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March 26-30 Trials of Osiris Rewards For Destiny 2
March 26-30 Trials of Osiris Rewards For Destiny 2

March 26-30 Trials of Osiris Rewards For Destiny 2

Trials of Osiris has returned to Destiny 2. Usually, the map and its rewards for winning a number of matches are altered weekly. However, each player’s items earned will depend on their weapon roll.

So What Will I Get?

With that said, these are the rewards everyone will get when they meet the quota:

Map: The Burnout

  • 3 wins — The Messenger, Kinetic pulse rifle
  • 5 wins — Pyrrhic Ascent Mask, Helm, Hood (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock helmet)
  • 7 wins — Pyrrhic Ascent Cloak, Mark, Bond (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock class item)
  • Flawless — The Messenger (Adept), Kinetic pulse rifle — random Adept mod

Flawless (also known as Lighthouse social space) is achieved when someone manages to get 7 wins on the trot. This provides the player with the chance to earn even more items. Some, such as a special emblem, are one of a kind. Reaching the Lighthouse also guarantees you a special armour glow for any Trials of Osiris armour. Though don’t get too comfortable – after the weekend, it’s gone!

What Else Is New?

Every Friday, at the Tower Hangar, you can visit new vendor Saint-14 and check out what he’s selling. He’s also the announcer in Trials of Osiris.

Also since Season of Arrivals, you can finish the End Game weekly bounty to get the three-win reward. As you’d expect, more progress is made through Trials match completions.

You can pick up your copy of Destiny 2 here and try for yourself (affiliate link).

That’s All From Me

Are you eager to play Trials of Osiris? Do you think the rewards earned are reasonable? Is there anything else that could have been added to this mode? Let us know in the comments.

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Or if you prefer videos check out our YouTube Channel VeryAli.

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