Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build: PvE And PvP

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build

Lost Ark is an online RPG action-packed game that illustrates an exotic world to explore. The game offers five classes to advance in the world of Lost Ark. The Sorceress is one of the advanced classes for Mages that most players invest their time in. This guide will talk about Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build to help players improve their game with the Sorceress class. Many players struggle with choosing the best skills for the sorceress build in Lost Ark, which is why we have taken a positive step in assisting them to achieve it.

The guide will show you what abilities and awakening skills you want to get along with, with a few explanations concerning the best engraving and cards to use for any game content. Moreover, we will also consider your interest in the related PvP and PvE builds for the Sorceress class to get the best results.

Key Takeaways

  • The Sorceress is a pure ranged DPS class that deals either high sustain or burst damage depending on the playstyle they focus on.
  • The Sorceress has elemental spell abilities in Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic, each with unique effects and strengths.
  • Reflux and Igniter are two engravings for the Sorceress, offering different playstyles and focusing on maximizing damage output through various means.
  • In PvE, the Sorceress excels at dealing with multiple enemies using AOE skills like Lightning Bolt, Meteorite, Alloy Elements, and Hail of Icicles.
  • In PvP, the Sorceress focuses on dealing damage to a single target, utilizing abilities like Fire Ball and Vortex Gust to counter enemy attacks.
  • Lost Ark offers playstyle tips, emphasizing the importance of effectively managing the damage amplifier buff, using movement skills, and understanding spell interactions.
  • Players are encouraged to experiment and adjust the builds to suit their preferences and playstyles.

Here is a summary table for the Best Sorceress Builds in Lost Ark:

NoBest BuildBest PvE BuildBest PvP Build
1BlazeLightning BoltFire Ball
2Esoteric ReactionMeteoriteVortex Gust
3DoomsdayFlame of Ilfirion
4Frost’s CallAlloy Elements
5Rime ArrowHail of Icicles
6ExplosionFreezing Rain
7Seraphic HailBreath of Undat
8Punishing StrikeWall of Fire
9Ice ShowerDome of Enwissa

The Sorceress is a pure ranged DPS class that deals either high sustain or burst damage depending on the playstyle they focus on. They are flexible in skill rotations as a sorceress, often weakening and destroying enemies, especially mobs with any spell. However, some of these spells have a long cast time, making it essential to know the best time to activate them to harm as many targets as possible. Moreover, because of their low HP, balancing bell use with dodging is also necessary to take the lowest amount of damage. Also, we recently Covered Lost Ark Gunslinger Build; so make sure to check it out as well.

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Overview of The Sorceress Class

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build

Lost Ark has given each Advanced Class unique abilities that make them different from the other class. The abilities can differ in the amount of damage they inflict or the additional buffs they offer. The Sorceress is an elemental spell caster who specializes in Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic. Once loaded, the magic meter lets the Sorcerer enter three magical states. At 30%, you can use Blink or Arcane Rupture, and they both finish once the meter reaches 0%. Arcane damage lets you enter the magic enhanced state to impose extra damage while achieving the push immunity super armor, which stops you from being struck back. You must, however, remember that triggering arcane rupture before having to fill up the arcane meters results in the Arcane Torrent condition.

The elemental damage you deal with most skills is boosted in the arcane torrent state. The spells that impose harm have more immediate cast times and lower cooldowns. However, this does not apply to ultimates and dodge skills. Fire spells do more damage to break bosses’ armor, while lightning spells have more effective staggers. On the other hand, Blink is a mobility skill that you can use effectively or defensively. In that, you are teleported to a chosen location within 15 meters from where you originally were. While moving, you will be able to pierce bosses and gain push and debuff immunity.

Note that you won’t be accumulating arcane energy when any of these states are active. However, the moment you go back into your Normal State, you can start loading up your magic meter once again without having to wait for several seconds.

Best Lost Ark Sorceress Build

Suppose you are searching for a mage that releases a mixture of ranged and elemental AOE spells while staying overly portative. In that case, this Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build is the perfect guide for you. Apart from that, 18 skills comprising the numerous skill types will be unlocked when your Sorceress reaches level 60. During that time, you will have enough points added into Lightning, Frost, Fire, and Normal skills to specialize additionally by unlocking their individual tripods. The tripod system lets players customize their skills in diverse ways, like raising the arcane energy you earn or enlarging the spell’s affiliated AOE range. In total, you only need eight skills per class with a special number of tripods.

This section will cover the most important Frost, Fire, Lightning, and Normal talents and tripods, depending on the playstyle you choose. Although, the Sorceress build below will fit either PvE or a PvP build.


Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Flame Skill: Blaze

Blaze invokes a rectangular fire in front of you to not only damage affected enemies but also shortly paralyze and force them further away from you. What makes blaze much more compelling against Push immune targets are Damage Amplification, Flame Expansion, and Weak Point Detection. Damage Amplification improves the damage you and your allies deal. In contrast, Flame Expansion widens the fire AOE nearby enemies and significantly boosts the spell’s damage over time.

Suppose you face more challenged or lower-type monsters. In that case, you can replace Weak Point Detection for Undying Flames to precisely improve the damage you impose against them.

Esoteric Reaction

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Normal Skill: Esoteric Reaction

At first, it creates a crystal that doubles in size. After then, it detonates, causing damage. Enhanced Strike, The Quick Prep, and Shockwave tripods are what make Esoteric Reaction so deadly. As a result, they shorten the spell’s cooldown and increase its total damage by more than 50 percent. Final Strike may be replaced with Enhanced Strike to increase critical damage by 100% for the reflux playstyle.


Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Casting Spell: Doomsday

Doomsday summons a giant meteor to eradicate normal monsters while knocking them back in the process and seriously damaging stronger ones. To make Doomsday all the more frightening like its namesake, the best tripods to choose are Insight, Overheated Meteor, and Magic Amplification. The mix allows you to widen your range to cast it farther and deal the most amount of damage possible with Magic Amplification and Overheated Meteor, which also inflicts extra damage several times.

Frost’s Call

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Frost Skill: Frost’s Call

Frost’s Call summons a hail of icicles in an AOE to damage enemies numerous times over a while and staggers them in the process. To make Frost’s Call more adequate, you should consider getting Enlightenment, Insight, and Enhanced Strike. Not only will you improve the damage you deal significantly. But you will also boost the AOE radius and range of the spell. Additionally, your magic meter stockpiles more energy upon hitting the enemy with Frost’s Call.

Rime Arrow

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Point Skill: Rime Arrow

Rime Arrow summons a series of ice arrows to deal great damage within a rectangular space. For the tripods, we suggest that you use Enlightenment, Piercing Strike, and Ice Pick for the Rime Arrow. With these upgrades, you earn extra arcane energy, neglect your target’s defense, and effectively deal more than 50 percent of extra damage to eliminate them. Suppose you find yourself getting caught in the middle of combat more often than you like. In that case, you can also infuse skill points into Ice Shower and replace any of the Frost Skills we have examined. You’ll still earn arcane energy if you receive Enlightenment.


Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Casting Spell: Explosion

It summons a deadly fireball directed against a series of lined-up enemies in front of you. For the tripods, we recommend using Ignite, Weak Point Detection, and Magic Amplification to deal damage over time when facing monsters to maximize the damage you inflict.

Seraphic Hail

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build
Frost Skill: Seraphic Hail

Seraphic Hail forms a massive wave to force enemies away from you while inflicting enormous damage. To make Seraphic Hail more effective against Push immune targets, you’ll have to choose Enlightenment, Evolved Hail, and Weak Point Detection. Additionally, these tripods allow you to build up your magic meter and raise the total damage your Lost Ark Sorceress will deal while attacking enemies numerous times.

Punishing Strike

Punishing Strike

Punishing Strike summons lightning to inflict massive damage against many enemies while staggering them. The ideal punishing strike tripods to choose are Wide Angle Attack Destruction and Magic Amplification. The combination increases the spell’s AOE and enhances the damage you deal over time.

Ice Shower

Ice Shower
Normal Skill: Ice Shower

Ice Shower damages nearby enemies by hitting the ground with frost abilities. What makes Ice Shower more powerful are the Enlightenment, Hand Strike, and Frost Zone tripods. Mainly, Frost Zone hails thorns around the AOE to increase your imposed damage. Before the thorns emerge, make sure you move away from your target so that you can launch other spells to kill them.

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build For PvE

Building out a character comes down to having a PvE Build, where you focus on dealing damage to many small enemies, and a PvP build, where you focus on dealing damage to one larger enemy. The PvE builds that we’re going to discuss could also be considered viable for leveling. So keep that in mind if you’re picking up the Sorceress for the first time.

When it comes to PvE, the Sorceress has many skills at her disposal. Still, a few abilities stand out as essential when approaching this type of content. The spells in this build will have an AOE range and hit targets on a larger scale giving you enough time to take a breath.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
Lightning Skill: Lightning Bolt

Hands down, the single most effective standard ability the Sorceress has access to is the Lightning Bolt. After a brief cast and delay, a giant bolt of lightning comes down, dealing incredibly great damage to everything in a large AOE. While the ability is being cast, the player also has Stagger Immunity. For tripods, we recommend Damage Area, Energized, and Arcane Secret.

The goal here is to deal as much damage in as large an area as possible. By taking those three trips, you’re getting more surface area coverage. Furthermore, additional raw damage increases, making this spell an absolute must-have.


Fire Skill: Meteorite

The Meteorite has a relatively long cast and cooldown time. Still, it deals the most damage of all the Sorceress standard abilities. Much like Lightning Bolt, the spell is cast, and then after a brief delay, a large meteorite comes crashing to the ground. While casting, the Sorceress does have Stagger Immunity. Still, Meteorite has the added bonus of being a Destruction spell, capable of breaking shields.

For tripods, we recommend Burn, Asteroid, and Arcane Secret. Because we can’t widen the AOE for this particular ability and the focus is on increasing the damage as much as possible. Meteorite is not thought to be a leveling spell since it’s unlocked after you reach the level cap. But, it is definitely a must-have for any PvE build once you start doing Chaos Dungeons and other content that requires this type of build.

Flame of Ilfirion

Flame of Ilfirion
Fire Skill: Flame of Ilfirion

While it doesn’t deal quite as much damage as the previous two abilities. Flame of Ilfirion is another excellent choice for dealing with AOE damage. The spell is instantly cast, but there is a slight delay between activating the spell and the effect. A large jet of fire shoots out of the ground and deals decent damage to the enemies in the AOE when it does happen. Flames of Ilfirion also has a destruction property.

For tripods, we recommend Burn, Hot Coals, and Swift Flame. These three tripods work well together because of the increased damage and lingering effects Hot Coals adds to this spell. While most people choose Inferno for their third tripod, the shorter delay on the spell is more valuable. It makes it easier to anticipate hitting enemies that are moving.

Alloy Elements

Alloy Elements
For Aiming: Alloy Elements


Another essential AOE spell is Alloy Elements, and some may find this to be an interesting pick. Still, with the suitable tripods, it’s an absolute required spell. We will start with the tripods earlier this time because they fundamentally change the nature of the spell. For PvE, it is recommended to use Quickly Prepare, Reinforced Formula, and Perfect Crystal.

It’s really the last tripod that should focus on because it transforms the spell, removes the stepping process, and immediately creates the crystal in the previous stage. The explosion radius is slightly reduced, but you get increased damage. That is a solid tradeoff with a substantially reduced ramp-up time for an instant cast.

With all three tripods in place, you essentially have a bomb that you can place on the field. Within a second of putting it, cause an explosion that deals decent damage and has the destruction property. It is a perfect choice for Mobbing content after the leveling process. Still, because that third-tier tripod requires a substantial amount of points to unlock, you can consider this as an optional pick for leveling.

Hail of Icicles

Hail of Icicles
Frost Skill: Hail of Icicles

A targeted spell allows the Sorceress to call down a wave of icicles in a line, as targeted by the player. The spell always originates from the character but can be targeted at 360 degrees around the Sorceress. However, it does not have a cast timer but a relatively long animation, which means icicles don’t hit the ground instantly.

For tripods, we recommend that you choose Quickly Prepare, Through Wounds, and Ice Needles. Reduced cast time and more damage are always good, and while this ability does not have the most significant damage out there, it is a solid mid-card pick.

Freezing Rain

Freezing Rain
Frost Skill: Freezing Rain

Much like Alloy Elements, Freezing Rain is another ability transformed via tripods. We recommend that you use Chills, Ice Ball, and Mighty Element for this spell. Ice Ball is really the tripod worth talking about, and it turns the spell into an instant cast. Like Alloy Elements, it gives the Sorceress an instantly placeable bomb that detonates after a few seconds.

With Chills selected, the spell also works as an excellent utility to slow down attacking enemies. It gives you the time to reposition, which is a great option when Mobbing content. (Dungeons and spawned enemies)

Breath of Undat

Breath of Undat
Cold Skill: Breath of Undat


Another choice for PvE is Breath of Undat, and while it’s not the most potent spell, its utility is incredible. Essentially, this pushback allows you to summon a wave that damages enemies in a line and pushes them back.
For tripods, we recommend that you take Quickly Prepare, Tsunami, and Spit Flame. With Spit Flame, the wave assumes Fire Elemental Properties that apply to Ignite to enemies, giving the ability a damage-over-time effect.

Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire
Fire Skill: Wall of Fire

The final standard ability for our Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build is the Wall of fire. An instant cast sends out a wave of fire in a line, dealing damage and leaving behind flames that deal damage over time. It is considered an important setup move because of the first tripod priority target. Enemies hit by Wall of Fire then take additional damage from all of the Sorceress abilities for a short period. For the second tripod, we recommend Fire, which expands the AOE of the spell after its cast.

It will result in a much larger wave of fire, dealing more damage to more enemies and applying that Amplification. For PvE builds, most players don’t take the third tripod for this ability. Still, if you want to spend the points, an Unquenchable Flame is your best bet. Because it increases the damage you do to lesser monsters across the map.

Dome of Enwissa

Dome of Enwissa
Awakening Skill: Dome of Enwissa

Once you unlock your awakening abilities, you have an important choice to make. What spell out of the two, will you select for Mobbing content? Most players take Dome of Enwissa, a more predictable spell than Open Skies. When the spell is active, a dome surrounds the Sorceress. Any enemies caught in the dome take an incredibly high amount of damage and are pulled towards the center.

After a few pulses, the dome explodes and deals even more damage to enemies caught inside. During the cast, the Sorceress has Full Immunity. If you don’t already know, awakening spells are the ultimate abilities, unlocked after reaching the level cap and completing a small questline. The Dome of Enwissa has a long five-minute cooldown. Still, it is single-handedly the highest damage dealing spell the Sorceress has at her disposal.

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build: PvP Build

Let us shift our focus and talk about PvP builds. As we mentioned before, PvP build focuses on dealing damage to one primary target. We have to make a few changes to our PvE build. Spells that we could recommend still using are;

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Wall of Fire
  • Freezing Rain
  • Meteorite
  • Alloy Elements
  • Hail of Icicles

It is worth noting that some of the spells we have talked about might benefit from slightly different tripod changes. But for the most part, things stay the same. You can make a few changes, do a once-over, and swap anything you think would be more beneficial in single target combat. We will discuss the spells added to the PvP build in this section.

Fire Ball

Fire Ball
Fire Skill: Fire Ball

The Fireball is another high-damage ability, one of the strongest ones the Sorceress can use. After a long cast time, the Sorceress summons a ball of fire that moves towards the targeted location. Upon impact, it explodes, dealing damage in an AOE. While casting, the Sorceress has Stagger Immunity. It can offer significant damage at an Area of Effect range and it also pushes back enemies.

For Tripods, we recommend that you go along with Burn, Find Weakness, and Arcane Secret, three bonuses that increase the overall damage of Fire Ball. While many people take this spell for a PvE build. We believe that the cast time and slow travel time of the Fire Ball make it too challenging to wield effectively. But when dealing with a single target, the damage is just too great to ignore. Moreover, the Fire Ball also has an important Destruction Property.

Vortex Gust

Vortex Gust
Normal Skill: Vortex Gust

It is the only Sorceress ability that can counter an enemy attack, and that is why you will need it for PvP Build. Vortex Gust isn’t exactly robust. Truth be told, the only tripod worth taking is Quickly Prepare in the first tier. But most players do not waste points at all. The value here is the Counter- what you take into what bit of content will change based on the challenges of that specific content, especially when it comes to different players. There is no perfect universal build, so be prepared to change things as necessary. But this will give you a strong foundation for both PvE and PvP content.

Engravings and Stats

In Lost Ark, every advanced class unlocks engravings that allow you to specialize in your chosen class further. These grant special effects that you can activate by reading recipe books and equipping accessories and ability stones. You can obtain them as random rewards by completing endgame activities such as Chaos and Abyss dungeons and guardian raids.

Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build section will discuss Lost Ark sorceress engravings. They define your character’s playstyle and the unique powers and attributes to that class. The higher you go, the easier it is to find this. Reflux and Igniter are the Sorceress’s two engravings of choice. To begin, let’s talk about the Reflux class’s engraving or playstyle characteristics, as well as the numbers that accompany them.


Because Arcane Rupture is deactivated for great mobility. With Blink, it exchanges enormous burst damage; this means you won’t be able to join the Magic Enhanced or the Arcane Torrent States. As a result, reaching Reflux level 3 is critical for maximizing the extra damage you deal with all damage spells, except Awakening and Movement. As a result, lowering the cooldown rates for Explosion and Punishing Strike skills that use the Magic Amplification tripod, which uses Arcane Rupture. Instead, you may switch to Final Strike, which will significantly increase your critical damage while performing set spells.

Additionally, if you’re gaining enough Arcane Energy when it comes to all Frost skills we’ve talked about. You can change Enlightenment for Chill to considerably reduce your target’s attack and movement speeds or Quick Prep to lower the cooldown of your complementary skills.

Reflux’s combat stats should be prioritized in terms of crit, followed by Swiftness. The setup maximizes your crit rate since you’ll be inflicting crit damage a lot while utilizing high mobility by enhancing attack and movement speeds. Moreover, you will be able to cast spells because the cooldown rates will be lowered, allowing you to cast spells often.


Players prefer Igniter as their playstyle, as compared to the Reflux. It grants you continued access to Arcane Rupture and the Magic Enhanced in arcane torrent states. It activates and reduces your cooldown time by half, while your crit rate and crit damage are both notably increased. The Igniter engraving reaching level 3 should be the goal for your Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build. It will help take advantage of the cooldown crit rate and crit damage improvements you gain.

When it comes to Igniter’s battle stats, it’s best to concentrate on specialization to maximize your damage efficiency when triggering Arcane Rupture energy and accelerating the arcane energy. After that, you may spend in crit to improve your crit rate even higher.

Playstyle Tips

Getting comfortable with the Sorceress takes a little bit of practice. Precisely because you have a combination of severe damage, high cast time spells, and lower damage, instant cast spells. The first goal should be to always keep your damage amplifier buff applied by using Wall of Fire. It will allow you to maximize your DPS with your other harder-hitting abilities like Fireball and Meteorite. If you’re pulling a group of enemies, feel free to use one of your more powerful abilities. For instance, Lightning Bolt or Meteorite, but once you’re in the midst of battle. It becomes important to make use of that damage amplifier window.

The goal should be to always keep that up on your single target, namely any elites or players you’re facing. Because of the lingering effects of the Wall of Fire, you have ample time to fire off your entire salvo of abilities within the amplification window. If you’re going to use a fully loaded Arcane bar, be sure to have as many skills on cooldown as possible to take advantage of the instant cooldown reduction. Suppose all of your abilities are available, and you use Magic Discharge with a full Arcane. In that case, you completely miss out on that effect.

You should also note that the damage increase from Magic Discharge happens once the spell hits the target. It doesn’t take into consideration when you activate the ability. So if you’re casting a spell and your Arcane bar depletes while casting, the spell will not have that damage amplification.

Additional Tips

As a lost Ark Sorceress, you’ll have a very satisfying venture because of how powerful your spells are not only in dealing damage but also in disrupting enemy tactics. Frost spells provide decent crowd control; Fire spells are helpful to break armor, and lightning spells constantly stagger enemies. Also, it’s important to use your movement skills, mainly when you’re stuck in the center of the action. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a quick death.

For spells like Doomsday, Punishing Strike, and Explosion, be sure to stun your opponent first with Frost’s Call or Seraphic Hail before performing. You’ll have plenty of time to use any of the three casting spells you’ve memorized. After triggering Arcane Rupture, you have the option to employ them. It maximizes the harm you inflict on the target. So, it is a good combination to keep in mind.

To test the waters against opponents in PvP, the Sorceress may dart in and out of battles as she pleases.
Lastly, if you find yourself losing too much HP or frequently dying with a lighter playstyle, then consider investing points into Swiftness to improve the attack and movement speed of your Lost Ark sorceress. Ultimately, there is not a lot of deep synergy between the Sorceress’s abilities. Your number one priority is making sure the damage amplifier stays up at all times. Outside of that, use your abilities on cooldown and don’t sit idle with a full Arcane bar. Because you are just wasting extra DPS at that point.

Final Touches

Well, this is the end of our Lost Ark Best Sorceress Build, and we hope that it has encouraged you to select the best builds. The builds, skills, abilities, have been taken into great consideration when selecting them for the most optimum Sorceress build. We believe that it will set you on the right path for enjoying the character by doing so. But don’t be afraid to change things up; you may find that you enjoy the class that much more because you built it by yourself. Please be sure to check out other guides through our website!

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