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Man Sells GameStop Stock to buy Nintendo Switches for Children’s Hospital

In all of the continuing madness surrounding GameStop Stock, one man has decided its not about the money. Instead, he’s cashed in his shares to give back to his local children’s hospital. This comes as a more wholesome addition to the frenzy of Wall Street vs Underdogs news we’ve had in the last few days. Honestly, I’ve never had this much interest in stocks and shares in my life!

GameStop Stock
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A college student, now identified as Hunter Khan, from Minnesota, has revealed on Reddit that he sold some of his shares in GameStop this week. Rather than spend it on himself, he bought six Nintendo Switches plus games for Children’s Minnesota Hospital. You can get – & maybe also donate – some Nintendo Switches here.

“A lot of people are saying that this is somewhat like a transfer of power,” stated Khan, “But if the money is going from here just to the other side, there is no difference, if we just are acting the same way as the people that we’re criticizing. So, I think it’s important that we don’t become men in suits ourselves and use our money for good.”

Some commenters on Reddit have dubbed him ‘The Real Robin Hood’ alluding to the app at the centre of the chaos.

Additional Wholesome Content

Speaking of Robin Hood, an organisation local to me in Nottinghamshire has been dragged into the GameStop Stock debacle this week. The World Wide Robin Hood Society gained 60 000 new followers over the weekend as they were mistaken for the stock trading app. Instead, the society is dedicated to the Sherwood Forest Legend but have still made sure to welcome their new fans.

When asked if they had any stock tips, the Society responded “We only know about the old fashioned stocks I’m afraid”.

That’s all from me for today. Do you have shares in GameStop Stock? What do you think of this whole mess? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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