Marvel Snap Best Cards [Top 15]

Marvel Snap has an overwhelming number of cards to play from. Here's our complete guide to the 15 best cards in Marvel Snap.

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Here's our list of the top 15 best Marvel Snap cards

Marvel Snap has a plethora of cards to play. As such, it’s entirely possible for players to get confused. Which ones are the best Marvel Snap cards? And under what conditions should you play these?

We answer all this and more in our ultimate guide to the 15 best Marvel Snap cards. Stick around to read more about the best playing cards and what makes them so unique.

Key Takeaways

  • Iron Man is the best card for his ability to double a location’s Power.
  • Closely following that is Thor, who shuffles Mjolnir into the deck.
  • Gamora is also a great play due to her unique Power increasing ability.
  • Bucky Barnes is another great card for his ability to summon the Winter Soldier.
  • Ant-Man is the perfect final addition to any location.

Comparison table for Best Cards;

1Iron ManTotal power gets double05
2ThorShuffle Mjolnir into your deck43
3GamoraTurns to power +575
4Bucky BarnesWhen destroyed, turns into a winter soldier12
5Ant-Man+3 cards gives +3 power11
6Spider-ManOpponent can't play cards in this location34
7AngelFlies out of the deck to replace the destroyed card21
8CerebroHighest power card gets +2 power03
9ZeroRemove the ability on next card you play31
10DeathCosts less for each card destroyed this game129
11VisionYou can move this each turn75
12Morbius+2 power for each time you discarded a card this game02
13SwarmWhen discarded adds two copys cost 032
14Squirrel GirlAdd 1 power squirrel to each location11
15ApocalypseWhen discarded we take it back with +4 power86

Iron Man

Iron Man Marvel Snap card.
Iron Man.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 0
  • Cost: 5
  • Ability: Ongoing: Your total Power is doubled at this location.

Iron Man is arguably one of the best cards in Marvel Snap. Despite having no Power of its own, the card has a very special ability. The ability automatically doubles the Power at the location where the card has been played.

Moreover, this ability is ongoing, meaning every turn your total power at the location gets doubled. Hence, you get an immediate advantage over your opponent.

What makes this even more powerful is that the Iron Man card is obtained right from the start for free. However, it will be a while before you can play it in a game due to its higher Energy cost.


Thor Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 4
  • Cost: 3
  • Ability: On Reveal: Shuffle Mjolnir into your deck.

The mighty God of Thunder is here to give you a powerful deck. This is a highly powerful card in Marvel Snap due to its lower Energy cost and higher Power. You can use this card at the beginning of your match and it won’t use up a lot of Energy.

However, what makes Thor special in this case is his ability. The ability immediately adds the Mjolnir card to your hand. The card costs no Energy and does not add any Power. However, it automatically gives Thor +6 Power.

Combined with the 3 Power that he already has, that means you can upgrade your Thor card to 9 Power.

There are two drawbacks to Thor, though. Firstly, the card can only be unlocked once you get to Collection Level 486 in Pool 3. Secondly, the Mjolnir card will take up space on your table despite not adding any Power.


Gamora Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 7
  • Cost: 5
  • Ability: On Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +5 Power.

A very powerful card that lends you raw Power, Gamora is a pretty simple card to play. Although the card has a higher Energy cost, it has even more Power which tips the scale to your side in the match.

Additionally, her ability allows her to get +5 power if the opponent plays in this location in the next turn. This means that, if the Ability gets triggered, she will provide you a total of 11 Power.

Of course, this is conditional and the Ability can also not get triggered if the opponent doesn’t play in that location next turn.

Moreover, the card is very easy to require. You get the card for free along with other cards during the Recruit Season. The higher Energy cost may throw you off, though.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes Marvel Snap card.
Bucky Barnes.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 1
  • Cost: 2
  • Ability: When this is destroyed, create the Winter Soldier in its place.

The Bucky Barnes Marvel Snap card is a card with a second life. Initially, the card itself doesn’t have much to offer. Only 1 Power with an Energy cost of 2. That’s not exactly the most ideal combination of Power and cost.

So why is it so high up on the list? That’s because of its ability. Once the Bucky Barnes card is destroyed, the Winter Soldier card automatically appears in its place.

The Winter Soldier card has an Energy cost of only 2 but a Power of 6. It’s much more powerful than the Bucky Barnes card. It gives the Bucky Barnes card a second life and adds more Power on your side.

However, the Winter Soldier card does not have any ability. Moreover, the Bucky Barnes card can only be unlocked in Pool 2 once you reach Collection Level 222-450.


Ant Man Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 1
  • Cost: 1
  • Ability: Ongoing: If you have 3 other cards here, +3 Power.

Ant-Man is a fairly simple card to play and obtain in Marvel Snap. It costs only 1 Energy and adds only 1 Power. So why is it mentioned on this list? Well, it’s the ability that takes it home.

This card’s ability gives you +3 Power when there are 3 other cards in the location where you played it. Hence, Ant-Man is the perfect card to play when you’re all out of cards or Energy and need to boost Power fast.

Ant-Man is best played at the end of the game when there are 3 other cards in the location. However, since the ability is ongoing, you can play the card before too. The ability will activate as soon as there are 3 other cards in the location.

However, it’s best to play this as a last resort as it only adds a maximum of 4 Power. Luckily, the Ant-Man card can be played right from the very beginning. It’s acquired through the Recruit Season.


Spider-Man Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 3
  • Cost: 4
  • Ability: On Reveal: Your opponent can’t play cards at this location next turn.

Spider-Man is one of the best cards in Marvel Snap to play when you want to put your opponent in a real dilemma. This card costs more than the Power it gives. However, the card’s ability is what makes Spider-Man so special.

The ability prevents your opponent from playing any cards next turn in the location where you played Spider-Man. With this card, you can take the upper hand and keep your opponent from filling in the location.

This tactic is very conditional but can change the game. For instance, let’s say that your opponent played Hawkeye. This will give them +2 Power if they play another card in that location the next turn. By playing Spider-Man, you will prevent them from getting that advantage.

However, there are some cases in which you shouldn’t play Spider-Man. For instance, if you played Starlord, you will get +3 Power if your opponent plays in that location in the next turn. By playing Spider-Man, you’re preventing yourself from getting that benefit.

But you can only obtain Spider-Man after you have unlocked Pool 3. Hence, it’s a good card for more advanced players.


Angel Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 2
  • Cost: 1
  • Ability: When one of your cards is destroyed, this flies out of your deck to replace it.

Angel is a great card to play as it’s low-cost and gives you a good amount of Power. But what makes it special is its innate ability. The ability allows Angel to replace any card that has been destroyed.

An example of when a card can be destroyed is when you’re in the Fisk Tower location. Here, any card that has been moved from other locations will be immediately destroyed. Naturally, you would be at a disadvantage. But Angel will save you by replacing that card and maintaining your Power.

Another example is when you’re playing in the location of Hala. In this location, all cards of the losing player get destroyed after the 4th turn. By having Angel replace them, you’ll at least have some advantage in this situation.

But there are some locations where Angel isn’t a good option. For instance, in the location Death’s Domain, any card played will be destroyed. This means that, even if Angel replaces the destroyed card, it will just get destroyed itself.

You can unlock Angel at Collection Level 18-214, which is Pool 1.


Cerebro Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 0
  • Cost: 3
  • Ability: Ongoing: Your highest Power cards get +2 Power.

Cerebro is a special type of card that has 0 Power but costs 3 Energy. So why is it on this list? Well, that’s because of its ability.

Cerebro’s ability adds +2 Power to your highest Power card. This ongoing ability is fail-safe. No matter how many cards you have or what their Powers are, there will always be one that has the highest Power. That card will get an additional boost in Power.

And the best part is that this ability works even when two or more cards share the same Power. So if you have, say, two Hulks, both of them will get a +2 Power boost. That tallies up to about a combined 28 Power. Moreover, the ability works regardless of Cerebro’s location.

Unfortunately, you can only unlock this card once you get to Pool 3. Hence, you’ll need to level up faster to get access to this card.


Zero Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 3
  • Cost: 1
  • Ability: On Reveal: Remove the abilities on the next card you play.

Zero is a card that many do not prefer to use. Despite the low cost and high Power, it’s still not a fan-favorite. And that’s because of the ability. The ability removes the abilities of any card that you play in the next turn.

On the surface, it seems like an extremely disadvantageous ability. However, if you know how and when to play Zero, you’ll realize just how powerful his ability is.

Some cards have abilities that can be very restricting. For instance, Blade’s ability gets rid of a random card from your hand. This ability may not be advantageous in some cases. As such, playing Zero before playing Blade will prevent this from happening. You will still get Blade’s Power added to your score.

Similarly, the Destroyer card has a very high Power (14) and is very tempting to play. However, due to its ability, it will get rid of all of your other cards. Hence, playing Zero before playing this card will prevent the ability from getting triggered.


Death Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 12
  • Cost: 9
  • Ability: Costs 1 less for each card destroyed this game.

Death is one of those cards that are best played when you’re in locations that destroy cards. It’s a pretty complicated card to play, which is why it’s in Pool 3.

To start, Death has a very high Power but also a high Energy cost. However, its ability allows you to reduce its cost. The cost reduces by 1 for each card that is destroyed during the game. It doesn’t even need to be in the same location.

This card is the perfect play in locations where your cards are getting destroyed. Examples of such locations include Death’s Domain, Fisk Tower, and Danger Room. These locations will destroy your cards when some conditions are met. Death’s Domain just destroys the cards right away as soon as they’re played.

One of the best locations that work with Death is Hala. It destroys all cards in the location at the end of turn 4. Hence, you will get a higher cost reduction in just one turn.

Murderworld has a similar effect where the cards get destroyed at the end of turn 3. Additionally, Worldship destroys cards in the other two locations. Hence, this location is also great to play Death in, as it will reduce the cost of Death quickly.


Vision Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 7
  • Cost: 5
  • Ability: You can move this each turn.

Marvel Snap’s Vision card is extremely powerful, and it’s not just because of its high Power. This card has a special ability that allows you to move it each turn. Unlike other cards that stay in one location, Vision is more agile and you get to decide where to place it. That’s what makes it one of the best cards in Marvel Snap.

This ability, combined with the higher Power, means that you can move the card to a location with low Power. It’s a great finishing move that completely tips the scales in your favor.

However, you need to unlock Pool 2, which means that this card will take some work to get. That’s feasible considering how powerful it is. You can take advantage of many different abilities and effects with just one card.


Morbius Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 0
  • Cost: 2
  • Ability: Ongoing: +2 Power for each time you discarded a card this game.

Morbius is a card that doesn’t have any Power initially. But as you keep on discarding cards throughout the game, the Power of Morbius will increase by 2.

This card works best with decks based on discarding your hand. You should use this card with Wolverine, Apocalypse, Swarm, and Hellcow. Modok is also a great card to play Morbius with. Additionally, Silver Samurai works best with this card.

Considering the potential of this card, it’s not surprising that it gets uncooked in Pool 2. You’ll need to have a Collection Level of 222 to 450. Hence, this is a good card for people who are further in the game.


Swarm Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 3
  • Cost: 2
  • Ability: When this is discarded from your hand, add two copies that Cost 0 to your hand.

Swarm is a good example of a Marvel Snap card that replicates itself. This card has a good Power to Cost ratio. And its ability is unique. Whenever you discard this card, it will add two copies of itself to your hand. What’s even better is that the cards will cost 0.

This effect can be stacked, meaning you can use the Cost 0 Swarm cards to get more Cost 0 Swarm cards. Hence, you can have a whole deck full of Swarms that cost absolutely nothing. It’s a great card once you get it. And it doesn’t even cost a lot initially.

However, Swarm isn’t completely unbeatable. Your opponent can destroy your Swarm cards using various cards and their abilities. Additionally, Swarm can be destroyed by certain locations like Death’s Domain. Your opponent can also out-Power Swarm cards.

Hence, this card should still be played with caution and a lot of strategic thinking. You can unlock this card once you reach Pool 2.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl Marvel Snap card.
Squirrel Girl.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 1
  • Cost: 1
  • Ability: On Reveal: Add a 1-Power Squirrel to each other location.

Squirrel Girl is quite a peculiar character card to play in Marvel Snap. It’s a fairly simple card with a straightforward ability. But when this ability will benefit you the most is when most people falter.

This card has a cost of 1 and a Power of 1. It’s a pretty basic Power to Cost ratio. However, what makes her exceptional is her ability. Upon playing her, she will add a Squirrel card to each location on the playing field.

Squirrel cards have 1 Power and 1 Energy cost. But when you use Squirrel Girl, they won’t require any extra Energy. These cards have no ability and are only used to fill in spaces.

There are some cases where this card may be helpful. For instance, when you want to use the Ant-Man card quickly. Or when you want to fill in spaces to outnumber the opponent’s cards when playing in the Mojoworld location.


Apocalypse Marvel Snap card.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 8
  • Cost: 6
  • Ability: When you discard this from your hand, put it back with +4 Power.

Apocalypse is one of those cards that works best when discarded. Every time that you discard this card, it will return to your hand immediately with +4 Power.

Apocalypse’s ability is quite powerful and can totally change the game for both parties. His ability can stack, meaning you can discard him multiple times to exponentially increase his Power.

But that’s not even the best part. This card is available right from Pool 1. This means that you just need to get to Collection Level 18-214 to have access to this card.

The only limitation here is the cost. Every time you use the Apocalypse card, you’ll need to spend 6 Energy. This is what stops many players from abusing Apocalypse’s power.

Final Word

Marvel Snap truly has a vast directory of cards to unlock and play in the game. Unfortunately, having so many options can sometimes be overwhelming. In this case, you’ll need to weed out the best cards to play.

Luckily, we did all the hard work for you. These were the 15 best Marvel Snap cards to play. You’ll notice that a lot of these arent even in the higher pools. In fact, the first card, Iron Man, is acquired at the very beginning.

Need more information on any specific card? Visit the official Marvel Snap database and learn more about your desired card.

And that’s it for the best cards in Marvel Snap. Don’t forget to tell us all about your own favorite cards to include in your deck.

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