Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks [Top 20]

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks
Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks

Forever classical Mario Strikers return with a new entry for the skillful soccer game Mario Strikers Battle League on June 10, 2022. The latest entry is a Nintendo Exclusive with a lot of adrenaline-packed action sports to offer a unique gaming experience to players. Although the game keeps the traditional details of the Mario games alive, the latest game is well-tuned to be highly competitive, which will test the player’s abilities and skills.  

Players are storming toward internet communities to learn Mario Strikers Battle League tips and tricks to get better in soccer matches. Mario Strikers Battle League is a more refined and upgraded entry in the series that will challenge players from all sides along with one of the most unique multiplayer to compete against friends and loved ones. 

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding and pursuing your playstyle is essential for success.
  • Passing the ball ensures maximum match performance and maximizes team interaction.
  • Dodge effectively using the R button and Right Analog Stick.
  • Auto for changing players is essential for single-player games, as it allows you to control the player automatically during passing.
  • Visual Assistant helps players find their characters and teammates.
  • Spread across the field is a professional tactic to push performance.
  • Use Dash wisely to stay ahead and dodge opponents, and use it while pushing the ball to keep opponents away and score goals.
  • Experiment and build a team that matches your playstyle and meets the match’s demand to dominate both single-player and multiplayer matches.
  • Curve shots are challenging to dodge by the Boom Boom Boom goalkeeper and higher in the air, making them difficult to dodge.
  • Combo Play is a strategic addition, allowing players to surprise their opponents with unpredictable moves.
  • Gear is not essential, but mixing and matching gear items can reduce the impact of the subtraction of stats points.
  • Use items wisely to take down opponents and improve performance.
  • Focus on the player instead of the ball to steal the ball.
  • Tackle is an important strategy for boosting players’ performance and giving away free items to opponents.
  • Unpredictable gameplay is a great way to confuse the enemy and score goals.
  • Creating a unique character with unique gear can boost stats while avoiding the cost of dropping attributes.
  • Move Boom Boom around the field to execute a clean shot and push the ball into the goal.
  • Electric Fence is a great way to defeat opponents and dominate the game, but beware of fence tricks
  • Watch out for Block Colors in Mario Strikers Battle League, which can be used by any team.

Hyper Strike is a powerful attack that can be used strategically to score a goal of two points, but it is best to use a weak hyper strike to maximize performance in competitive matches.

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks

Struggling to claim victory in a match with friends is normal. The high difficulty curve and the revamped mechanics of the Mario Strikers Battle League are tricky at the start. However, incorporate different elements and strategies into your gameplay to improve the strikes, controls, and team compositions

Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks
Mario Strikers Battle League Tips and Tricks

Here are the 20 tips and tricks in Mario Strikers Battle League to push the performance in gameplay further. 

Understand and Pursue Your Playstyle

One of the first and most essential things every player must incorporate is understanding the playstyle. Most players are not used to the adventure-filled football/soccer matches. Conversely, Mario Strikers Battle League has multiple things happening simultaneously that can overwhelm beginner players.

The ideal strategy is to do a little practice to understand how things work and what gameplay you will be pursuing in the game. It will take a bit of time to take hold of the learning curve. But once you do, you can quickly progress and dive into more competitive matches. 

Play with each character that best fits your play style, and only then pursue further in the game. Practice everything from the strikes, mid-fielders, and goalkeepers to understand better what works best for your gameplay.

You can also get recommendations from players and friends through multiplayer. Since these players are already familiar with the team compositions, they might suggest practical strategies to increase their performance in competitive matches. 

As you progress further, you can utilize different tactics to gain an edge over the match and turn the tide to claim victory. But as for beginners, you might want to stick to your game plan to raise the stats and get better with each playthrough. Take a steady approach, and you will be able to grip on the multiple abilities and dominate each match. 

Pass the Ball

One of the major mistakes that most players make is never to pass the ball during a match. In fact, you do not have to keep the ball to yourself. Just like in traditional soccer games, passing the ball is crucial to ensure maximum match performance and ensure you utilize the team’s abilities. 

Avoiding passing the ball can leave your character vulnerable to opponent tactics. One of the notable tactics is the Tackle abilities that allow players to halt and push the players to the ground. This will leave the players immobile for a certain period. It is not something that you want to experience during the match. 

The best approach is to continuously pass the ball to dodge the incoming defenses and maximize the interaction between the teammates. This way, you will be not only able to secure your side but also achieve reasonable goals for your team. 

Dodge Effectively

Next, you must know to dodge the ball effectively. Dodge is crucial in soccer games. Meanwhile, Mario Strikers Battle League’s intense gameplay will make it even more critical. The new game allows you to Dodge with style and gain good bonuses for perfect execution. 

While passing, you will face multiple defenses that may tackle and put all of your progress go to waste. However, there is an effective approach to dodge all of the incoming defenses from opponents and run past them with speed to make a strike for the goal. 

You may have already learned the dodging tactic during the beginner tutorial of Mario Strikers Battle League. But what you do not know is a compelling little secret to dodge without redirecting by using a simple button. Apart from using the R button to dodge, you can also use Right Analog Stick to run and execute the Dodge. Performing the trick takes a bit of practice. But once you get a hold of it, you can easily outperform the opponents and push them over the edge of defeat. 

Use Auto for Changing Players

Players that like to play single-player all by themselves must change the setting of changing players to Auto. It may be initially Manual, but putting it to the Auto is going to smoothen your gaming experience. The main reason behind it is that during passing, you will be able to control the player automatically that you have just passed the ball. 

Auto for Changing Players
Auto for Changing Players

Otherwise, using the Manual is not worth it for the single-player. Unless you are playing multiplayer on a single team, you might want to keep it to Manual. Keeping the changing player setting to Manual will increase the trouble of changing the player continuously and passing continuously.

You may even risk your match to defeat while continuously passing and the opponent team will easily dodge to take the ball and make their strike. Always practice each of the tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League to ensure the perfect execution. 

Turn On Visual Assistant

Next, players might want to turn on the Visual Assistant. As said earlier, there are a lot of things happening simultaneously during the match the game. It is easy to lose the track of your player while predicting the moves of the opponents. 

This is where Visual Assistant will come in handy to give some indicators that will assist players to find their character and teammates. Visual Assistant is the biggest addition to the Mario Strikers Battle League which makes the classical game more detailed like Fifa. 

All you need to do is to go to your settings and select Visual Assistant to turn it on. Now you are all set to see bold numbers that are the indicators of your character and team. 

Spread Across the Field

When it comes to the top tips and tricks in Mario Strikers Battle League, spreading across the field ranks higher on the list. It is more of a professional tactic that will prove extremely valuable to push the performance in the game. 

Especially, players in a multiplayer session must not overlook the tip. Most players mistake cornering the team and exposing themselves to opponents in open field. It will put all the exposure on the Boom Boom goalkeeper, costing your team a goal.

You and your team need to create a defensive position at all times that will cover each other from the incoming Tackles and fast dodges. As a multiplayer teammate, you must stay closer to the player with the ball to ensure an easy pass. Even if the pass does not go as planned, you may be able to recover it with the defensive position during the match. The key is to secure your field at all costs. 

Using Dash Wisely

Next is the Dash, which many rookie players avoid in professional matches. For those unaware, Dash is the sprinting mechanics, allowing your character to push the speed even further for a certain time. 

Dash is crucial when you have a chasing opponent who may steal the ball using the Tackle strategy. All you need to do is press the ZR button, and your character will push the speed further to stay ahead and dodge every move of the opponents. 

Dash in Mario Strikers Battle League
Dash in Mario Strikers Battle League
Dash Combo In Mario Strikers Battle League
Dash Combo In Mario Strikers Battle League

Meanwhile, you might not want to overdo it as your character may run out of stamina that you could have used on something else. That is why it is essential to use the Dash wisely to put it in the right place and time.

You can also use it while pushing the ball. It works perfectly when giving a pass to your teammate far on the field. Keep the opponents out of the football field indicator so that you do not hand them the ball and cost your team a goal. For that instance, Dash is your perfect bet to keep these opponents away and be on your way to making a strike to claim the best goals. 

Build Your Perfect Team

Out of all the strategies you can add to your gameplay, crafting a perfect team is never an exception among Mario Strikers Battle League tips and tricks. The overall game mechanics revolve around team coordination, whether single-player or multiplayer. The main reason is that team composes a significant portion of your playstyle. 

This brings us to the first tip to understand the playstyle that suits and eases you in Mario Strikers Battle League. If you are not even comfortable utilizing the team’s capabilities, then there is no chance of succeeding in each match. 

Build Your Perfect Team
Build Your Perfect Team

Apart from your character, experiment and build a team that matches your playstyle and meets the match’s demand. You must know what you are against and which character will allow you to dominate the game. For instance, if your character is about speed, you will need good defenders and shooters with high Shooting value in the stats. 

Putting up a team depends on your experience and then on the choices. All you need to do is to experiment and practice different matches until you can find the perfect team composition for your playthrough. In the end, you will be strengthening not only your character but the game’s overall experience to dominate both single-player and multiplayer matches. 

Curve Shot For Goals

It is said enough in the Mario Strikers community to curve the shots to get good at the goals. Curve shots are challenging to dodge by the Boom Boom goalkeeper. Plus, these shots are higher in the air, thus giving an even harder time for Boom Boom to dodge the incoming ball. 

Players already charging the ball with A can execute a perfect curve shot. Along with the charge of the ball with the A button, press the up and down button of the control stick to set the aim of the ball by fixing the side of the goal. Once that is done, hold left or right for your side to execute the perfect curve shot efficiently. 

The combination for the curve shot is complicated. First, you will need to master your charged shot and aim to the side of the goal. Only after that, you will be able to surprise the opponent’s Boom Boom goalkeeper and get some super cool goals. 

Combo Play For Multiplayer

Combo Play is another strategic addition to Mario Strikers Battle League. Sadly only a few players are aware of the tactic. However, you do not have to lack on this side of the gameplay and surprise your opponents in multiplayer. 

Combo Play is more of a continuous passing strategy that makes the opponents unpredictable of your next move. This strategy works perfectly when you have found the opponent field open, and there is little to no defense on the goal. 

Follow up with your shots by pressing the button at the right time to set up the Combo Play. The continuous pass will give you a huge opportunity to make the best shot at the goal and turn the tide of the match for victory at the last moment. 

Gear Is Not Necessary

While diving into the Mario Strikers Battle League, one of the major items that every player seeks is the gears. Although they may look a compelling addition to your character. But gears are not crucial for every match you are playing against opponents. 

The main reason behind not using the gear is the gameplay mechanics. Every gear in Mario Strikers Battle League will not only be increasing one stat but will also downgrade the other stats. This of course is a balancing mechanic by developers, and it is fair for the powerful gears offered early in the game. 

Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League
Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League

For that instance, instead of enhancing the performance of one stat of your character, you may lose the other and still lose performance in the match. That is why you can always consider no gear at all to avoid compromising your character’s stats with some equipment. 

The ideal practice can be mixing and matching the gear items to reduce the impact of subtraction of stats points. You can avoid the pieces that will subtract the important stats value from your character. This way, you can create a perfect gear set that distributes effectively across all stats for your character. But still, it is possible when you have obtained all the gears, including the endgame gear set in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Using Items During Match

Another addition in tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League is to use the items at the right place at the right time. This strategy is exceptionally worthy of attention as it can greatly assist players that need last-minute goals. 

The game’s competitive nature is always challenging players, and one small mistake can cost them a complete match. This is where different items come in handy as a significant aid to players to push the offenses and secure multiple goals in the game. 

Using Items During Match
Using Items During Match

These items may include everything ranging from Banana Peels, Mushrooms, Shells, and Bob-omb to assist players in the gameplay. Utilize these items in the fast-paced gameplay to immobilize the opponents and clear the field for your strikes. 

Additionally, you do not have to overdo using these items. Items like Shells and Mushrooms are prone to affect your teammates. Instead of putting your team at risk, use these items wisely to take down opponents at the right moment. In the end, you will see a considerable improvement in your character’s performance. 

Focus On Player Instead Of Ball

Beginner players would chase the ball everywhere. Meanwhile, the gameplay demands focus on the moves of the opponents. Football is indeed the primary engaging element in the game. However, that does not mean you do not have to worry about other elements dominating each match and progressing further in your playthrough. 

Chasing the ball will expose your character and field. The best practice is to determine the moves of the opponent to execute the Tackle and steal the ball right from them. The observation is the key to stealing the ball.

All you need to do is to focus on what their next move will be. Only then you can decide whether you should stop and wait or sprint your character to fail the offense of the opponent team. 

Tackle Effectively

Apart from every other combo and defensive strike, Tackle is the most important one to boost players’ performance. Tackle is all about taking the ball right from the opponents and then pushing it toward the goal. Executing it will stagger the opponents, immobilizing them for a few seconds. 

This way, you can rip the ball and execute the perfect strike to score the best goal of the match. But here comes the catch. When you Tackle the opponent, apart from putting a halt to their performance, you are also giving away a free item to the opponent. Now they can use it against your team for balanced gameplay. 

In essence, it is fair since Tackle will yield toxic players in the multiplayer sessions. Since there is no limit for Tackling players, every player would start playing dirty and ruin the game. Meanwhile, giving away a free item is an excellent approach to minimize rude behavior during gameplay. 

For that instance, players must be mindful of their choices for Tackling only when required. Otherwise, opponents will not regret using the free items on your team. 

Consider Unpredictable Gameplay

The unpredictable approach always works like a charm when you are in a multiplayer session. With the myriad of features and resources available to players, it is always worth spicing up your playstyle and diverging your plans. 

Playing with friends as opponents can increase your trouble since they can be aware of the tactics and strategies like using items and Tackle. However, an unpredictable move is a great way to confuse the enemy and push your secret plan into play to score more goals. 

For instance, if you are planning to charge up a shot, you can always cancel it at the right moment. Meanwhile, the opponents are preparing to spread out in the field; canceling the charged shot will give you a passage to score a goal. Considering this strategy, unpredictable gameplay is easily one of the best tips and tricks in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Building A Special Character

There are numerous classical characters that you can play in Mario Strikers Battle League. Moreover, with each character having unique stats, players can quickly narrow down the list for a character that fits their playstyle. However, many of the players are unaware of the fact that they can build their character by using the unique gear. 

Ultimate Gear Set for Character
Ultimate Gear Set for Character

As said earlier, adding the gear to your character will enhance the outlook and raise the bar of stats. But at the same time, you will be sacrificing another stat. But if you are already in the endgame and have all the gear sets, you can easily mix and match gear items to create a unique character. 

Boost all of the character’s stats while avoiding the hefty cost of dropping any of the attributes. You can remove the gear whenever you want and again put it on for the specified matches and friendly challenges. 

Play With Boom Boom

Boom Boom is your classical goalkeeper that will do his best to dodge the incoming strikes to goal. He is a charming character in the latest Mario Strikers Battle League. But at the same time, getting frustrated over his perfection is easy to dodge the ball. 

However, you can play around the Boom Boom to easily make the clean strike and slam a good goal for your team. You can move him from left to right and then quickly aim your strike to the left to let the ball pass the goal. It takes high practice since the goalie can still dodge the ball. 

Boom Boom might be a big problem, but he is not fast enough to your tricks. Move him around the field to execute a clean shot toward the goal, and you will push the ball into the goal easily. Charged shots can also work if you know the right timing. However, moving the goalie around a bit is recommended to make your move. 

Electric Fence Is Your Friend

If you fall over the fence around the field, you will notice that it will fry your character to a crisp. The top reason behind it is the fence has electricity that can electrocute anyone it touches.

Although, you might want to be careful while playing around with the fence. But you can also use it as one of the top tips and tricks in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Tackle Opponents to Electric Fence
Tackle Opponents to Electric Fence

As evil as it may sound, you can lure opponents near the electric fence and time you tackle to electrocute them. Tackling already immobilizes them for a few seconds; an electric shock can further halt their performance in the match. It is both a practical and dangerous plan to defeat opponents and dominate the game. 

Also, beware of opponents who might try to pull fence tricks on your team. Once you expect one, you can use Dash to quickly boost past the players and let them bite the dust of their devious plan. These minor aspects of the Mario Strikers Battle League make it unique and fun to play. 

Watch Out For Block Colors

As we progress further into the list, you will be able to see more important and influential tips and tricks in Mario Strikers Battle League. At the start, you will be bombarded with tons of colors and flashing screens. But there is a specific item that you must incorporate into the gameplay along with its color. For that instance, you might want to look out for Block Colors during your match. 

Many neck-deep players in the intense match will never focus on the Block drops for their team. Even most players are unaware that they will receive Block drops during the match. 

It is worth noting that game mechanics will drop item Blocks for your team with your team’s respective colors. Running into the opponent’s Block will not interact with your character or teammate. 

Surprisingly, you may even see a multicolored Block. It can be used by any team playing on the field. So make sure you can identify your Block dropping around the field. 

Weak Hyper Strike For Guaranteed Goals

Last but not least, the tip focuses on using the intense strikes that must be used strategically at the right place and time. It brings us to the Hyper Strike, one of the most powerful attacks that players can use as an advantage to being victorious in the match. 

Hyper Strike is exactly how it sounds, allowing players to execute a powerful strike with a guarantee to score a goal of two points. It will light up the ball on fire with intense speed. Although, Boom Boom goalie can dodge it. But the fierce speed can stun him for specific seconds. 

The stunning of the goalkeeper will also give you an open field to pass the ball or make another strike to score the goal. However, that is precisely not the point you should be considering. To maximize the performance in both single and multiplayer, it is highly advised to use a weak hyper strike. 

In a competitive match, out of all the hyper strikes, half of them are prone to go to waste because of dodge and Tackles by opponents. But as soon as you expect someone to dodge your hyper strike, you can press the strike button repeatedly to shoot the ball without charging the hyper strike bar. 

This strike will not be charged and is weaker. But in the end, it will save you trouble for the opponent’s Tackle and dodge. There are limitless possibilities to fail the opponent’s strike and get a better route for the hyper strike to gain a 2x points worthy goal. 

Final Words

Mario Strikers Battle League’s rightful and charming gameplay is the best experience. But at the same time, players that are competing against high-level players need effective tactics to stay ahead in the goals. 

Ultimately, it all falls to practicing for each trick to get better in the game and make the most out of the experience. Craft a perfect team with the best gear and stats for your character to turn the tide of the battle in matches. 

That is about it for Mario Strikers Battle League tips and tricks. Do you find this guide helpful to get you started in competitive matches in the game? What is your prominent strategy to score maximum goals and dodge incoming offense from the opponents? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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