How to Upgrade Weapons In Lords of the Fallen [Time Saving Tips]

Learn how to upgrade your arsenal in Lords of the Fallen and unlock exciting features by saving the blacksmith from the prison.

How to upgrade weapons in Lords of the Fallen
A guide on how to upgrade weapons in Lords of the Fallen.

Regardless of the starting class you select in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll find a wide variety of weapons available. And while you may eventually develop a personal favorite, there may come a time when you find the damage output somewhat lacking.

Worry not; I’ve mentioned all about how to upgrade weapons in Lords of the Fallen so you don’t feel lost while exploring the chaotic world.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can upgrade their weapons in Lords of the Fallen by freeing Gerlinde, the Blacksmith, from prison in Vestige of Black Agatha.
  • Once players rescue the Blacksmith, they can access her workshop in Skyrest and upgrade their weapons.
  • You must have Deralium Fragments and Vigor in order to upgrade any weapon.
  • Deralium Fragments are obtainable by killing enemies and opening chests. Vigor is obtained by killing enemies.
  • There are different sizes of Deralium Fragment, each giving a different level of upgrade to weapons.

How To Upgrade Weapons?

How to Upgrade weapons in Lords of the Fallen
Upgrading weapon – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

I chose my favorite weapons and stuck with them for the majority of my playthrough. Upgrading them later on further enhanced my gaming experience. Here are some prerequisites after which you can upgrade your arsenal:

  1. Free the Blacksmith
    To unlock the feature of upgrading your weapons, you must free Gerlinde, the only Blacksmith of Lords of the Fallen. Without this initial step, players won’t get the privilege of further strengthening their arsenal set. Gerlinde is held prisoner in a cell located in Vestige of Black Agatha. After freeing her, you can interact with Gerlinde, the Blacksmith, at Skyrest and choose the option “Upgrade Equipment.”
  2. Collect Deralium Fragments
    One of the major resources required to upgrade weapons is Deralium Fragments. Players can obtain Deralium Fragments simply by following the playthrough. Killing enemies and exploring areas are ways to loot for this essential resource. Deralium Fragments are also purchasable from the Merchant, Thehk-Ihir, located at Skyrest. However, the Merchant sells a limited amount of this resource, and therefore, looting for it is the best option in the long run.

    There are different forms of Deralium Fragment, each giving a specific amount of boost to your equipment. These are:

    Small Deralium Fragments: Gives +3 upgrade to all weapons
    Regular Deralium Nuggets: Gives +5 upgrade to all weapons
    Large Deralium Shards: Gives +9 upgrade to most weapons
    Deralium Chunks: Gives +10 upgrade to most weapons

    These different sizes/forms of Deraliums are obtained randomly, so keep an eye out for chests and big enemies. I happened to collect a decent amount by looting from enemies.
  3. Collect Vigor
    The game uses “Vigor” as its XP currency, which players earn by defeating enemies. It’s essential to note that if you get killed before picking up the dropped Vigor, all of the XP will despawn. Hence, while this XP is easily acquired, it’s just as easily forfeited. Vigor is another resource essential during upgrading weapons of any kind.

      My Thoughts On Weapon Upgrades

      Weapon upgrade is a well-hidden feature that many players might overlook, and had I not been aware of it in advance, I’d likely have missed it as well. As you progress, you’ll feel a lack of damage output, even with your favorite weapon. This is why upgrading weapons is important to unlock by freeing Gerlinde. I’d highly recommend leveling up your entire arsenal set as early as possible to defeat late-game bosses without a real struggle.

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