Marvel Snap: Best Pool 1 Decks [Explained]

This guide will let you know all the Marvel Snap best Pool 1 Decks at your disposal and how you can use them to win battles.

Marvel Snap: Best Pool 1 Decks [Explained]
Marvel Snap: Best Pool 1 Decks [Explained]

Marvel Snap features characters from the Marvel universe that face off against each other in a battle card showdown. The card decks are divided into pools, with advanced pools having better cards. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any Marvel Snap Best Pool 1 Decks. Cards like Iron Man, Night Crawler, Elektra, Blue Marvel, and multiple others allow you to excel even before you reach pool 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Pool 1 is the beginner Pool that you unlock after completing the tutorial.
  • You unlock Pool 1 at level 18 and have it till level 214.
  • Despite being a beginner Pool, there are multiple Decks you can use to outplay your opponents.
  • Make sure you consider team synergies and core cards while building a Deck.

Here is a comparison table for the best Marvel Snap Pool 1 Decks. You can check the lowest and highest attribute for each card mentioned in the table:

No.DeckCostPowerRankingTotal Meta ShareTotal Cube ShareWin Rate on DrawWin Rate on PlayCube Rate on DrawCube Rate on PlayNo. of GamesNo. of Cubes
3Scarlet Witch23#745%7.4%55.4%55.5%0.450.451442644940
5Iron Man50#615.9%4.6%51.4%56.2%0.230.51692752448
8Jessica Jones44#1811%1.2%55.2%55.3%0.340.3928929246
9America Chavez69#423%37.2%57.5%60.2%0.470.6566194208492

Marvel Snap Pool 1

Marvel Snap features many strong and versatile characters in the beginner pool of the game to allow players to progress. Sure, the character cannot actually face off against the Pool 2 or higher characters, but they are still good. Moreover, you will have to collect all Pool 1 cards if you wish to advance to Pool 2.

Among the Pool 1 cards, there are some cards that are considered to be a core part. Due to their versatility in providing impact to the team can be used in most of the Decks. So if you are looking to build a deck of your own choice. Make sure you keep these cards in mind.

Best Pool 1 Cards

The following are the most commonly used cards in building a Pool 1 Deck:


Marvel Snap Night Crawler Pool 1
NightCrawler Card in Marvel Snap

Total Meta Share5.5%
Total Cube Share2.2%
Win Rate on Draw48.7%
Win Rate on Play49.1%
Cube Rate on Draw0.12
Cube Rate on Play0.12
No. of Games44544

Nightcrawler is an exceptionally versatile character that enables you to play around your locations and be more flexible in your attacks.


Total Meta Share1%
Total Cube Share0.2%
Win Rate on Draw51.7%
Win Rate on Play51.3%
Cube Rate on Draw0.05
Cube Rate on Play0.02
No. of Games44544
No. of Cubes9374

Cable is a good card to finish your deck with. The utility he provides, along with the opposition attack plan and move, are good in setting up counterattacks.

Scarlet Witch

Total Meta Share5%
Total Cube Share7.4%
Win Rate on Draw55.4%
Win Rate on Play55.5%
Cube Rate on Draw0.45
Cube Rate on Play0.45
No. of Games14426
No. of Cubes44940

Scarlet Witch impacts the locations you can use to set up plays. These are extremely useful in winning out against stronger opponents.


Total Meta Share12.7%
Total Cube Share21.4%
Win Rate on Draw56.7%
Win Rate on Play57.7%
Cube Rate on Draw0.49
Cube Rate on Play0.54
No. of Games36364
No. of Cubes110865

A flexible card that allows you to fight for a certain position without expending your stronger cards.

Iron Man

Iron Man in Marvel Snap Pool 1
Iron Man Card in Marvel Snap

Total Meta Share5.9%
Total Cube Share4.6%
Win Rate on Draw51.4%
Win Rate on Play56.2%
Cube Rate on Draw0.23
Cube Rate on Play0.5
No. of Games16927
No. of Cubes52448

This card’s utility ensures that we come out on the winning side when challenging a location, no matter what. It is still used in some high-tier decks as well.


Total Meta Share9.6%
Total Cube Share17.7%
Win Rate on Draw57.3%
Win Rate on Play58.3%
Cube Rate on Draw0.54
Cube Rate on Play0.61
No. of Games27594
No. of Cubes85259

Bishop is a unique card that grows over time. Once you play it on turn 3, its power keeps on increasing as you play other cards. This works extremely well in a deck where you can keep putting down cards without much cost.


Total Meta Share0.7%
Total Cube Share0.7%
Win Rate on Draw55.7%
Win Rate on Play56.5%
Cube Rate on Draw0.33
Cube Rate on Play0.34
No. of Games1915
No. of Cubes6110

Namor excels in his ability to challenge a location and allows you to do so without expensing other cards.

Jessica Jones

Marvel Snap Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Card

Total Meta Share1%
Total Cube Share1.2%
Win Rate on Draw55.2%
Win Rate on Play55.3%
Cube Rate on Draw0.34
Cube Rate on Play0.39
No. of Games2892
No. of Cubes9246

This card grants you Eight power for four energies, becoming one of the most cost-effective cards you can use at this game stage.

America Chavez

Total Meta Share23%
Total Cube Share37.2%
Win Rate on Draw57.5%
Win Rate on Play60.2%
Cube Rate on Draw0.47
Cube Rate on Play0.65
No. of Games66194
No. of Cubes208492

There are only 12 cards in a deck, and America Chavez reduces it to 11. She ensures you can slam a massive body on turn 6 if you don’t have any adaptable plays with several cards, making your deck more reliable as a result.

Now that you know all the best Pool 1 cards at your disposal let’s see how they work in our decks.

Marvel Snap Best Pool 1 Decks

Aggro-Oriented Deck

Marvel Snap Best Pool 1 Aggro Strat Deck
Aggro Strat Deck

This is a really good Deck for those that like to be aggressive. Not only does it provide competitiveness, but it also gives lethal force to demolish anyone that faces you. The power of this deck revolves around getting rid of Apocalypse and pulling it back to serve extra damage.

For the Early game, you will look towards Angela to open up avenues and presence on the map. This will make the opponent either invest as well or just lose hope for it. Next up, we have Lady Sif, who will enable you to discard Apocalypse and get one step closer to victory. If you don’t have Lady Sif, Sword Master and Blade do the job as well though not as neatly.

You can use the empowered Apocalypse or a blend of some good characters for the second location. Hence, here America Chavez and Apocalypse will back you up. America Chavez is an integral part of this deck as she effectively reduces the deck size to 11, making our strat more worthwhile.

To finish off the Deck, you can add Elektra, Ant-Man, Korg, NightCrawler, and Yondu. They will allow you to keep up in the mid-game and slowly stack up those power levels.

Kazoo Deck

Kazoo Deck
The Kazoo Deck

Another one of the Marvel Snap Best Pool 1 Decks is the Kazoo Deck. It is a really competitive deck that enables you to outmaneuver whatever your opponent is cooking up for you. It is a simple deck that brings a lot of flexibility to the table, which means no matter whatever deck your opponent has, you can always counter it.

We start this deck with Angela, one of the strongest 2 cost cards. When played on turn 2 at an empty location, it provides you with 7 power. For other lower-cost cards, you can take Ant-Man, NightCrawler, Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, and Elektra.

Afterward, we have our powerhouses that enable our lower cards to come alive. We have Kazar, Captain America, and Blue Marvel, who have some great effects that provide so much utility to our deck.

Moreover, the power of the deck is further enhanced by Onslaught, which allows you to increase the usefulness of your lower-cost cards and make them a force to be reckoned with. The best way to play this deck is to use the lower-cost cards on turns 1 and 3 while using the rest in between and saving Onslaught for those final turns.

On Reveal Deck

Lastly, we have the On Reveal Deck. This deck uses the On Reveal effects of the cards and uses them efficiently to maximize your chances of winning. The deck is mostly centered around Odin and White Tiger. However, other on-reveal cards can also be exceptionally useful, given the state of the match.

Odin and White Tiger
Marvel Snap Odin And White Tiger

For this to truly shine, you will have to play conservatively during the first few turns. Use only low-cost cards until turn 3 so that you can enough energy to let the chaos loose. You can try to contest a location with low cards and top it off with Jessica Jones. This will enable you to get those eight points and potentially a location under your belt.

For the presence on the map early game, you can use Squirrel Girl, Iron Heart, Rocket Raccoon, Yondu, Scarlet Witch, and Mr. Sinister. They are both cost-effective and good cards to use in this deck, especially when combined with stronger cards. Once we reach turn five, we look to make plays. You will have to highlight the location you want to contest and put down Odin there. In the event that the opponent challenges, you can put down Gamora, which will add extra firepower to your deck.

For the second location, you will use White Tiger to spread your points and add Odin wherever he is needed after the points tally. Moreover, you can use the fodder cards in the location you want to give up, as this will ensure White Tiger goes to where you want it to.

Furthermore, for flexibility, we have added Enchantress into this deck, which can be changed with the Meta. You can also use White Queen as well.


Marvel Snap is a free-to-play game available on all platforms. You can enjoy it as a marvel fanatic or just a random person looking to pass the time. The game can be quite addicting and will definitely entice you to play more. With the desire to earn more cards, you can also keep climbing to reach the next level Pools.

With that, we conclude our Marvel Snap Best Pool 1 Decks guide. Let us know down below which deck you are currently using.

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