3 starting classes that you can pick in Lords of the Fallen; below is a comparison table of each class so you can pick the right one for you.

Stats For ClassesHallowed KnightUdirangr WarwolfOrian Preacher

Hallowed Knight

Hallowed Knight
Hallowed Knight Captured By VeryAli Gaming.

At number one, I have placed Hallowed Knight as this one offers the highest Endurance attribute and amazing strength, and I think that if you are a melee person, then you will love this class.

You can conveniently play with the heavy sword and can face enemies for a longer period due to excellent stamina. Specifically, you can rule over the battlefield in close-range combat by delivering as many swings as you want without stressing about stamina depletion.


Hallowed Knight sounds like an ideal choice for soulslike players as it offers the traditional experience of Sword and sheild which I believe is something they have been familiar with for ages. Well, no doubt it is super ideal for the beginners. Hallowed Knight is capable of dealing awesome damage, and there is a special weapon: A hand grenade that is responsible for dealing AOE damage.

You can use it in your favor while encountering multiple or groups of enemies.

Starting Weapons & Armor

  • Hallowed Knight Sword.
  • Hallowed Knight Shield.
  • Grenade.
  • Hallowed Knight Helm.
  • Hallowed Knight Gauntlets.
  • Hallowed Knight Leggings.
  • Hallowed Knight Armour.

Starting Items

  • 3x Briostone Pair.
  • Enervated Vigor Skull.
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary.
  • Sanguinarix.
  • Umbral Lamp.

Udirangr Warwolf

Udirangr Warwolf
Udirangr Warwolf Captured By VeryAli Gaming.

Having awesome strength and stamina allows you to lay your hands on the heaviest swords and swing them easily. Besides this, another highlighted quality I found in Udirangr Warwolf is that I don’t have to deal a lot of damage, as the enemy can be turned down just by hitting a few times.


See! How powerful is Udirangr Warwolf? Now it is time to look upon some downsides, it does offer pretty good offense, but in the case of defense, it is not that good or satisfying.

Other than this, you have to keep managing your health efficiently, or you can put yourself in trouble. Speaking of the weapon, it is a hatchet through which you can carry out ranged attacks while dealing a fair amount of damage.

Starting Weapons & Armor

  • Udirangr Warwolf Sword.
  • Bloody Hatchet.
  • Udirangr Warwolf Armor.
  • Udirangr Warwolf Hood.
  • Udirangr Warwolf Sleeves.
  • Udirangr Warwolf Trousers.

Starting Items

  • Lampbearer’s Rosary.
  • 2x Minor Fire Salts.
  • Sanguinarix.
  • Umbral Lamp.

Orian Preacher

Orian Preacher
Orian Preacher Captured By VeryAli Gaming.

Moving on to the third-best starting class in the Orian Preacher. I believe It is going to be a favorite one for those beginners who are too excited to dominate with the power of magic and classy spells.

Orian Preacher is mainly a focused class and comes with a massive hammer weapon that requires the Radiance attribute. This hammer may work gradually, but it can damage the foes significantly.


So, you need to be patient while using it and wait for the amazing results that include both types of damage: holy and physical. The spell you get to start with is Radiant Flare, and you can strike at enemies from a distance, which means you get to execute the ranged attacks.

Furthermore, there is also a shield, but it is suggested that you must not rely on it completely as it is not too efficient. It may not benefit you to a greater extent, so it’s better to focus on maintaining distance from the opponents to avoid any kind of unfavorable situation.

About the spell, you get to use a number of Radiant spells, but keep an eye on the mana bar while using them. The other attributes, like Strength and Vitality, are also pretty fine, which makes this class the best fit for starting players.

Starting Weapons, Spells & Armor

  • Orian Preacher Hammer.
  • Orian Preacher Shield.
  • Orian Preacher Catalyst.
  • Radiant Flare Spell.
  • Orian Preacher Garb.
  • Orian Preacher Hat.
  • Orian Preacher Skirt.
  • Orian Preacher Wrappings.

Starting Items

  • Lampbearer’s Rosary.
  • Sanguinarix.
  • 5x Small Manastone Cluster.
  • Umbral Lamp.

Which Starting Class Is My Favorite?

Now we have reached the article’s end, and as I have mentioned, the Top 3 best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen. Orian Preacher is my favorite one; like most of you, I prefer playing with spells, and with this class, I get to experience the fabulous gameplay that includes magic, and it makes everything super exciting for me.

I prefer playing at range and the spells help me survive longer in the battles by quick heals and also applying status effects to my enemies. Let me know which one you liked the most, and do share your experience. Happy Gaming!

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