Mario Strikers Battle League: Galactic Mode [Explained]

In this Mario Strikers: Battle League Galactic Mode guide, we will be going over everything you need to know about the galactic mode.


You should know that Mario Strikers is not like any soccer game out there. The fantasy elements of the game change the entire dynamic. In addition to that, there are no rules in it so do not be scared to get your hands dirty because in the end there is only one objective; being victorious in the battle. Before moving any further in our Mario Strikers: Battle League Galactic Mode, you should know that there is a range of players you can keep on your team, such as Peach, Luigi, Rosalina, and so on. Each of these players has their unique abilities and therefore it is up to you to utilize them to the best of their abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • If you finish the game’s normal mode, you can access the galactic mode. If we compare the difficulty levels of the normal and galaxy modes, we can safely claim that they are poles apart.
  • You must defeat the “championship cup” to access the galactic mode.
  • Items that emerge on the field are called power-ups. You can use the buffs, bonuses, and special attacks that these power-ups give you against opponents on any side.
  • The strongest and most accurate shot in the game is a hyper strike.  The fact that a goal from a super strike is worth two points means that they can actually wind up shifting the momentum from one team to the other.
  • It’s crucial to have the appropriate players on your squad. In Mario Strikers: Battle League, it might offer you the advantage you need to win the galaxy mode.

Difference Between Normal And Galactic Mode

The galactic mode comes later in the game after you have completed the normal mode. It will not be wrong to say that the normal and galactic modes are two worlds apart when it comes to their difficulty level.

The normal mode will be a piece of cake for players who have been involved with the Mario Strikers series beforehand.

On the other hand, the galactic mode will be no easy feat but worry not, as we have some tips and tricks in store for you in this Mario Strikers: Battle League galactic mode guide that will help you ace it.

The main reason behind this variation in difficulty is that in galactic mode, the opposing team has better team compositions and gear.

Apart from the difficulty level, a vast difference between normal and galactic mode is the rewards you get for completing a cup. After completing a cup in normal mode, you will receive 400 coins which are pretty good considering the ease with which you can complete a cup. On the contrary, if you finish a cup in galactic mode, you will receive a whopping 1000 coins for the first time.

If you finish the cup again, then you will receive 100 coins. You should remember that if you complete the galactic mode successfully, you will not get any new gear or something but a hefty amount of 1000 coins instead, which you can use to buy any gear you want.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let us move on to how you can unlock the galactic mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

How To Unlock Galactic Mode

The galactic mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League is not available at the beginning, which is understandable considering its massive rewards and difficulty level.

To unlock the galactic mode, you will need to clear the ‘championship cup’, which only becomes available after you have completed the first five cups given below:

  1. Cannon Cup
  2. Chain Cup
  3. Turbo Cup
  4. Muscle Cup
  5. Trick Cup

In order to complete a cup, you will need to win three matches consecutively. We know no one is perfect; therefore if you end up losing a match you will be put in a loser’s bracket.

This means there is light at the end of the tunnel as you have an opportunity to redeem yourself. You can climb out of the loser’s round and make sure that the cup falls in your hands.

Once you have unlocked the galactic mode, all you need to do is press ‘X’ whenever you feel like playing it.

How To Beat The Galactic Mode

The difficulty level changes drastically once you transition into the galactic mode. You will find your opponents more strategically sound, better equipped, and more. Therefore, you need to ensure that you bring your A-game to the battle.

You may end up losing the first few matches of the galactic mode. However, worry not because by following the tips we are about to lay down, you will be able to breeze past it with ease.

To ensure that you are ready for galactic mode, the main things you need to focus on are items and team composition.


Power-Ups are items that appear on the field. These power-ups provide you with buffs, bonuses, and special attacks that players from any side can utilize.

These items can be stored and then brought to use when the right time comes.

The power-ups that can come in handy the most while facing the challenges of galactic mode are given below:

  • Star: the star makes you invincible for a short period of time and also makes you a detriment to your opponents because if you touch them while it is active, you will 100 percent knock them down. Not only that, it also enhances your attributes.
  • Red Shell: the red shell basically acts as a bowling bowl considering your opponents as pins. It chases a nearby opponent once thrown, hits them, making them fall over
  • Bob-omb: as the name suggests, it is essentially a bomb that is used to knock away the players on your opponent’s team.
  • Banana: we all know you trip when you step on a banana peel. This does exactly that; it makes the players that come in contact with it fall down.
  • Mushroom: speed is critical at times. The mushroom power-up helps increase your speed for a short interval of time.

The power-ups mentioned above can create a world of difference because if they are used correctly and at the right time, there is nothing that can stop you from securing the dub for yourself.

Tips And Tricks

Something that can go a long way in beating the galactic mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League is hyper strikes. A hyper strike is basically the most potent and on-target shot in the game.

They can really end up switching the momentum from one side to the other because a goal from a hyper strike is worth two points.

To execute a hyper strike successfully, you need to make sure that you have plenty of time and space before you start charging it up. One way to ensure you have that is by tackling your opponent when they are isolated on the field.

Now you will be able to charge up a hyper strike without having to worry about a tackle from your enemy as you have stunned the only threat nearby.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the rebounds. A lot of the time, you will miss-calculate the hyper strike, and therefore it is in your best interests to have players close to the goal. This will ensure that you are able to take a shot.

A significant advantage of this is that your shot will probably turn out to be fruitful, considering the goalie will be stunned from stopping the hyper strike. In addition to that, the hyper orb has a time out of 20 seconds.

Therefore, once your opponent has taken the hyper orb, your priority should be keeping the possession so that they do not get the chance to execute the hyper strike.

Furthermore, you need to pay a lot of heed to manual passes and manual crosses. It is because they allow you to play the ball into space or a through ball in soccer. This creates many exciting opportunities that come in handy, especially in galactic mode.

Team comps

Having the right characters on your team is very important. It can give you the edge you are looking for when it comes to beating the galactic mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

With our own experience, we think that the best team for galactic mode would be one with two characters with high shooting stats and two with high speed and technique. Keeping this in mind, our team is composed of the following characters at the given positions:

  1. Right position: ‘Peach’ due to his speed.
  2. Down position: ‘Luigi’ as the hyper strike shooter.
  3. Up position: ‘Rosalina’ as the hyper strike shooter.
  4. Left position: ‘Waluigi’ due to his high speed.

This team composition ensures that you have enough power to decimate the opponent’s defense.

It also allows you to pick up items quickly as well as take advantage of rebounds as much as possible.

Final Words

At the end of the day, beating the Mario Strikers: Battle League galactic mode is not as hard as you might initially feel. You are all prepared for it after you have gone through the normal mode; however, you need to use the game mechanics to your advantage and focus on the little things.

For example, once you are close to the opponent’s goal, you will charge up a shot, and as your opponent starts to come in for a tackle, you will shift your position and shoot.

This will mostly result in success as the goalkeeper does not respond well to fast movement. Paying attention to such little things will definitely tip the balance in your favor.

That brings us to the end of our Mario Striker: Battle League galactic mode guide. We hope that you enjoyed this guide. If you found it to be informative, then go on over and read our guides on Mario Strikers: Battle League best gear.

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