Marvel Snap Fast Upgrade: All Methods

So you basically wanna skip through the tough parts of the game and have fun. Sure, respectable and this guide will help you turn this fantasy into a reality.

marvel snap fast upgrade

So you want to know how to get to a higher level and collect more cards? Well, we have you covered. With the Marvel Snap Fast Upgrade guide, you won’t be losing your battles because of a weak deck but rather a lack of skill.

There are a few ways to get a fast upgrade. These include; increasing collection level, upgrading common cards, gaining infinity splits, and other methods we will describe in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Variants are more robust versions of regular cards that help you progress faster.
  • Infinity Splits are an evolution of cards that are different from variants and much stronger.
  • Using the shop wisely is essential to your collection in the long term.
  • Features all sorts of characters from comics and television alike.
  • This guide is mainly for F2P players, so no method mentioned will use any real-world currency.

Here is a summary table for Fasted Upgrade Methods in Marvel Snap:

1Collection Level
2Infinity Splits
3The Shop and Shopping Wisely

iron heart cinematic marvel snap
Iron Heart Cinematic

How to Level Up Fast

The following will help you level up your collection so damn fast since it’s an exponential cycle. The more you upgrade your collection level, the more credits, and boosters you get.

These can then be used to upgrade your cards and eventually evolve into Infinity Splits which feed back into your collection level, so the cycle continues with you benefiting from it.

Collection Level and Why It’s Important

collection level marvel snap
Collection Level Tiers | Courtesy: Tauna

Simply put, collection level is how you acquire many of your cards. This collection level path is the best way to get Marvel Snap fast upgrade since you will even be able to get variant cards from this path.

It will also grant you Credits and Boosters, which you can use to level up your cards and upgrade your deck even further. Or use them in the shop to unlock new cards.

Infinity Splits and How To Get Them

marvel snap infinity split
Sentinel Infinity Split Card | Courtesy: Tauna

Infinity Splits are evolved versions of cards. Nothing much to it except they are easily better and more valuable to your deck than the average, noninfinity split version.

The best way to get infinity splits is by taking your standard cards and start upgrading them first. We know it might seem trivial, and common cards won’t win you games but trust us. In the long run, it is more valuable to your overall card collection and deck maturity.

It is also more efficient in expending credits since it costs you almost one-fourth to upgrade a standard card compared to an epic card.

The Shop and Shopping Wisely

marvel snap shop
Shop Offers | Courtesy: Tauna

You must be careful about buying the wrong banners and wasting precious credits when in the shop. Firstly, never buy the fast upgrade.

This is the worst way to spend your hard-earned credits since the amount you pay is almost twice as high as what you can pay to upgrade them when you find a duplicate.

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