Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Build: PVP & PVE

Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Build (1)
Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Build

Lost Ark is finally out in the wild community of the west after huge praise from Korean and Russian releases. The global release of the game took the whole internet by storm, revealing the game’s beautiful and most engaging insights. Lost Ark is an MMOARPG experience that allows players to dive into the world of endless possibilities and elements to enjoy. Unlike other entries in the MMOARPG genre, Lost Ark is hugely complex, confusing both early and veteran players. However, plenty of in-game resources will guide the players through each portion of the game. Meanwhile, Lost Ark character classes are one of the most prominent aspects of the game that is picking up a lot of attention. Especially, players seek Lost Ark Best Gunslinger build to dive into the storyline and get the best of their ideal playthrough.

Key Takeaways

  • Lost Ark has a complex structure that can pose a challenge to both new & experienced players, but there are in-game resources to help them through.
  • The Gunslinger build, known for its fast-paced & action-packed ranged gameplay, is highly sought-after because character builds are considered important.
  • As of now, the Gunslinger class is only available for female characters; the Gunslinger class is characterized by high mobility & constant damage dealt through ranged weapons.
  • Gunslinger has three weapons: dual pistols, a shotgun,& sniper rifle.
  • As the character progresses, new abilities & skills will be unlocked, enhancing the character’s defense & protection. Skills & Engravings define character.
  • For new players, a beginner build is advisable, which starts with 261 Skill points & two Engravings to choose from.
  • The beginner build emphasizes mobility & reduces critical damage, incorporating skills such as Spiral Tracker, Quick-Step, Dexterous Shot, & more.
  • The Gunslinger build is suitable for both PvP & PvE; with the right combination of skills, weapons, & engravings, the Gunslinger would be capable of delivering great damage while remaining protected.

Character builds take a massive portion of Lost Ark. This is because your character will reflect the overall progress of your playstyle and end of the game. Since Lost Ark follows the same game mechanics as Diablo, Gunslinger is the most sought-after build. This class opens vast possibilities for overpowered builds that will satisfy the playstyle needs of fast-paced players. If you are also one of these hardcore players, you are in the right place. This guide entails all the Lost Ark Gunslinger build details under both PvE and PvP, alongside engravings, class, and skills. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Build

Before diving into the character builds, a few things need to be cleared out of the way. Lost Ark offers five character classes that players can pursue in the game. These include Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunners, Mage, and Assassins. Now the Gunners allow you to create both male and female characters build. But unfortunately, Gunslinger’s advanced class exists only for female Gunners, which might disappoint some. However, the game developers have confirmed that these gender-locked classes will expand in the future, possibly allowing players to create male Gunslinger build in Lost Ark. Also, why don’t you also take a look at Sorceress Build in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Build
Lost Ark Best Gunslinger Build

Until then, you can only create a female character to pursue the best Gunslinger Build in Lost Ark. As soon as you play the game, your character will start from character level 10 with numerous skills that are already available for you to acquire. This will help the players pick up the skills ideal for your Gunslinger build.

For those that are new to the build, Gunslinger is a fast-action ranged character that enables players to utilize different weapons. It focuses on DPS through high mobility and continuous damage through ranged weapons. If dealing a lot of damage while keeping the distance is your gameplay forte, then Gunslinger build is the perfect choice to go for.

Starting from level 10, you can level up your character up to 60. The primary reason levels are essential is that they will unlock new skills and abilities for your character, thus enhancing the protection and defense in gameplay. You might not want to hop into a quest unprepared. So it is highly advised to pick the right set of skills and buffs.

Apart from the levels, Gunslinger includes three weapons; two guns, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle. With these weapons at your disposal, your character will be a mass-murdering machine. Your character will be using dual pistols as the primary weapons allowing you to gain fast-paced gun-totting kills and damage. Not just that, but you will also use a shotgun for close-range kills. Meanwhile, a sniper rifle will allow you to claim ranged kills that always work perfectly.

As said earlier, your playstyle will depend on the Skills and Engravings you acquire for your character. Like most RPGs, these aspects are the overall makeup of your character, giving players complete freedom to pursue the gameplay of their choice. With that said, let’s discuss the best Gunslinger build in Lost Ark for PvP and PvE characters.

Beginner Build

Diving into the game, you will be smashed with many features and aspects that might become daunting at the start. However, learning them one by one with a beginner build is the best option to go for. First, you will receive 261 Skills points that you will have to invest in for your character build. Although you might already have a character playable ready, if you want to create another build, you might fill the slot right next to it. Another essential thing to note is that there is a total of two Engravings that set the stage of the playstyle you are seeking with the build. These include Peacemaker and Time to Hunt. In the Beginner Build, we are going to use Peacemaker. 

Lost Ark Beginner Build
Beginner Build

Since you are pursuing a Gunslinger build, you will receive Spiral Tracker Skill. Here you will have to add Weakness Exposure, which will allow players to gain a party buff of over -10% of critical damage for a limited time of 6 seconds. The party is your team that will contribute during the combat during the quest. That can be found in the community tab of the game that enables you to play different quests with your friends. 

Moving on, you will be utilizing Quick-Step Skill with Excellent Mobility. This simple yet effective Skill will push your character +2 matters, thus ensuring faster movement. However, you have complete freedom to add more Skills that suits your beginner build best. For that instance, we will add Dexterous Shot to get another Weakness Exposure. Another Skill point will reduce the party’s critical damage even further by -10% for up to 8 seconds. 

Next, you might want to add Shotgun Rapid Fire Skill to benefit from the sweet, sweet damage. Here you will have to get In A Tight Spot, which will reduce the chance of getting damage from an enemy while enhancing your damage output and the chance of Crit rate. You might also want to add Enhanced Shot to gain +25% damage output in the same Skill tree. Plus, Special Bullet is a cherry-on-top addition that will inflict damage to Push-Immune enemies. 

Last Request Skill will require players to add Quick Prep to reduce the cooldown time. Moreover, Execution in the Skill Tripod tree will inflict higher damage to the staggered enemies and increase the attacking speed. You will move a little forward while firing, thus registering more hits to gain maximum damage. With the Sharpshooter, you might want to add another Special Bullet to gain +30% damage to Push-Immune enemies. 

Lastly, for Sniper, you will need Perfect Shot Skill to add Stable Stance, Enhanced Shot, and Kill Confirmation. These will reward players for avoiding Paralysis during the Skill use, inflict bonus damage to the foe while landing the perfect zone, and add another set of damage while landing in the perfect zone with low health. 

As said earlier, you will be relying on Peacemaker as the main engraving for the character. Thanks to the Class effects, every time you switch weapons, it will grant you a buff for attack speed with a handgun. Not just that, but you will also enjoy a ten damage boost for Sniper use. For that instance, you will have to acquire Peacemaker as soon as possible by completing the essential storyline quest known as “Class Engraving Book.”

Time to Hunt Gunslinger

If you seek more intense and fill the most of your gameplay to Chaos Dungeons, then Time to Hunt is a perfect build choice. Time to Hunt is another Engraving class that pushes the boundaries of players’ movement and damage output to the enemies. This class deals with serious damage and higher AoE(Area of Effect) abilities. You will be making the most use of Pistols and Sniper rifles to instantly kill enemies and clean the area with the best set of skills under Time to Hunt. 

This builds with a start off with a total of 240 Skill points. By investing these skills points, you will get the best crit hits, stuns, and faster movement to easily land the damage on enemies. Firstly, you will be adding Spiral Flame Skill. Here you will be able to acquire Quick Aim. As for the traditional aiming, your character might never stand a chance again with some of the fastest enemies in the game. Fortunately, the game balances this by allowing players to pick a skill like Quick Aim to get 50% faster-aiming speed. At Tripod two, you will be adding Kill Confirmation to get a 60% higher bullet critical hit rate on enemies with less than 50% HP. 

To gain the most from the AoE, you can add Target Down Skill to earn a Large Caliber Bullet to enhance your AoE up to +40%. At the same time, you will also get Hold Breath to get 4 seconds to aim between shots. Moving further to the Time to Hunt class Skills, ATO2 Grenade, you will have to add Wide Explosions to increase the explosion range by 20%. Meanwhile, by putting Freeze Grenade at Tripod 2, you will be able to freeze the enemies at the cost of a 75% reduction in damage output. This gives players a significant edge to craft a perfect Sniper hit that will wipe out the enemies once and for all. 

Additionally, Lost Ark best Gunslinger build is never short of critical hits. This is why you will need Bullet Rain to pave the way for Vital Point Shot to increase your critical rate up to 20%. Moreover, Rapid Fire and Quick Prep will give a fire duration rate of 3 seconds with a 60% damage boost for maximum kills while increasing the chance of a hit.

Time to Hunt Engraving Effects
Time to Hunt Engraving Effects

You can bring back one of the best Skills from the Beginner build under Peacemaker, that will be Dextrous Shot. Here, you might use Agile Movement to push the attack speed by 10%. Meanwhile, Equilibrium will lay out Weakness Exposure, Enemy Raid, and Vital Point Shot. These Skills will assist in Dungeons and most Player vs. Enemy combat with ideal AoEs. 

Lost Ark Best PvP Gunslinger Build

There are endless possibilities for PvE builds in Lost Ark. However, if you are seeking Lost Ark PvP builds, you might have to reconsider some of the Skills to dominate the area among the opposition parties. You need faster movements and stagger effects to put down the enemy players. The PvP is intensely tricky because you will be competing against different classes with your Gunslinger build. In this case, you need the best damage dealing Skills to smash the shots without plunging right into the match. 

Meanwhile, it is all about the combos and Skills that demand practice to become the best damage inflicting Gunslinger in the ancient city of Lost Ark. As for the Skills, the first entry in the PvP build is Spiraling Chaser. This Skill will allow players to pick Exposed Vital. This is an immensely overpowered Skill that will reduce the critical resistance of the opponent for 6 seconds, for up to 10%. It will give your character a short advantage to get the critical hit on the enemy. 

Next, you will be adding Trial Lunge to gain access to Outstanding Mobility and Steady Posture. As the name implies, Outstanding Mobility will push or as the game mentions, as Jerk Range by 2 meters. With this skill on your side, you will no longer have to worry about frequent mouse use to move away or closer during PvP combat. Meanwhile, Steady Posture grants a unique ability to allow your character to be immune from the Knockback effects. 

You will also want to add Pulverize to gain Quick Movement to increase the speed of Somersault by 10%. On the other side, adding Evade and Super Armor to the rest of Tripods will also add unique effects of avoiding Knockback effects, thus yielding more power to move quickly and execute enemies. 

AT02 will make another prominent appearance in the PvP build with Throwing Range and Frost Grenade. This will enable different skills to throw grenades at a higher range. Since Gunslinger build is all about keeping your distance in a battle, Grenade higher range is a must for your build. With as many as 250 Skills points available, there is always room to upgrade your character with new Skills that best suits your playstyle and PvP combat needs. All you need to do is practice with numerous Engravings with a prime focus on the swiftness of the character. 

Tips for Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

Lost Ark will hand out quite a good amount of Skills for early-level players. But as you proceed further in the game, you will be able to unlock more Skills that you can experiment with and acquire for your character. You will have to farm for XP to level up, which will reward you with the Skills points that you can invest in different Skills to make your Gunslinger the best build in the game. 

Eventually, reaching level 50 will cap your character abilities that limit further customization and upgrades for your character. The main reason for that is that the game mechanics will not allow players to add more skills to balance the experience. Instead, you will be receiving endgame Engravings that will finalize your character build. Apart from that, there are some tips that every player should know to make your Gunslinger build experience more efficient and rewarding. 

Lost Ark Training Grounds Settings
Training Grounds Settings
  1. One of the most important things while playing the Lost Ark Gunslinger build is to bind your switching identity to mouse buttons. The brutal battle in the game is painfully difficult. You might not want to lose in combat just trying to weapons switch with keyboard buttons. 
  2. You might also want to remember and practice how to switch your weapons. Gunslinger characters will primarily use Pistols as a primary weapon, with Shotgun and Sniper being secondary. The ideal practice is to switch back to Pistols after using a secondary weapon. For instance, if you used Pistol and then Shotgun for massive spreading hits to multiple enemies, you might want to switch back to Pistols to remember the pattern. This will make remembering what gun you are using significantly easier. 
  3. Complete early game quests to achieve all the Skills and Skills points that you can invest earlier for your character. The early you get more Skills for your character build, the better experience you can gain from your playstyle. 
  4. As said earlier, Skills are the makeup of your overall character and abilities. You might never want to spam your skills for your character. If you have acquired them for your character, you should also know their cooldown and buffs to utilize them efficiently in times of need. You will eventually lose the battle by spamming it every after the cooldown. 
  5. Experimentation is the key to getting to know your character better. At the start, the Gunslinger build might seem not worthy of your playthrough. But giving it a go in practice grounds will allow you to learn combos and the setup of Skills that perfectly fits your playstyle. 
  6. Level up with the right set of tools and tactics. Playing Lost Ark quests is extremely fun, especially with the Gunslinger build. Meanwhile, leveling up is essential to reach the endgame of level 50 and acquire the mighty Engravings for your cowgirl. 
  7. Gunslinger character should not focus on the gear just yet. You can play a side quest to drop unique gear rewards. But investing the resources to gear early game is never worth it. All you need to do is to wait until you get the Engravings for your character rather than investing all resources in just gear. 

Final Words

Lost Ark allows both beginner and veteran MMOARPG players to enter the game and keep up with the smashing hard system of the game. The countless customization options and level lock system can indeed become overwhelming. But learning each aspect with time and practicing/experimentation is the key to getting hold of everything and gaining the best experience out of your Lost Ark best Gunslinger build. 

That is about it for the best Gunslinger build in Lost Ark. Do you find this guide helpful for pursuing your ideal character build in Lost Ark? What are your favorite Engravings and Skills for Gunslinger build? We will love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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