Marvel Midnight Suns Best Characters [Top 6]

Marvel Midnight Suns presents a roster of incredible heroes with intriguing skills. Here's a list of the top 6 best Marvel Midnight Suns characters.

A complete guide on the best 6 Marvel Midnight Suns characters.
Here's all you need to know about the top 6 heroes in Marvel Midnight Suns.

Marvel Midnight Suns introduces 12 heroes that all have their special abilities and cards. Thus, this begs the question: what are the Marvel Midnight Suns best characters?

One of the best heroes in Marvel Midnight Suns is Spider-Man due to his mobility and controlling ability. Captain Marvel is a great choice as well as she can easily tank down tons of enemies in an instant.

With that said, what are the best characters in Marvel Midnight Suns? In this guide, we take a look at the top 6 best characters, their abilities, and the best cards.

Key Takeaways

  • The best character in Marvel Midnight Suns is Spider-Man due to his flexibility and control.
  • Closely following that is Captain Marvel, who has both offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Additionally, you should use Magik for her mobility and support facility.
  • You’ll also benefit from The Hunter due to her versatility in battle.
  • Doctor Strange is another great Ability restoring support hero.
  • Lastly, there’s Ghost Rider who’s revered for his sheer power.

Here is a comparison table for the Best Characters in Marvel Midnight Suns. Each stat can be sorted with the highest and lowest values to differentiate between the characters:

No.CharacterHealthOffenseCritical chance Critical damageFortitudePowerResilience StrengthWillpower
2Captain Marvel2554814%13%0%0%0%5%2%
4The Hunter4489223.6%27%20%5.5%7.2%20%2.4%
5Doctor Strange3998010%25%5%2.5%0%0%0%
6Ghost Rider3807610%25%0%0%0%0%0%


Marvel Midnight Suns best character: Spider-Man.
Spider-Man has great mobility and control in battle.

Spider-Man is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Midnight Suns, mainly due to his flexibility. Instead of dealing raw damage, he swings from one place to another with his incredible spiderwebs.

This character uses the environment to attack. He uses objects in his surroundings like barrels and crates to deal damage to his enemies. It improves your area coverage and lets you take down multiple enemies in a single blow.

Be careful, though, as Spider-Man does not deal a lot of damage when compared to other characters. Hence, using Strengthening cards on him will benefit you a lot.

Specialty: Distributed Damage

Spider-Man has a powerful Specialty that has great facility in battle. Its name is “Distributed Damage” and, as the name suggests, it spreads your damage. This makes a huge difference in the game as it allows you to distribute your damage without using multiple cards.

The way Spider-Man does this is through his webs. And that’s not all. His webs can also bind enemies together. Additionally, he can use the environment around him to hurl barrels, crates, and even entire generators. He can do this without using up any of his Heroism.

Moreover, Spider-Man can use his webs to pull enemies closer, which puts your enemies in quite a sticky situation.

Passive: Bring The House Down

You can also unlock a Passive ability on Spider-Man called “Bring The House Down“. This ability grants you a 15% chance of refinding Heroism whenever Spider-Man uses an environment attack. This means that, if you play him right, you can trigger this Passive at least once during each battle.

Additionally, on upgrading the Passive, you get a free first environment attack every encounter.

Best Cards

  • Opportunist: Spider-Man is best-paired with the Opportunist card. This card makes the next two environmental attacks cost absolutely no Heroism. And that’s not all. Opportunist also lends you two extra turns that you can use anyhow. We suggest using them to perfect your positioning to make the most of your environmental attacks.
  • Webslinger: While Spider-Man has great mobility, he doesn’t have a lot of damage. One way to counter this is to use the Webslinger card. It strengthens his damage by 50% and is absolutely free. However, once you play it, the card disappears from your hand, a mechanism called “Exhaust”. You can upgrade it though so that it doesn’t get Exhausted.
  • Web Throw (Heroic): Spider-Man will hit enemies in any direction which will also lead to a Forceful Knockback. This means that the damage will spread to enemies behind the target and will travel double the distance. Nearby enemies will take 26 points of damage.
  • Infernal Spider (Heroic): The next 3 Spider-Man cards are free. You also get to draw another Spider-Man card. be careful though as this card will get Exhausted.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel in Marvel Midnight Suns.
Captain Marvel is a tanky powerhouse in her Binary form.

Captain Marvel is a powerhouse in the arena when it comes to raw damage and control. She has both blocking and healing skills as well as damage-boosting cards that totally throw off your opponent.

She is both an offensive and a defensive hero. Under normal circumstances, she’s a defensive tank, standing steadfast against enemies. But when she goes Binary, she deals massive amounts of damage that no other hero can.

Specialty: Damage/Tank

Carol Dancers is perfect for the frontlines, considering she has great sustain, especially when her Passive is active. Additionally, her Passive makes her a great damage dealer. Hence, she’s one of the very few characters in the game that’s both offensive and defensive.

Passive: Binary And Didn’t Feel A Thing

Captain Marvel has two passives, making her a highly efficient player on the battlefield. Her first Passive is Binary and it lets you generate a free Go Binary card after playing 3 cards.

Her other Passive is “Didn’t Feel A Thing”. It grants her a 10% chance of gaining 1 Counter on each KO. Counter means that damage is dealt to the enemy on their turn. There is a limit of 1 Counter per turn.

You can unlock her Passive as well as more of her abilities by increasing your friendship with her. If you want to know more about improving friendship with a character, then check out our Midnight Suns friendship guide.

Best Cards

  • Cosmic Ray: When the enemy is targeting Captain Marvel, she deals +18 damage. Upon upgrade, this card will also deal damage to the attacker when KO’ing the enemy.
  • Go Binary (Heroic): Go Binary lets Captain Marvel go into the Binary state and deal 100% more offense. Additionally, she gains 102 Block, which means that she blocks damage from the enemy. This card is completely free of cost.
  • Regroup: This card lets Captain Marvel gain 29 Block. Upon upgrade, it also regenerates 39 Health. On further upgrade, this card lets her cure all of her negative status effects upon redraw.
  • Reign Of Blows (Heroic): Consumes all Heroism and deals damage equal to the Heroism multiplied by 14. This also consumes all Block. When you upgrade it and KO an enemy, you gain 1 Resist, which means you completely block the next damage-dealing move.


Magik, one of the best characters in the game.
Magik is one of the best supports for her flexibility.

Magik is a highly controlling hero in Marvel Midnight Suns. Her Specialty involves creating portals and teleporting both enemies and allies. She has great synergy with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and even Scarlet Witch.

Specialty: Control

Magik’s Specialty allows her to take full control of the battlefield by generating portals around the arena. Her allies can use these to relocate with ease behind enemies.

She can also use these portals to transport objects. And that’s not all. She can use these portals to throw off any of your opponent’s attempts at repositioning.

Passive: Relay

Every time Magik knocks back an enemy and pushes them through a portal, she has a 10% chance to generate a Limbo Portal card. This chance increases to 25% when you upgrade the passive.

Best Cards

  • Quick Soulslash: This card is a Knockback card, meaning it hits enemies behind your target in a line. Additionally, it’s a Quick card, which means that if you were to knock out an enemy with this move, your Heroism gets refunded.
  • Gather: Magik pulls enemies toward the center of the hitting zone while also dealing damage to them. This increases your crowd control and has an enhanced area of effect.
  • Limbo’s Grasp: Enemies that are knocked through any portal get extra damage. Upon upgrade, Limbo’s Grasp will also create a new portal upon use.
  • Banish (Heroic): This card is extremely powerful and removes enemies from the arena. Instead, it replaced them with a Drop right up until the next turn comes. Upon upgrade, it can also target allies, which can be used for defensive purposes.

The Hunter

The Hunter in Marvel Midnight Suns.
The Hunter is a versatile character with a diverse card set.

If you want to expand your horizons and make the most out of a single character, then you should opt for the Hunter. Reared by the Caretaker as the perfect weapon against Lilith, she has mastered many skills over the years.

That’s why you can play her on virtually all fronts. She has great controlling skills packed with damage and flexibility. Hence, she synergizes with many heroes and is one of the best Marvel Midnight Suns characters.

Specialty: Variable

Hunter is an extremely versatile hero that you can use in many positions in the arena. You can customize her with skills and abilities that can range from crowd control to support and even just raw power.

To be clear, the Hunter has three branches: Power, Dark, and Light. Power abilities deal damage while also lending some defensive capabilities.

Dark abilities focus more on damage while compromising on cards and health. Lastly, Light abilities generate Heroism and heal your other heroes.

Passive: Suits And Collars

The Hunter has two Passives: Suits and Collars. Firstly, let’s talk about Collars. Collars lend you more abilities every time you play cards from specific branches (only Light or Dark).

Meanwhile, Suits unlocks new abilities every time you unlock a new combat suit. These abilities stay unlocked regardless of whether you’re wearing the suit in battle or not.

Best Cards

  • Wrath: This card gives all Hunter cards in your hand the Critical aspect. This means that you deal increased damage on damage-dealing cards. Additionally, all Hunter cards drawn become Critical for the following two turns.
  • Fury (Heroic): Fury applies a Vulnerable aspect on the target, making it take 50% more damage. But be warned as this is a Final ability, meaning that you cannot act after using this skill.
  • Patience (Heroic): When you have this card in your hand, the cost of this card gets reduced by 1 every turn. However, once you use it, it will get Exhausted, meaning it will disappear from your hand after use.
  • Holy Burst (Heroic): Holy Burst damages all enemies and regenerates 154 HP to every ally within the area of effect.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in battle in the game.
You should use Doctor Strange for generating Heroism.

Doctor Strange plays a support role in this game. However, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t top-tier. His special abilities and cards allow you to enhance your allies and give boosts to everyone on the battlefield. He has healing as well as Resist and Cure abilities.

And that’s not all. He is mainly concerned with generating Heroism passively through his special Passive skill. This grants you a major buff on the battlefield when you can use Heroic cards more often.

Specialty: Support

Stephen Strange is one of the best support characters in Marvel Midnight Suns. His role is to ensure that his squad has all the support they need in a team fight.

His main focus is on “rewinding” Ability plays, allowing his teammates to reuse abilities that were spent before. Additionally, he grants extra damage to allies while also helping them on the defensive side.

Passive: Greater Good

Doctor Strange has a unique Heroism-generating Passive that grants him a 50% chance of generating 1 Heroism each turn. Upgrade that up to level 2 and you get a 50% chance of conjuring up 2 Heroisms each turn.

Best Cards

  • Astral Meditation: Stephen Strange restores 1 Combat Item for the team that had been used up during the mission. This grants you endless opportunities to replay your old moves. Additionally, this card grants you 2 more redraws. However, it will Exhaust once used.
  • Vapors of Valtor: This card will Conceal Doctor Strange or an ally, essentially rendering them un-targetable. Upgrading this will also regenerate 36 health and the highest upgrade applies 2 Fast. This reduces the price of Heroic cards.
  • Shield of the Seraphim (Heroic): Applies one layer of Reists to Doctor Strange and all his allies, ensuring that they do not get any damage the next turn. Additionally, this card can be enhanced with 6 Heroism to grant more Resists to all allies.
  • Seven Suns of Cinnibus (Heroic): This card deals damage to all enemies within a given area of effect. It gets enhanced with 5, 7, and 9 Herism to deal +18 extra damage. However, play this wisely as it will exhaust.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider in Marvel Midnight Suns.
Ghost Rider deals raw power which comes at a cost.

If you want more damage, then Ghost Rider is an extremely powerful character in Marvel Midnight Suns. His main focus is on dealing extraordinary amounts of damage. His special abilities rely heavily on KO’ing enemies and building up Heroism. This isn’t a character that you want to keep on the sidelines.

Since he benefits a lot from his Heroic abilities, he is best paired with characters that generate Heroism such as Doctor Strange. He should be your first line of offense. Ghost Rider has great AoE (Area of Effect) skills as well as chaining skills.

Specialty: Damage

Robby Reyes is one of those Marvel Midnight Suns characters that is pure damage. He deals more damage than other characters and is the definition of raw power. However, his abilities do come at a price, which is often paid by his allies and himself. But that shouldn’t stop you from using Ghost Rider at its full potential, as he is also capable of regenerating HP.

Passive: Soul Drain

Ghost Rider features a unique passive that includes what is known as a Souls Meter. Each time you KO an enemy, the Souls Meter starts filling up. Once filled up, it will generate a Soul Drain card. This is a Heroic card that grants 2 Chains (it will chain up to 2 enemies or the same enemy twice) along with some Lifesteal.

And that’s not all. Soul Drain has a stacking capacity where every time you use Soul Drain, the next Soul Drain gets +1 Chain. However, it also costs 1 more Heroism.

Best Cards

  • Immolate: For the next 2 turns, enemies KO’d by Ghost Rider will explode, damaging enemies around. Upgrading this card will give you double the damage. Additionally, the card generates more Heroism than other characters. This means that you can use Heroic abilities more often.
  • Judgment (Heroic): This card consumes a quarter of Ghost Rider’s health. In return, it will damage the target and nearby enemies and environment objects. The amount of damage it deals is 2 for every bit of HP it consumes. Hence, you should build up Ghost Rider’s HP to use this card more often.
  • Hell Ride (Heroic): Hell Ride summons Ghost Rider’s fiery vehicle and he ploughs through enemies in a single line. It deals massive amounts of damage to enemies in a straight line. However, it will immediately discard your entire hand.
  • Penance Stare (Heroic): This card consumes 50% of Ghost Rider’s health. In return, it deals 4 damage per HP consumed to an enemy. Additionally, it immediately fills up your Souls Meter, letting you use the Soul Drain card. It will get Exhausted after use.

Final Word

Marvel Midnight Suns certainly has a diverse roster of heroes that, with time, will only expand. Right now, even with the 12 heroes that are currently available, you have numerous options at your disposal.

To recap, the best Marvel Midnight Suns characters include Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Magik. These have great synergy with each other.

Additionally, you can always go for Doctor Strange and Hunter if you want more damage and support. Lastly, you can go for Ghost Rider since he deals raw damage that’s unparalleled.

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