GOD Ragnarok: The Lost Treasure [Step By Step Walkthrough]

In this article, I'm going to guide you in completing the side quest: The Lost Treasure

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Location in Svartalfheim

All the game’s sidequests aren’t that difficult. But “The Lost Treasure” can get a little tricky because it’s kind of like a puzzle or a maze. But don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for, let me walk you through it!

Key Takeaways 

  • Completing this side quest is fairly easy if you are equipped with the required items.
  • The Lost Treasure is a favor for Elder Wayfarer’s ghost and you will complete it in Alberich Islands.
  • Ormstuga is a lizard-like creature that uses its elongating tongue to attack us.
  • Looting the treasures is the basic reward of this side quest.

Requirements For Completing “The Lost Treasure” Favor

Just like other sidequests in God of War Ragnarok, “The Lost Treasure” is a favor for Elder Wayfarer. It is set not that early in the game, but it’s not the end either. Before I go into the guide, here are some things, you should get done before starting the quest:

The Draupnir Spear (required to fulfil The Lost Treasure)
The Draupnir Spear (required to fulfil The Lost Treasure)
  • Completing ‘Forging Destiny’
  • Acquiring the Draupnir Spear
  • Completing ‘Weight of Chains'(Recommended)

How To Reach The Favor “The Lost Treasure”

Dragon Beach Map
Dragon Beach Map

You have to find the ghost of the Elder Wayfarer at Dragon Beach. You can simply do that by getting off your boat at Dragon Beach and climbing up the chain that is hanging at one of the wooden structures. The Draupnir Spear will come in handy as it’ll help you climb up to the location of the ghost.

Elder's Ghost asking for favor "The Lost Treasure"
Elder’s Ghost asking for favor

There the ghost of Elder Wayfarer will appear asking for your help! He tells you how he and his son wanted to acquire this lost treasure and he has already died in search of it. Now he wants you to warn his son about the dangers of trying to find the treasure.

Getting to Alberich Hollow

Alberich Hollow: A hidden location for the sidequest "The Lost Treasure"
Alberich Hollow: A hidden location for the sidequest “The Lost Treasure”

Alberich Hollow is a region of Svartalfheim that you’ll be arriving at after talking to the ghost of Elder Wayfarer. Start clearing the area by killing the creatures. One of the creatures that will come quite early is Bergsra.

Bergsra: A beast in the side quest "The Lost Treasure"
Bergsra: A beast in the side quest

(Hint: Use the spear to get rid of him quicker.)

After killing Bergsra, you will reach and find debris of Gold Rocks that I can clear by using Fire Bombs.

Using Fire Bombs To Destroy Gold Rocks

Using Fire Bombs to destroy Gold Rocks
Using Fire Bombs to destroy Gold Rocks

Fire Bombs are quite handy when it comes to exploding things. After getting to the Gold Rocks, you’ll need to destroy them by using Fire bombs like this:

  • Press L2+R1 to throw Fire Bombs

Fire Bombs will cause great damage to the rocks by exploding them and clearing the way for you.

After clearing the rocks, another beast Nokken will come your way. The beast is singing in a deep voice and is quite easy to kill. Clear the path and continue further in your journey.

Nokken: A beast in the Sidequest "the lost Treasure"
Nokken: A beast in the Sidequest

You’ll need to use more Fire Bombs to destroy more gold rocks in your way. Then you can reach the Boss: Ormstunga!

How to Defeat “Ormstunga” during The Lost Treasure

Kratos fighting Ormstunga, a beast in The Lost Treasure quest
Kratos fighting Ormstunga

Ormstunga is an upright Lizard-like beast that will appear after you clear the Gold Rocks. Ormstunga is considered a boss and I cannot avoid fighting him. Here is something you should keep in your mind while fighting him.

Beware of his elongating tongue and keep attacking him. Don’t let him attack you as it can do quite a lot of damage to you. If you keep attacking him and use your shield to defend yourself from his attacks. It is fairly easy to get rid of him.

Lore Entry after defeating Ormstunga
Lore Entry after defeating Ormstunga

Rewards After Defeating Ormstunga

After defeating this boss, Kratos will receive the following:

  • Emblem of Elusion
  • Svefnthorn
  • +500 XP for Kratos
  • +400 XP for Freya
Reward: Emblem of Elusion in the sidequest The Lost Treasure
Reward: Emblem of Elusion

Emblem of Elusion is an Amulet Enchantment. Whoever wears this emblem, will get bestowed with greater abilities of evasion, according to the game.

Players that have the Emblem of Elusion enchantment will accelerate quickly and cover more ground during their evades. As a result, they are better able to time and execute evades accurately, without messing up and taking damage.

Reward: Svefnthorn in the sidequest The Lost Treasure
Reward: Svefnthorn

Svefnthorn can be counted as a resource in the game. It can be used in Seidr magic and is a thorn from a deadly plant.

Looting The Lost Treasure: Treasure Box I

The Lost Treasure I
The Lost Treasure I

There are 2 Lost Treasures in this sidequest. After defeating Ormstunga, elevating boulders, and clearing away some more Gold Rocks. You will find the First Lost Treasure Box!

Just Press ‘O’ after reaching it to open up the treasure and you will find:

  • Folkvangr Whetstone
  • +5000 Hacksilver

After looting the box, I continue my journey of finding the ghost’s son. Get to the boat to begin the second part of this quest.

Going To Alberich Island To Find The Son

Map of Alberich Island
Map of Alberich Island

Go to the boat and open the map to find and reach Alberich Island which is to the north of the Bay of Bounty. After getting off your boat, clear the area and use your spear to get to the top of the wooden structure. While reaching up top, you’ll see another Berserker Gravestone.

After reaching the top you will realize that the son of Elder Wayfarer is dead. You will see his spirit appear once you reach the top. Press ‘Triangle’ to get him to talk to you.

Spirit of the son of the Elder
Spirit of the son of the Elder

It seems like the Elder’s son didn’t know of his father’s demise and was waiting for him to get back. Both of them died thinking they were protecting the other from the dangers of the island.

How To Use The Elevator To Get Across The Island

  • On the left side of the elevator, you’ll see a blue pile of rocks. Freya will clear it out for you. Run past that area and throw your spear on the rocks below to destroy them to elevate the elevator.
Throwing Spear at the elevator
Throwing Spear at the elevator
  • The elevator will rise up and you are going to use the circle ‘O’ button to jump and get across platforms using hooks. You’ll find another indication to use the spear on the rock to get the elevator to work properly.
Kratos pulling down the chains
Kratos pulling down the chains
  • Pull down the chains and throw your axe to jam the smaller wheel.
  • Get to the other side and throw to axe at the bigger wheel and the elevator will come down.
Kratos jamming the wheel
Kratos jamming the wheel
  • Use the elevator to go on top.

Looting The Lost Treasure: Treasure Box II

Using the elevator will get you on the hill that has the second loot box. Crawling creatures will appear, clear the area with the help of Freya. Find the point to latch on to get to the top of the hill to find the other Lost Treasure.

The Lost Treasure II and its loot
The Lost Treasure II and its loot

Once you’ve reached the top, you will see the Treasure box. Just Press ‘O’ to open up the treasure and you will find:

  • Jewel of Yggdrasil
  • +30 Whispering Slab
  • +45000 Hacksilver

The Jewel of Yggdrasil is a fragment of the Amulet of Yggdrasil. It helps to enhance the amulet and get more enchantments.

Congratulations! You’ve succesfully looted The Lost Treasure, but the quest isn’t over yet. I still have to get back to the Elder’s Spirit to let him know of his sons’s fate.

Finishing The Favor “The Lost Treasure”

Blue marker: location for favor completion
Blue marker: location for favor completion

Now I  return to the location of the Elder’s spirit with our boat. Climb up top and talk to the spirit. Kratos tells him about the death of the Elder’s son and how both of them did the same thing trying to protect the other.

The Spirit of the Elder praises Kratos for finding about his son and vanishes to meet him in Helheim. Cheers! the Favor is complete.

Elder's Ghost thanking for favor "The Lost Treasure"
Elder’s Ghost thankingfor favor
  • Kratos gets +3000 XP
  • Freya gets +750 XP

Utilize the rewards and the loot of the side quest wisely. You can revisit these islands to explore them even more if you want. You can make sure if you missed any collectibles while you were busy completing the quest.

Ending Point

Well! This is all I could tell you about The Lost Treasure. I hope you found this guide helpful. Now you won’t have any confusion on how to do this favor in GOW Ragnarok.

Do give us feedback down below in the comments. Be sure to follow us. Don’t forget to share us with your friends. See you in another article!

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