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The newest entry in Nintendo’s catalog, Mario Strikers Battle League is an arcade football/soccer game with a wide selection of characters, powerups and mechanics. Combining the frenzied, high-octane nature of Mario Kart with the high skill ceiling and competitiveness 0f Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart Battle League is sure to provide hours of entertainment to players of all archetypes. This guide will show you all of the Mario Strikers Battle League Unlockables currently in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The player must win all five other cups to unlock the Championship Cup in Mario Strikers Battle League. Each cup offers a unique gameplay experience, and winning them provides a satisfying progression.
  • After beating the Championship Cup, players can unlock Galactic Mode, which offers a higher difficulty level and is considered the game’s hardcore Mode. Galactic Mode allows players to earn coins more rapidly to purchase gear.
  • The Galactic Mode Championship Cup is the final challenge of the game. Players need to beat all five cups in Galactic Mode to unlock it. It is the most challenging cup and requires strong gameplay skills.
  • Gear in Mario Strikers Battle League modifies characters’ attributes and adds a personalized touch to their appearance. Gear is unlocked by winning double-elimination tournaments and can be purchased using coins.
  • The Bushido Gear set is highly sought-after as it provides significant attribute bonuses. To unlock the Bushido Set, players must win all cups in Normal Mode and purchase each gear item for 300 coins.
  • In the Online Mode, players can customize their stadium using different options such as stadium theme, fence post, goal-line decoration, goals, and field. These stadiums can be unlocked using bolts, a mode-specific currency.
  • Coins are the main currency in the game and can be earned through various activities such as winning cups, completing modes, winning online matches, and more. Coins are used to unlock gear and retry matches.
  • All characters are available from the start in Mario Strikers Battle League, allowing players to choose their favourite Nintendo characters without any progression system based on unlocking new characters.

As per Nintendo tradition, there is a great deal of unlockables in the form of gear that affects attributes, different game modes and higher difficulties. In this guide we will show you all the Mario Strikers Battle League Unlockables, and a step-by-step guide to unlocking each of them.

Unlocking Championship Cup

In Mario Strikers Battle League, there are a total of 6 Cups. When the player goes to the Cup Battles, however, they will find that only 5 are available, with Championship Cup locked. The player must win all 5 of the other cups to unlock the Championship Cup.

This may prove to be a challenge, however. Each of the cups puts a different spin on the game, requiring players to think creatively to beat the other team. This does make the gameplay very fun and keeps things fresh. It also results in very satisfying progression.

mario strikers battle league championship cup
Championship Cup

The player unlocks the Championship Cup after beating all the other Cups. This Cup is much harder than the others, with the enemy team’s AI operating on full capacity. As a result, Championship Cup will provide a very satisfying challenge to the seasoned footballer.

Unlocking Galactic Mode

For the purists seeking even more of a challenge, Galactic Mode will surely not disappoint. Galactic Mode is unlocked after beating the Championship Cup, and is essentially the equivalent of a hardcore mode. Therefore, Galactic Mode consists of the same 6 cups, but with the difficulty ramped up to 11. Moreover, Galactic Mode allows the player to rapidly get coins to buy gear (more on that later).

mario strikers battle league galactic mode
Galactic Mode

Unlocking Galactic Mode Championship Cup

Following the same format as the normal Championship Cup, Galactic Championship Cup can be considered the final boss of the whole game. The player must beat the other 5 Cups on Galactic Mode to unlock Galactic Mode Championship Cup. The player will need to be at the top of their mechanics to beat this Cup, as it is the hardest Cup in the game. A full guide to the mode can be found here.

Unlocking Gear

Gear is an essential part of Mario Strikers Battle League. Not only is it an aesthetic feature that allows the player to personalize their character to their liking, it also modifies the attributes of each character. Gear is unlocked by winning the double elimination tournaments in Mario Strikers Battle League. The player unlocks new gear each time they win a Cup.

The general Gear items are unlocked from the start of the game, but need to be purchased. Each gear item costs 100 coins, and is non-transferrable between characters. As a result, the player must purchase each gear item for each character if they want to use them for all the characters. The full stat breakdown for the gear is as follows:


+2 Strength


+2 Speed


+2 Technique


+2 Passing


+2 Shooting

Unlocking Bushido Gear

The Bushido Gear set is the most sought-after gear in the game. Not only does it look absolutely fantastic, it has a huge impact on the game. Furthermore, the Bushido set, unlike the other gear sets, gives a +4 to a certain attribute and only a -1 to the others. In contrast, the other gear pieces have different workings, which are a +2 to one attribute and a -2 to another.

mario strikers battle league bushido
Bushido Gear

To unlock the Bushido Set, the player must win all the Cups in Normal mode. Each item in the set will set the player back 300 coins. The full breakdown of the Gear can be found below:

Bushido Head

  • +4 Passing
  • -1 Speed
  • -1 Strength
  • -1 Shooting
  • -1 Technique

Bushido Body

  • +4 Strength
  • -1 Speed
  • -1 Shooting
  • -1 Passing
  • -1 Technique

Bushido Arms

  • +4 Technique
  • -1 Strength
  • -1 Speed
  • -1 Shooting
  • -1 Passing

Bushido Legs

  • +4 Speed
  • -1 Strength
  • -1 Shooting
  • -1 Passing
  • -1 Technique

Unlocking Strikers Club Stadiums

Strikers Club’s online mode allows the player to customize their stadium with 5 different options. Those options are:

  • Stadium Theme
  • Fence Post
  • Goal-line Decoration
  • Goals
  • Field
mario strikers battle league stadium
Stadium Unlocks

Unlocking these stadiums requires a mode-specific currency known as bolts.

Farming Coins

Coins are the main currency used to unlock Gear for characters as well as to retry matches in Cups. The following are the activities that reward the player with Coins:

  • Winning a Cup – 400 Coins
  • Completing Normal Mode – 500 coins
  • Winning a Cup in Galactic Mode – 1000 coins
  • Completing Galactic Mode – 1000
  • Winning an online match – 20
  • Tie’ing an online match – 10
  • Winning a match during training – 800
  • Entering Gear Shop initially – 400

Unlocking Characters

All characters are unlocked from the start in Mario Strikers Battle League. This, however, may be a double edged sword. On the plus side, players are not arbitrarily locked out of any characters, which would lead to both a competitive disadvantage and the inability to play their favorite Nintendo characters. On the other hand, this results in a lack of a progression system, with no unlockable characters or secret characters to be found in the game. The best characters and team compositions can be found here.

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