Lords of the Fallen Red Lanterns: Location + Activate

Unearth Enigmatic Secrets and Embark on the Dark World's Avenging Quest through the red lanterns in Lords of the Fallen, we have everything covered for your easement!

As players make their way through the dark world of Axiom and Umbral, uncovering the many secrets, you might’ve come across the mysterious red lanterns in Lords of the Fallen and wondering what purpose it has; well, don’t worry, this guide will shed some light on these mysterious lanterns with red butterflies around them.

Key Takeaways

  • Nearby player deaths are indicated by red lanterns with butterflies in Lords of the Fallen.
  • By activating these lanterns, players are directed to avenge killed opponents for more rewards and experience points.
  • To activate the lanterns in Lords of the Fallen and start your mini-quest to avenge your fellow players, use the Umbral Lantern and Soul Flay abilities.
  • Eliminate the enemy highlighted by the red lanterns to avenge your player and receive your due rewards.

Red Lanterns: What Are They?

Use the Umbral Lamp to activate the red lanterns || Captured By VeryAli Gaming

When players see lanterns with red butterflies around them, it means that another online player was killed close to their location in their own virtual world. Despite the fact that it might not seem to be relevant to your experience, it offers you the chance to pick up extra loot and XP.

I loved doing these sorts of revenge quests because they offer a new experience, a chance to train your combat skills and also it leaves a rather rewarding feeling. Here’s how to activate the red butterfly lanterns so they can carry out their vengeance mission:

How To Activate Red Lanterns

  • You can use your Umbral Lantern to turn on any nearby spectral lanterns that are surrounded by red butterflies. Use your Soul Flay ability to target the spirit lantern after locking onto it.
  • When you do this, the red butterflies will start to guide players Follow the red butterflies’ trail until you come across an enemy with a distinct name hovering above them.
  • This enemy, who killed the other player, will also be accompanied by the identical red butterflies.
  • It should be noted that this is not necessarily a boss but rather a more formidable foe.
Follow the red butterflies to the marked enemy and defeat him to avenge your fellow online player || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
  • Defeat this enemy to avenge the fallen online player and receive a unique reward, which may include money, items like eyeballs and coins, experience points, or both. It will vanish from your world once you finish the Red Butterfly Lantern task, having been successfully avenged.

As you continue to explore the world of Lords of the Fallen, you can find more of these red lanterns. In my opinion It may be an excellent way to get some additional loot and XP if you’re feeling brave and want to take on the tougher enemies, but be wary as they can get increasingly tougher to kill.

What I Think About Red Lanterns?

Both the game and the players gain from encouraging elements like red butterfly lanterns. They foster a sense of belonging, encourage exploration, and provide new difficulties and opportunities. By creating emergent gameplay and social connections, these lanterns increase player engagement and strengthen the gaming community.

Personally, I feel that they motivate me to improve my combat and exploring abilities while taking pleasure in the fellowship of avenging lost players in this dark and captivating game world. That’s it for this guide on Lords of the Fallen Red Lanterns, we hope you found it helpful and see you in the next one! 

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