Marvel Snap: All Cards [Stats & Abilities]

The guide covers all cards in the Marvel Snap game along with their cost, power, and abilities for you to choose the right one for your deck.

All cards guide
A Complete Cards Guide.

Marvel Snap brings you over 200 cards in the game under multiple decks, and today, we will cover all cards it has to offers as well as their cost, power, and abilities.

Each card has a cost, power level, and ability that decides the match’s fate. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into it to find out everything about it.

Key Takeaways

  • All cards are covered in the alphabetical order.
  • Each card’s stats are written right next to it so you can decide which one has more impact in the game.
  • Certain cards, when combined, can provide limited-time buffs that can be very useful during the match.

Marvel Snap Cards

Marvel Snap Cards
Marvel Snap Cards

Here is the list of all the cards available in Marvel Snap, along with their power, cost, and abilities for helping you choose the right move in the game. The comparison table here will help you guys sort the Powers and Costs with the highest and lowest values as well!

1Abomination85This card has no Abilities.
2Absorbing Man34This card copies the ability if last card that you played has on reveal ability.
3Adam Warlock02Players can draw a card in each turn if their location is winning.
4Aero65On reveal, move all cards played by the enemy to your location in this turn.
5Agatha Harkness136It plays your card in hand for you.
6Agent 1321On Reveal, you receive a random card.
7Agent Coulson43You receive a random 5-cost and 4-cost card.
8America Chavez96This card only lets you draw at 6th turn.
9Angel21This one will replace your card if it is destroyed.
10Angela12+2 power when the card is used here.
11Ant-man11Continuing: +3 power if a player possesses three cards.
12Apocalypse86Put the card back with a 4-power boost if it is destroyed.
13Armor32Ongoing: Cards cannot be demolished at this location.
14Arnim Zola06On Reveal: It randomly destroys the friendly card and adds it to other locations.
15Baron Mordo32On Reveal: the cost becomes 6 if the enemy draws the card.
16Beast22On reveal: this brings back your cards at this location and they require less cost by 1.
17Bishop23The power goes up by 1 when you use the card.
18Black Bolt75On Reveal, the enemy will have to discard the card available in their hand with lowest cost.
19Black Cat63Remove this if it remains in your hand at the end of your turn.
20Black Knight21You can draw a card if this is eliminated.
21Black Panther24On Reveal: The card’s power gets doubled.
22Black Widow12On Reveal: The enemy’s hand receives the widow’s bite.
23Blade31On Reveal: card gets discarded, the one in your hand.
24Blink13Each turn, you can move this and get +1 power on moving.
25Blob43Ongoing: One cannot move this card to another location.
26Blue Marvel46All your other cards gain +1 power.
27Brood23On Reveal: The same power two broodlings are added at this location.
28Bucky Barnes12The winter soldier is formed in the place of this card when it is destroyed.
29Bullseye21On Reveal: 2-cost energy will be required on any next card.
30Cable22On Reveal: Put the lowest card of your adversary in your hand.
31Captain America33Ongoing: At this location, your other cards receive +1 power gain.
32Captain Marvel65Make a way to the place that earns you the win, at the end stages of the game.
33Carnage22On Reveal: Wrecks down the cards and for each destroyed card you gain +2 power.
34Cerebro03Ongoing: +2 power gain for the card with most power.
35Cloak42On Reveal: Give access to both players to move cards at this location after the next turn.
36Colleen Wing53On Reveal: From your hand, the card having the lowest cost gets discarded.
37Colossus32Ongoing: It is impossible to lessen its power, make it move, or destroy it.
38Cosmo33Ongoing: At this location the on reveal abilities cannot be utilized.
39Crossbones84You can only use it at those locations where you are conquering.
40Crystal44On Reveal: Draw three cards as your cards will be shuffled if it is present at mid location.
41Cyclops43This card has no ability.
42Dagger12If the opponent’s card is present at the location where your card moved then theirs will attain +2 power.
43Daredevil22You can observe your opponent’s moves before playing yours on the fifth turn.
44Darkhawk31The locations where your card is already present only there you can play it.
45Dazzler44The power goes up by 8 if at each location you have 4 cards.
46Deadpool11You obtain the card back with a double power boost if it is destroyed.
47Death129Cost energy -1 for every card destroyed.
48Deathlok53On Reveal: If any of your other cards are available at this location, they are destroyed.
49Debrii33On Reveal: The rock is placed for both players at each location.
50Demon61Any deal will prevail.
51Destroyer166On Reveal: Your other cards will be destroyed.
52Devil Dinosaur04Ongoing: The power of every card in your hand will increase by 2.
53Doctor Doom56On Reveal: There will be the addition of a 5-power doombot at another location.
54Doctor Octopus105On Reveal: Draw 4 cards from your enemy’s hand for this location.
55Doctor Strange33On Reveal: Moves the card with the highest power to this particular location.
56Domino32You cannot use this before but only on the second turn.
57Dracula04Discard the card after the final turn, and the card attains the power.
58Drax44On Reveal: The power is enhanced by four if your enemy has already put a card in this location.
59Drone11No ability is available for this card.
60Ebony Maw71After the third turn, you cannot play this card.
61Electro23On Reveal: Energy increases by 1, Ongoing: Can only use one card per turn.
62Elektra11On Reveal: The enemy’s card that costs energy -1 gets demolished.
63Elsa Bloodstone11If you are gaining victory at the end of each turn at this location, then power rises by 1.
64Enchantress44On Reveal: Eliminate all abilities from all ongoing cards in this area.
65Falcon32It gets you back the card that possesses the 1-cost energy.
66Forge12On Reveal: Increases the power by 2 for any card you will play next.
67Galactus36Destroys all other areas if this card is only available here.
68Gambit13Destroys the enemy’s card randomly and discards the card in your hand.
69Gamora65On Reveal: Your powers go up as +5 if your opponent plays the card here.
70Ghost Rider34On Reveal: Lead to the return of one of your discarded cards at this location.
71Ghost-spider22On Reveal: The last card you play here, moves it.
72Giganto146This can only be played at the left location.
73Goose22Ongoing: The cards that cost 4, 5, and 6 cannot be played by anyone at this location.
74Green Goblin33On Reveal: The enemy gains authority.
75Groot33On Reveal: The power increases by 3 if your opponent plays the card here.
76Hawkeye11On Reveal: If you play the card here on the next turn, then the power boosts up by 2.
77Hazmat12On Reveal: There will be a decrease in power by – 1 on all other cards.
78Heimdall86On Reveal: Make your cards move to the left by one location.
79Hela66On Reveal: At random locations, every card discarded will be played.
80Hellcow62On Reveal: The two cards from your deck will be discarded.
81Hit Monkey02On Reveal: The power increases by 3 for each card played on this turn.
82Hobgoblin-85On Reveal: The control gets into your enemy’s hands.
83Hulk116This one has no ability.
84Hulk Buster43On Reveal: Integrate the friendly card with this card at this place.
85Human Torch21As this card moves, the power gets doubled.
86Iceman21On Reveal: The enemy attains the random card with +1 cost.
87Invisible Woman22Ongoing: The cards played will not be revealed until the match finishes.
88Iron Fist21On Reveal: As the next card reveals, this moves it to the left location.
89Iron Man05Ongoing: In this area, it doubles your power.
90Ironheart03On Reveal: The +2 power will be given to three other cards.
91Jane Foster85On Reveal: Will draw the cards that have 0 costs.
92Jean Grey33On Reveal: Any card that your opponent uses will be played here.
93Jessica Jones85On Reveal: The power will boost up by 4 if you play no card.
94Jubilee14On Reveal: From your deck, play the cards in this region.
95Juggernaut33On Reveal: If your enemy plays the cards here, they will be moved randomly.
96Kang05On Reveal: Before starting the new turn, it observes what your opponent has done.
97Kazar44+1 power will be given to the card with 1-cost.
98Killmonger33All the cards that have 1-cost will be destroyed.
99Kingpin43Destroys the card that moves here on the sixth turn.
100Kitty Pryde21Anytime you can get this card back.
101Klaw45Ongoing: Increases the power by 6 for the area to the right.
102Korg21On Reveal: Places the rock into the opponent’s deck.
103Kraven22The card that moves to this location gets a +2 power boost.
104Lady Deathstrike46On Reveal: The card with the highest power, held by the opponent, will be shattered.
105Lady Sif42On Reveal: If Your Deck includes the most high-cost card, it will destroy it.
106Leader46On Reveal: This will replicate all opponent cards on your side.
107Leech35On Reveal: All the abilities from the opponent’s cards will be taken away.
108Legion45On Reveal: I will convert the other locations to this one.
109Lizard42Ongoing: The power goes down by -3 for your enemy’s cards if 4 of them are placed here.
110Lockjaw23If you use the card here, it will be exchanged with one in your deck.
111Luke Cage12Ongoing: There will be no decrease in the power of your cards.
112Magik35On Reveal: This converts the location to Limbo.
113Magneto126On Reveal: All opposing cards having costs 3 and 4 will be moved to this area.
114Makkari20Places the card at a random location if you draw it.
115Mantis21On Reveal: A card will be removed from the enemy’s deck if they are played here.
116Maria Hill32On Reveal: You will receive a card having 1-cost.
117Maximus73On Reveal: 2 cards will be pulled out by your adversary.
118Medusa22On Reveal: The power will increase by 2 if the card is at the middle region.
119Mephisto06If you gain the victory, this will double the winnings.
120Miles Morales54This will have 1 energy cost if the card moves from the deck on the last turn.
121Mirage54This card will alter its appearance into Mister Fantastic, but the actual form will be revealed after the final turn.
122Mister Fantastic23Ongoing: +2 Power gain for adjoining locations
123Mister Negative44On Reveal: The cost and power of cards in your deck will be swapped.
124Mister Sinister22On Reveal: The Sinister Clone is added to the location with equal power.
125Misty Knight21This card has no ability.
126Modok85Ongoing: The cards in your hand get discarded.
127Mojo22Ongoing: +6 increase in power if the player and enemy have 4 cards in this area.
128Monster96This card has no ability.
129Moon Girl44On Reveal: This Replicates your deck.
130Moon Knight33On Reveal: By this, the card from your and your enemy’s deck will be thrown out.
131Morbius02Ongoing: +2 power will be given for discarding the card each time.
132Morph03On Reveal: Turns into the copy of a random card available in your opponent’s deck.
133Ms. Marvel43Ongoing: +5 power boost for the adjacent locations only if the cards here are yours.
134Multiple Man32The copy of the card is placed at the previous location if it moves.
135Mysterio52This is played as an illusion until the end of the game.
136Mystique03On Reveal: If the card played before this one had the ongoing ability, it would also gain it.
137Nakia13On Reveal: The power is enhanced by 2 for the two leftmost cards in your deck.
138Namor54Ongoing: If The card present here is only yours, it will get +5 power.
139Nebula11On Reveal: If your enemy plays a card here, you get x2 power, and this card will be given to you.
140Negasonic Teenage Warhead23Both cards that are used here will be destroyed.
141Nick Fury75On Reveal: Players get the random 3 and 6-cost cards.
142Nightcrawler21You can move the card for once only.
143Nova21Your all other cards gain +1 power on the destruction of this one.
144Odin86On Reveal: The on-reveal ability of the cards presents here will be activated.
145Okoye22On Reveal: Each of your cards in the deck receives +1 power.
146Omega Red54Ongoing: The power for you goes up by 4 at all locations if you are ahead of your enemy by 10 energy.
147Onslaught66Ongoing: It doubles any other ongoing effect at this location.
148Orka96Ongoing: The power rises by 5 if you have one card.
149Patriot13Ongoing: Cards with zero abilities will gain +2 power.
150Polaris53On Reveal: Will move the opposing card with 1 or 2-Cost here.
151Professor X35Ongoing: The cards can neither be added nor removed at this location.
152Psylocke12On Reveal: On the next turn, you will attain +1 energy.
153Quake32On Reveal: The sites will be swapped if this card is present in the mid.
154Quicksilver21Your opening hand will have the cards.
155Quinjet21Ongoing: 1 cost less energy for the cards that didn’t start in your deck
156Red Guardian63On Reveal: Players must play a card here in the next turn.
157Red Skull145Ongoing: +2 power gain at this location for the enemy’s card.
158Rescue55On Reveal: The power increases by 5 if you play a card here.
159Rhino33On Reveal: The ability of this location will be removed.
160Rocket Raccoon21On Reveal: Power boosts by 2 if your opponent plays a card.
161Rockslide64On Reveal: Adds two rocks to your opponent’s deck.
162Rogue13On Reveal: This will take away the ongoing ability from the enemy’s card.
163Ronan The Accuser04Ongoing: For the enemy’s every card, the power will increase by 2.
164Sabretooth43If your card gets destroyed, you will get it back.
165Sandman14Ongoing: Players are given access to play one card only.
166Scarlet Witch32On Reveal: Replaces this location with a new and random one.
167Scorpion22On Reveal: -1 power for all cards in the enemy’s deck will be applied.
168Sentinel32On Reveal: You will receive one more sentinel.
169Sentry104On Reveal: You will receive one more sentinel.
170Sera55Ongoing: Energy cost will be less by 1 for cards in your hand.
171Shadow King46Cards that have 2 or power less than it will be destroyed.
172Shang-chi34On Reveal: If your opponent has cards with power 9 or more at this location, they will be destroyed.
173She-hulk54Ongoing: 1 less energy cost for each energy that is not spent in the last turn.
174Shocker32This card has no ability.
175Shuri24On Reveal: The power of any card you use next will be doubled.
176Silk54The card played by anyone here will be moved to another location.
177Silver Sable62You can only use this card at this location when your total power is +6.
178Silver Samurai21You can draw a card if this one gets discarded.
179Silver Surfer04On Reveal: The power will be doubled for all cards with 6 energy costs.
180Snowguard21The card turns into the spirit animal if the third turn does not play.
181Spectrum46On Reveal: +2 power will be attained by all your ongoing cards.
182Spider-man24On Reveal: In the next turn, your enemy will not be able to play cards at this location.
183Spider-woman44On Reveal: The power of all enemy cards will be reduced by 1.
184Squirrel Girl11On Reveal: -1 power squirrel will be added to each location.
185Star Lord22On Reveal: +3 power increases for the enemy on playing cards here this turn.
186Storm23On Reveal: This area gets flooded.
187Strong Guy44Ongoing: +6 power will be given to you if your hand is empty.
188Stryfe73A card will be destroyed if the opponent has 12 or more power at any turn.
189Sunspot11Each unused energy at the end of each turn will provide +1 power.
190Super Skrull66Ongoing: You will get all the ongoing abilities of the enemy’s cards
191Surtur05If the human torch is placed at this location, power will go up by 10.
192Swarm32As this card is discarded, you will get two cards that will be the same.
193Sword Master74On Reveal: The card from your hand will be discarded.
194Task Master05On Reveal: The power of this card will become equal to the one you played last.
195Thanos86At the beginning of the game, you will obtain 6 infinity stones.
196The Collector02+1 power will be gained if you get the card from anywhere.
197The Hood-21On Reveal: The demon will be given to you in your deck.
198The Infinaut206You will not be able to play this card if you played a card in the last turn.
199The Punisher23Ongoing: You will gain +1 power for each opposing card.
200The Thing64This card has no ability.
201The Void74This card has no ability.
202Thor64On Reveal: This will Shuffle the Mjolnir in your deck.
203Titania51This card will be switched with any card used at this location.
204Typhoid Mary104Ongoing: Other cards will get -1 power.
205Uatu The Watcher21This card will reveal to you the concealed locations.
206Ultron76On Reveal: 1-power drones are developed at each adjacent location.
207Uncle Ben21If this card is demolished, you will gain spiderman.
208Valkyrie35On Reveal: The power of all cards at this location will become 3.
209Venom13On Reveal: Adds the power of other cards to itself by destroying them that are at this location.
210Viper32On Reveal: Opponent gains cards control in this area
211Vision75You are allowed to move this card on each turn.
212Vulture33The power will increase by 5 if the card moves.
213War Machine54+1 power will be given to your 1-cost card.
214Warpath54: Ongoing: If your locations are empty, you will be allotted a +4 increase in power.
215Wasp10This card has no ability.
216Wave33The cost for cards in both players’ hands will be 4 in the next turn.
217White Queen64On Reveal: The copy of the highest card in your enemy’s deck will be given to you.
218White Tiger15On Reveal: The tiger with 7 power will be added to another location.
219Widow’s Bite00If you have this card in your hand, you will not be able to draw anymore.
220Winter Soldier62This card has no ability.
221Wolfsbane13On Reveal: Your power will boost up by 2 for every other card you have
222Wolverine32This card will be drawn to another random area if it gets destroyed.
223Wong24Ongoing: All your on-reveal abilities at this location will occur twice.
224Yellow Jacket20On Reveal: The power of all your cards will be decreased by 1 in this area.
225Yondu21This will eliminate the top card from your enemy’s deck.
226Yo-yo21Once this card is moved, you can move it back and receive +1 power.
227Zabu75You can get rid of this card instead of the one you discarded and can get that card back.
228Zero31On Reveal: By this, the abilities of your next card will be removed.


Guess we have covered each card for you with their costs, power, and abilities. We have written this guide to ensure that you may not have to surf the internet to get the required information. Share it with your pals, and let us know if it helped you.

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