Marvel Snap Jane Foster: Best Combinations

You can use Jane Foster with Thor and Mister Negative in order to draw all 0-cost cards from your deck and into your hand!

Marvel Snap Jane Foster

Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, is a valuable addition to Marvel Snap with her On-Reveal ability that draws all 0-cost cards from your deck into your hands. To make the most of her, consider these effective card synergies and strategies:

  1. Zero-Cost Cards: Jane Foster’s ability shines when paired with 0-cost cards. These cards can be played immediately without consuming your resources, granting you a tactical advantage.

  2. Resource Efficiency: Since Jane Foster is a Five-Cost card with a Power of Eight, she can help you secure one of the three locations effectively. Use her to maximize your resource efficiency and gain control of the battlefield.

  3. Strategic Deck Building: Incorporate a mix of 0-cost cards in your deck to capitalize on her ability. Ensure you have a balanced deck to handle various situations during battles.

This guide focuses on Jane Foster’s strengths and how to optimize her performance in your Marvel Snap battles.

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Key Takeaways

  • Jane Foster is a Five-Cost card with an On-Reveal ability.

  • Her ability lets you draw all 0-Cost cards from your deck into your hand.

  • Effective deck strategy revolves around hard-hitting cards like Demon, Jubilee, Thor, and Iron Heart.

  • Optimal combination for Jane Foster: Mister Negative, Thor, and Devil Dinosaur.

  • Recent update tweaked costs and Powers for Thor and Devil Dinosaur but remains effective.

  • Focus on using 0-Power cards, as Mister Negative reverses numbers, turning them into 0-Cost Cards.

  • Jane Foster becomes valuable on turn five to draw remaining 0-cost cards.

  • In the final turn, you can allocate massive Power into three locations.

  • Mister Negative and Jane Foster’s deck allows players to place all twelve cards into the locations effectively.

Jane Foster Deck 1

Here is a summary table for the Marvel Snap Jane Foster Deck:

No.Jane Foster Deck 1CostJane Foster Deck 2Cost
1Adam Warlock2Yondu [Optional]1
2Morph3Iceman/The Hood (Cost 1)1
3Iron Heart3Medusa2
4Mystique3Star-Lord/ Groot (Cost 3) [Optional]3
5Lock Jaw3Lizard2
7Mister Negative4Iron Heart3
8Iron Man5Thor3
10Jane Foster5Spider-Women5
11Arnim Zola6Jane Foster5
12Doctor Doom6Odin6

Jane Foster Deck 1
Iron Heart, Iron Man, Morph, Arnim Zola, and other cards will cost 0 Energy after you play Mister Negative on the Fourth Turn!

Players were blessed with Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor as a free gift alongside refunds during the Nexus Event. There are Four Variants of Jane Foster, each having a unique and realistic artwork.

You’ll need Thor, Mister Negative, and in your deck to maximize the total value of Jane Foster. Here is a complete twelve-card deck you can use;

  1. Adam Warlock (Cost 2)
  2. Morph (Cost 3)
  3. Iron Heart (Cost 3)
  4. Mystique (Cost 3)
  5. Lock Jaw (Cost 3)
  6. Thor (Cost 4)
  7. Mister Negative (Cost 4)
  8. Iron Man (Cost 5)
  9. Ronan (Cost 5)
  10. Jane Foster (Cost 5)
  11. Arnim Zola (Cost 6)
  12. Doctor Doom (Cost 6)

If you’re having trouble with a few cards in this deck, you can switch out the ones that are affecting your overall value. Key cards are Mister Negative, Thor and his Mjolnir Hammer, and Jane Foster. The 0-Power cards will be available to you at turn six! For instance, you can switch Devil Dinosaur with Doctor Doom and avail the Ongoing effect of the card!

When you drop Lock Jaw on any location, dropping another cost will be swapped because of his On-Reveal ability! Another card from your hand will take its place, and your chances of getting a high-cost card will increase.

Scenario 1

For the above deck to work, you need to have Jane Foster in your hand. If you didn’t get her at the start of the battle, pray she ends up in your hand before the fifth turn!

  1. Turn 1: Skip the first turn if you lack one-cost cards in your deck.

  2. Turn 2: If you have Adam Warlock in your hand, play him on an empty location to activate his On-Reveal ability, drawing a card from your deck each turn. Ensure you’re winning in that location for his ability to work.

  3. Turn 3: On the third turn, consider playing Morph, Thor, and Lock Jaw. You can also play any other three cards in your hand that add value to your Power. Dropping Thor is a good choice, as Mjolnir provides a significant power boost.

  4. Turn 4: Drop Mister Negative on any of the three locations to switch the Powers and Costs of all cards in your deck.

  5. Turn 5: Deploy Jane Foster on the desired location, and her ability will draw all 0-cost cards from your deck into your hand. Keep in mind that these 0-cost cards had a cost of three before Mister Negative’s effect.

  6. Turn 6: On this turn, you have the option to deploy Iron Heart, Iron Man, Morph, Mjolnir, Ronan, Mystique, and Doctor Doom, depending on their respective costs, at any location.

Final Blow

These cards cost 0 because of Mister Negative, and Jane Foster has drawn all the 0-cost cards in your hand, which is why you have a massive variety of cards to drop at each location.

  1. Iron Man, Morph, and Mystique: Place them at one location. Iron Man will have a Power of Five, and with his ongoing ability, it will increase to ten. Morph’s ability to transform into the highest Power card from your opponent’s hand can provide a significant advantage.

  2. Mjolnir and Thor: Deploy Mjolnir at a different location to further boost Thor’s power. This combination can make Thor an even more formidable force.

  3. Doctor Doom: Utilize Doctor Doom to take advantage of the massive power boost you’ve created at two locations.

Scenario 2

In this case, if you end up playing Mister Negative on the fourth turn and Jane Foster is still in your deck. She’ll have her cost and Power swapped, meaning you won’t be able to play her anymore. You still have your three-cost cards to gain enough Power at two locations.

  1. Adam Warlock and Morph: By dropping Adam Warlock on the second turn and Morph on the third, you can accumulate +5 power at a specific location. Even if you draw 0-cost cards from your deck due to Mister Negative, you can still win.

  2. Iron Man and Iron Heart: Placing Iron Man and Iron Heart on a location will double your power at that location through Iron Man, and Iron Heart will provide additional power to three friendly cards randomly.

  3. Doctor Doom and Doombots: Playing Doctor Doom on turn five and adding two 5-power Doombots at the other two locations further boosts your power.

  4. Power Calculation: At the end of turn five, you’ll have Iron Man at 10 power, Iron Heart providing one power each, and Morph taking the form of a card from your opponent’s hand, ranging from 3-6 power. Iron Man’s ability doubles the powers at that location.

  5. Turn Six Options: On turn six, you can either play Doctor Doom if you didn’t play him on turn five or drop Arnim Zola, another 0-cost card due to Mister Negative’s On-Reveal ability. If Arnim Zola was in your hand when you played Mister Negative, it’s better to drop Doctor Doom instead.

Jane Foster Deck 2

Jane Foster Deck 2
You can use low-cost cards with On-Reveal abilities and pair them with Odin at the last turn!

If you feel like the previous deck revolves pretty much around having Jane Foster in your hand Before dropping Mister Negative. I have a possible solution to that. By removing Mister Negative from the equation and adding Odin, you’ll need to have a few cards with On-Reveal abilities.

Here are the cards you’ll need for this deck to be effective;

  1. Yondu (Cost 1) [Optional]
  2. Iceman(Cost 1)/The Hood (Cost 1)
  3. Medusa (Cost 2)
  4. Star-Lord (Cost 2)/ Groot (Cost 3) [Optional]
  5. Lizard (Cost 2)
  6. Okoye (Cost 2)
  7. Iron Heart (Cost 3)
  8. Thor (Cost 3)
  9. Wolfsbane (Cost 3)
  10. Spider-Women (Cost 5)
  11. Jane Foster (Cost 5)
  12. Odin (Cost 6)

Odin will pair perfectly with Iron Heart, Wolfsbane, Medusa, and Star-Lord. He’ll instantly reactivate the On-Reveal abilities of these cards and give you a massive power boost at your other locations.

Wolfsbane will give your other cards +2 Power if you drop him where the other cards are placed. Okoye will give +1 Power to every card in your deck, which will highly benefit you if dropped early.

You can also tweak the above deck by mixing a few pool 3 cards! Check our guide on Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards to grasp the concept!

Scenario 1

On the first turn, drop Yondu to discard the top card in your opponent’s deck or play Iceman and afflict one of the opponent’s cards with +1 cost in their hand.

  1. Turn 1: Deploy Yondu to discard the top card of your opponent’s deck, or use Iceman to afflict one of your opponent’s cards with +1 cost in their hand. Place these cards at different locations to keep your opponent caught in Odin’s On-Reveal ability.

  2. Turn 2: Ensure that your opponent plays a card where you drop Star-Lord or Groot, as they will gain an additional +3 Power at that location, giving you six Power in one spot.

  3. Turn 3: Play Thor to add +4 Power to the central location.

  4. Turn 4: Drop Iron Heart to grant your other three friendly cards +2 Power. You’ll have Thor, Groot/Star-Lord in the middle location, and Iron Heart, Yondu/Iceman at any of the two remaining locations.

  5. Turn 5: Place Jane Foster in the middle or another location, avoiding the location where you plan to play Odin on the final turn.

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Final Blow

The final turn will give a massive boost to your other cards because by now, you’ll have summoned Mjolnir, which costs 0 energy to drop, and Odin!

Before playing Odin, drop Mjolnir at the location where Iron Heart, Yondu/Iceman are placed. After that, drop Odin and watch Iron Heart add an additional +2 Power to three of your other friendly cards. Mjolnir will give Thor an extra Power boost once you drop it, and Odin will once again reactivate Mjolnir to boost Thor’s Powers!

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Scenario 2

You can play the one-cost cards however you like, and ensure that you play Star-Lord or Groot at the location where they’ll activate their On-Reveal abilities.

  1. Iron Heart: If you have only one card on turn three, drop Iron Heart, as it will still provide Power boosts in the following turns.

  2. The Hood: Consider using The Hood as a substitute for Yondu or Iceman if needed. When dropped at a secure location, you’ll gain the Demon in your hand, which is a one-cost card with a Power of six. This can be a backup plan if Mjolnir doesn’t end up in your hand during the final turn.

  3. Thor and Jane Foster: Drop Thor on turn four, and if you obtain Jane Foster on turn five, play her to acquire Mjolnir in your hand.

  4. Turn Six: On the final turn, follow the sequence of dropping Mjolnir first and then Odin to ensure you get the double bonus from Mjolnir.

  5. Spider-Woman: Consider including Spider-Woman in your strategy, especially if your opponent concentrates a lot of power at one location. She can afflict all four of the opponent’s cards with -1 Power, resulting in a total of -4 Power. She can act as an excellent substitute for Jane Foster, and when combined with Odin on the final turn, her abilities will be doubled.

My Thoughts

With that, I end my Marvel Snap Jane Foster guide and hope you can use her in your deck effectively! Thor and Jane Foster have an excellent synergy because she can draw Mjolnir from your deck after you drop Thor! I believe Mjolnir gives an additional four or six Power to Thor. Furthermore, the Hammer costs 0 Energy to drop at any location.

Thor’s cost was four Energy a few weeks back with a Power of six. He could get an additional six Power if players dropped Mjolnir. At the same time, Devil Dinosaur used to have 0 Power, and it cost four Energy. Players could easily swap Devil Dinosaurs Cost and Power by dropping Mister Negative to the location.

However, with the recent patches and updates, Devil Dinosaur and Thor have somewhat affected the Jane Foster decks. Thor is a three-cost card with a Power of four, and Devil Dinosaur at five-cost and a Power of three. You can check our “Best Ways To Get Cards in Marvel Snap” guide to learn various ways to unlock rare cards in the game!

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