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Mario Strikers Battle League is an uprising sports/football game. The game has garnered a lot of fans and hype in the short time it has been out. Even prominent YouTubers like Miniminter are jumping on it, so you don’t want to miss out. To ensure you have the best chance of winning, we have covered you in this Mario Strikers Battle League Best Team guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Rosalina is an excellent choice for captain based on her numbers. She is exceptionally strong and skilled in shooting. She contributes significantly to the game because of the diversity of her other stats.
  • Use Waluigi‘s Trick Helmet and Turbo Gloves to demonstrate great speed and strength to make crucial plays. Because of his excellent technique stat, Waluigi can fire accurately at the goal even without a high shooting score.
  • Toad: There is a 25-speed Toad gear build that is almost overwhelming. This allows Toad to have the highest speed stat of 25, which is now feasible. Now that he has the ball, he may immediately flank the opposition or take it away.
  • Donkey Kong is an excellent choice for a defender because he shares Waluigi’s strength and tackling numbers. Even more things up to level 21 can be used to boost his strength numbers.
  • Bowser can play from a distance thanks to his high shooting stat and high strength number, making him a threat in the net.
  • Speed-Focused Team Composition: If you want a fast and high-octane team, this composition is for you. This composition consists of Peach/ Mario as the offense, Toad as a wing striker, Luigi as a wing striker, and Waluigi as the Defender.
  • Technique-Focused Team Composition: make shots with this arrangement that are both powerful and precise. If you are up for the challenge, this will help you create dozens of goals. The team includes Peach as the Offence, Luigi as Wing Striker, Rosalina as Wing Striker, and Waluigi as Defender.
  • Shooting-Focused Team Composition: We have Rosalina as Offence, Yoshi as Wing Strike, Peach as Wing Striker, and Bowser as Defender.
  • Teamwork-Focused Team Composition: Yoshi is the offensive player, Luigi is the wing striker, Peach is the wing striker, and Donkey Kong is the defender for this team.

Here is a comparison table for the Best Characters in Mario Strikers Battle League:

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Mario Strikers Battle League adds a new flavor of excitement to a football match as you try your best to defeat opponents with your beloved characters. These characters we grew up with, such as Mario, Roshi, and Bowser, are now playable in this sports environment.

So just like previously, they all have their own unique perks. In this Mario Strikers Battle League Best Team guide, I will show you the best team you can have and some bonus teams that you might like.

Tips On Making a Team in Mario Strikers Battle League

Before starting the list, let me give you a few hints about choosing your team. Optimally, it would be best if you aimed for a well-rounded team with expertise in your desired areas. For example, your defender needs good strength to tackle the horde of players attacking your net. Whoever is on offense needs to have good shooting and passing to make the highlight plays. These things need to be considered before making the team.

Furthermore, the order in which you select your players is also highly crucial. Your first pick will always be your captain. His positioning would be from center-field to attacking. So, you need to ensure you have a well-rounded player in this position who excels in passing and shooting.
Your second and third pick will be your wings. These characters need to have well-rounded stats to make good plays. Passing is a must to ensure you can easily make crosses in the center of the box. Also, as these players will be in the midfield, they need some strength to snatch the ball from the opposition.

Lastly, your final pick will be your defender. At the start of the game, they will be positioned around your net rather than upfront. Such a player must have good strength stats.
The players will generally run around the pitch once the game starts. However, these will be their starting positions, which matter greatly. These positions can help you gain an early lead.

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Team

To be considered the best team, the squad must dominate the entire game. So, we bring you exactly that. This squad has proved to be victorious countless times and has defeated the galactic mode along with the giant hordes of online players. The team has been maxed to the brim with items, which I will keep mentioning alongside the players.



Firstly, we have our captain, Rosalina. Rosalina’s stats make her a perfect candidate for captain. She excels in Shooting, Strength, and Technique. The Technique stat is vital for an offensive player as it can help them score even from kick-off. Her strength ensures that the power behind her shot won’t be easily stoppable. Her other stats are well-rounded, making her an integral part of the game.

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Next up, we have Waluigi. Despite people’s disapproval of this character, he is one of the best characters that you can have on your team. Combine that with his gear, and you got a massive goliath in your group. Using Trick Helmet and Turbo Gloves on Waluigi allows you to exhibit high speed and strength to make game-winning plays. Even without a high shooting score, Waluigi can shoot precisely at the goal due to his high technique stat. This makes Waluigi a good pick for center-field and the game all around.

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Apart from that, we have Toad as our third pick. There is this 25-speed Toad gear build which is almost overpowered. That allows Toad to have 25 speed stat, which is the max you can get. This means he can swiftly flank or steal the ball from the opposition. His massive speed advantage and other stats make him a monster on the field. His passing stat is also relatively high, allowing him to make plays such as crosses into the box and assist in the victory.

Via: DiamondLobby

Donkey Kong


Last but not least, we have our defender. I mean, it’s not a Mario game for me if it doesn’t have Donkey Kong in it. Donkey Kong is one of the best defense characters you can ask for. He has the same tackling and strength stats as Waluigi, which makes him an excellent choice for a defender. His strength stats can even be increased further with items up to 21. This makes him powerful and allows him to stop anyone aiming for the net. Moreover, he has excellent passing, allowing him to make long-range passes and execute quick and efficient goals.

Image showing :Mario Strikers Battle League donkey kong"
Via: IGN



Another Viable option for a defender is Bowser. Bowser showcases the same skills as Donkey Kong in a match-up, if not more. His high strength stat makes him a threat in the net, while his high shooting allows for long-range plays.

This team composition has proved fruitful for many players that have tried. Once you get them and keep on grinding, you will be able to stay victorious in no time. If you feel like this build is not for you, worry not. I will list some bonus team compositions with the specialized attributes.

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Team Compositions

Speed-Focused Team Composition

This composition is for you if you want a fast and high-octane team. This composition consists of:

  • Peach/ Mario as the offense
  • Toad as a wing striker
  • Luigi as a wing striker
  • Waluigi as the Defender.

This team provides you with excellent speed to execute some brilliant plays. Peach and Toad are considered the fastest characters in the game. Toad being able to have 25 pace with the correct items definitely makes him a contender in this team. All other characters have high-speed stats without compromising too much on other stats. This allows for a well-rounded team to hit the opposition before they know it.

Technique-Focused Team Composition

This composition allows you to make shoots powerfully and accurately. This will help you make dozens of goals if you are up for the challenge. The team includes:

  • Peach as the Offence
  • Luigi as Wing Striker
  • Rosalina as Wing Striker
  • Waluigi as Defender

This team consists of high technique stats with decent shooting stats ensuring your goal if you can make it to the opposition’s box. The team also has some decent speed stats; if Peach gets some items, it can be very fruitful. The Hyper Striker meter of the players is also relatively shorter, and even without it, Rosalina scores some quick goals with her high shooting stat. Overall, this team composition is very viable and can help you break past your opponents.

Shooting-Focused Team Composition

We have :

  • Rosalina as Offence
  • Yoshi as Wing Striker
  • Peach as Wing Striker
  • Bowser as Defender

As mentioned, Rosalina has a high shooting stat and Technique, making her a must in this team. Yoshi’s high speed, alongside his passing, makes him the perfect player to set up plays. His shooting stat ensures that he can execute the play himself if necessary. Peach’s high shooting stat and super quick Hyper Meter make her an easy player to score on. Bowser’s strength speaks for itself, and his high shooting stat allows for long-range shots and plays.

Teamwork-Focused Team Composition

This composition is for those who like to think of plays while leaving their opponents in the dust by passing the ball around. This team includes:

  • Yoshi as Offence
  • Luigi as Wing Striker
  • Peach as Wing Striker
  • Donkey Kong as Defender

Yoshi has a high passing and shooting stat, making him able to make plays and score goals. Peach’s passing and speed allow for some quick goals and creative maneuvers. Moreover, Luigi provides excellent support with his overall balance stats. His Technique stats is also a bonus as he can accurately shoot goals. Lastly, we have Donkey Kong, who acts as a shield in front of the goal while passing the ball up front whenever needed.

All these compositions have something to offer, and it is up to you to decide which one fits your play style. The Mario Strikers Battle League Best Team is for you if you want to go for the most dominating team.

On this note, we conclude our Mario Strikers Battle League Best Team Guide. 

Let us know down below which team composition you favor the most.

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