Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear League [Top 6]

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear
Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear

Gaming classical Mario returns with a new entry in the series; Mario Strikers: Battle League. From the developers of Next Level Games, the third entry in the Mario Strikers series release took the gaming community by storm. Apart from the arcade-style madness gameplay, players are already looking out for walkthroughs and guidance to obtain different rewards and items, also containing Mario Strikers Battle League best gear

Key Takeaways

  • The builds provide a set of items for each character that can enhance or change their playstyle.
  • Mario’s build includes Trick Helmet, Bushido Gloves, Trick Pad, and Trick Boots.
  • Luigi’s build includes Chain Helmet, Chain Gauntlets, Chain Plate, and Chain Boots.
  • Bowser’s build includes Turbo Helmet, Bushido Gloves, Cannon Plate, and Turbo Boots.
  • Peach’s build includes Banana Bunch Helmet, Banana Bunch Gauntlets, Banana Bunch Plate, and Banana Bunch Boots.
  • Yoshi’s build includes Eggshell Helmet, Eggshell Gauntlets, Eggshell Plate, and Eggshell Boots.
  • Donkey Kong’s build includes Big Banana Helmet, Big Banana Gauntlets, Big Banana Plate, and Big Banana Boots.
  • Diddy Kong’s build includes Peanut Helmet, Peanut Gauntlets, Peanut Plate, and Peanut Boots.
  • Wario’s build includes Garlic Helmet, Garlic Gauntlets, Garlic Plate, and Garlic Boots.
  • Waluigi’s build includes Piranha Plant Helmet, Piranha Plant Gauntlets, Piranha Plant Plate, and Piranha Plant Boots.
  • Boo’s build includes Boo Helmet, Boo Gauntlets, Boo Plate, and Boo Boots.

The new game brings a lot of offerings to players, from character build and insane game modes to high customization capabilities to enhance the gameplay experience. Mario Strikers Battle League is not your ordinary storyline game with some nostalgic friends. However, it has proven to engage players in numerous aspects of arcade-style football with the character of your choice. 

With the addition of character builds, players also need optimal gear sets to push the stats and perform better than the opponents. This brings us to the entries of Mario Striker Battle League best gear that players can use to gain more stats points for their characters. 

There are numerous gear sets available to players with unique armor pieces. Players will have to progress through the game to get their hands on these sets and upgrade their character’s performance with an ideal gear set. With that said, let’s discuss some of the best gears in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear

Mario Strikers Battle League brings six gear sets in the game that are revealed and hidden to players. Not just that, but these gears also come with trade-offs to balance the game mechanics and ensure an efficient composition of the team. 

While progressing through the game, players will encounter a myriad of challenges and opponents that will test their abilities and experience in the game. For that instance, you will need the best gear in Mario Strikers Battle League to push your character’s offensive and defensive capabilities. 

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear
Mario Strikers Battle League Best Gear

This is possible by adding more value to your character’s attributes. For those who are unaware, attributes are the makeover of your character. They represent your character’s capabilities during the sport’s gameplay. It means that the gear set you will be wearing for your character will transform the version of the specific character through new attribute values. 

Another essential thing to note is that there is no logical best gear in the game. In fact, the best gear depends on your character’s attributes and team composition. Most gears in the game comprise four pieces. Every gear piece you will use in Mario Strikers Battle League will add two points to one attribute and subtract two points to another. 

Although, this may seem a little tricky at the start. But fortunately, developers are offering players the to mix and match different sets to create the perfect combination of gear that fits best for your character and playthrough. With that said, let’s discuss the top six best gears in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

The Cannon Gear Set

One of the first and most prominent sets that players seek is the Cannon gear set. As said earlier, each piece of the gear will increase specific attribute values at the cost of decreasing the remaining attributes. In the case of the Cannon gear set, players will be able to receive +2 values for Shooting on all armor pieces. 

For those who do not know, the Shooting attribute revolves around a character’s power and speed to shoot the football at the goal. Characters will lower Shooting attributes, will never be able to secure a goal, and dodge opponents’ defense. You need immense power and speed to get past the Boom Boom goalkeeper. 

Cannon Gear Set
Cannon Gear Set

Conversely, the Cannon gear set will subtract 2 values of Strength from Cannon Plates. Cannon Visor will drop 2 values from Technique, Cannon Boots from Passing, and Cannon Gloves from Speed. With these stats on your side, it is clear that your character with Cannon gear is a front-line player that primarily engages with the football to get it past the Boom Boom. 

The Trick Gear Set

The Trick gear set is another famous addition to unique gear items in Mario Strikers Battle League. Moreover, it is the first gear set you will unlock in the game. Obtaining the Trick gear set in the game will grant +2 Technique on all four gear pieces. 

The Technique determines your shot accuracy to dodge the Boom Boom goalkeeper and how you will be handling the bowl. It is an offensive tactic, which is exceptionally crucial to win any match, either offline or online. Even better, the Technique attribute will contribute huge timing for Hyper Strikes to assist players in making the right decision in the match. 

Trick Gear Set
Trick Gear Set

With these stats on your side, there are limitless possibilities to build a Technique attribute-focused character build and pursue an offensive playthrough. Although, if you are considering a Trick gear set, you might also want to incorporate the negating effects on each gear item. 

Trick gear’s helmet item will add -2 to the Passing. On the other side, the Trick pad will add -2 to Strength, Trick gloves drop -2 to Speed, and Trick Boots drop -2 to Shooting. Apart from the hefty cost from the rest of the stats, the Trick gear set is still the most versatile addition among the best gears in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

The Turbo Gear Set

The Turbo gear set is exactly what the name implies. Wearing the complete set will bring some of the best attribute stats for your character. The Turbo gear set adds +2 on all four gear pieces to Speed. In a fast-paced arcade football game, where timing is critical, and speed is everything, you need the Speed attribute to keep up with the opponents. 

It brings us to the Turbo gear set, which ensures your character is fast enough at everything. With this set, players will not have to rely on Passing. Now you can alone carry the ball forward with more incredible speed and strike to secure some of the best goals. 

Turbo Gear Set
Turbo Gear Set

Moreover, the versatility of the Turbo gear set will also aid players in turning their character into a powerful defenders on the field. For instance, if you use the gear set on Toad, players can achieve a perfect character with double speed. As for the subtracting values, the Turbo gloves drop -2 Strength, Turbo helmets -2 Technique. In contrast, Turbo Boots and Turbo pad will subtract -2 from Shooting and Passing, respectively.

The Chain Gear Set 

As we progress further into the list, there is a steady increase in the performance of each gear. The Chain gear set revolves around pushing the Passing attributes of your character at the cost of -2 negation in the rest. As for the Passing, the attribute will enhance the speed and range of the pass. 

Apart from the heavy strikers, a passing character is also important in difficult situations. As the match situation worsens, you will need good strikers and passers to achieve success. For that instance, the Chain gear set will contribute a considerable portion to the Passing attribute to push faster passes that are hard to intercept. Plus, the accurate pass will set up the strikers to make the strike on an incoming pass to gain the goal. 

Chain Gear Set
Chain Gear Set

There are numerous character-build opportunities with the Chain gear set to yield a perfect defender or offender player in your team. Apart from the +2 in Passing, Chain helmet, gauntlets, plate, and boots will drop -2 from Speed, Shooting, Technique, and Strength, respectively. 

The Muscle Gear Set

As the name implies, the Muscle gear set is all about Strength. It is not something that you can overlook in the intense matches of Mario Strikers Battle League. Meanwhile, Muscle gear is compelling for most engagement in football matches. 

The main reason behind it is that Strength covers the powerhouse of your character. It means the higher the Strength, the higher the strikes, speed, and other engagements will be. This makes the Muscle gear easily the top entry among the best gears in Mario Strikers Battle League. 

Muscle Gear Set
Muscle Gear Set

The distribution of -2 for Muscle gear is not going to put much impact on the performance of your character. However, if you are not satisfied, you can still consider a mix and match strategy to get a high Strength-focused build. 

Muscle helmet will reduce -2 from Technique, Gauntlets will reduce -2 from Passing. Muscle chest and boots negate 2 values from Shooting and Speed, respectively. 

The Bushido Gear Set

Last but not least, the Bushido gear set stands out for being the perfect gear for both stats and looks in the game. Bushido gear set is more of a rare entry in the list of gears with unique stats distribution among the attributes. 

On top of that, the gear set fits perfectly with any kind of character build because of the best stats in-game. Speaking of stats, players wearing the complete Bushiod gear set will achieve +4 to 4 attributes of Strength, Speed, Passing, and Technique. On the other side, players sacrifice the Shooting attribute with -4. 

It is important to note that only one gear piece will dish out +4 to the attributes. Meanwhile, the rest of the gear pieces will drop -1 from the respective attribute. 

Mario Strikers Bushido Gear Set
Bushido Gear Set

Unlike other gear sets that players can unlock by purchasing them for in-game currency, Bushido will only show up when players have completed the Championship Cup in the game. For that instance, you will need to make sure to finish the tournament to easily get your hands on the shiny and appealing Bushido gear set. 

Moreover, each piece of the Bushido gear set costs 300 coins. Meanwhile, the rest of the gear set costs only 100 coins per item. Although, 300 coins for a single Bushido gear set might seem expensive. But the stats and performance it yields are straight off the charts. 

Final Words

For now, these are the only gear sets available in the game. However, we can expect more gear sets in future updates from developers that will enhance the gameplay experience even further. For now, every player needs to experiment with different game gear sets that fit perfectly for their character build. 

Since every gear is unique, the best practice is to create unique instances of the gear by mixing and matching different pieces. For instance, if you want a Strength-focused character in a match, you may mix and match Muscle gear with Bushido to level up the Strength attributes. In the end, it is your own creativity to craft your own gaming experience within the wealth of opportunities offered by Mario Strikers Battle League. 

That is about it for Mario Strikers Battle League best gears. Did you find this guide helpful in obtaining your ideal gear set for your classical Mario character? What is your favorite gear set combination from the five attributes in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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