Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards [Definitive Guide]

You can use cards with On-Reveal and Ongoing Abilities from Pool 3 and dominate the battlefield with a few of the best combinations mentioned in this guide!

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards start from Collection Level 486 and so on. There are more than fifty-seven Pool 3 Cards players can unlock and have fun with, such as Venom, Patriot, Deadpool, Daredevil, and more!

When you’ve unlocked more than eight pool three cards, you can add them to your deck and personalize it with the best cards. On the other hand, if you’re still stuck on Pool 2 and have little to no access to the pool three cards, you’ll find a deck containing a mix of both Pools in this guide. To make things more interesting, you can use the Snap feature to raise the stakes in the battle!

Let’s first look into the types of deck you want to create; is it a deck that disrupts the opponent’s moves? Is it a control deck? It could be a destroy deck that could annihilate every 1-cost card in your opponent’s location!

With that in mind, decide what deck you aim to create. Unless I failed to mention a few combinations of cards you own, you’d still have an idea!

Key Takeaways

  • If only a few pool 3 cards are unlocked, you can mix them with your pool 1 or 2 cards!
  • You start to unlock pool 3 cards once Collection Level 486 is reached.
  • If you’re looking for a Destroy, Control, Disruption Deck, you are in the right place!
  • There are more than 50 cards in pool 3.
  • If you’re lucky enough, you might find yourself with rare cards from the Collection Level!
  • Players that avoid in-app purchases find themselves lagging far behind, like me! On the other hand, we find players with cards we have yet to see.

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards

Pool 3 Cards
Deadpool, Venom, and Black Widow make a great combination!

There are 76 cards in pool 3 consisting of common and rare cards! You can get your hands on Venom, Deadpool, Patriot, and Black Widow somewhere between 486-543 Collection Level.

If you’ve climbed higher than that, you probably have more pool 3 cards than me! You must be wondering how I know about the best pool 3 combinations to use in Marvel Snap when I only have a few unlocked. I’ve had a fair share of battles with some of the best pool 3 card users. And I have to say; they were absolutely devastating.

Almost all pool 3 cards have the best ongoing and On-Reveal abilities that can throw off any player! For instance, if you have Venom and Bucky Barnes in your hand, you’ll have the Winter Soldier with six Power!

Bucky Barnes is a two-cost card; you play it on the second turn. Venom is a three-cost card played on the 3rd turn. Place Bucky Barnes on either one of the locations on turn two. Place Venom on the location where Bucky Barnes is, and he’ll destroy Bucky, and it’ll be replaced with the Winter Soldier! That’s how it works.

Well, that was just the basic idea of what a destroy deck looks like; we’ll go much deeper into the types of pool 3 decks!

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Pool 3 Destroy Deck

You can do so much with a destroy deck in your hand, guys. Cards like Nova, Bucky Barnes, Wolverine, Carnage, and Venom can synergize with each other tremendously, giving you an insane amount of power boost in turns four, five, and six!

Pool 3 Destroy Deck
Almost all of the cards have perfect combinations with one another!

I’ll be presenting you with low-cost cards, mainly ones’ and twos.’ The rest you can quickly adapt based on the situation. Here are the cards you’ll need for a destroy deck to work.

  1. Nova (Cost 1)
  2. Deadpool (Cost 1)
  3. Bucky Barnes (Cost 2)
  4. Carnage (Cost 2) [Can be switched with Venom]
  5. Wolverine (Cost 2) [Optional]
  6. Venom (Cost 3)
  7. Killmonger (Cost 3)
  8. Spider-Women (Cost 5) [Optional]
  9. Death (Cost 9)

Notice that three cards destroy other cards; Venom, Carnage, and Killmonger. The reason is the random placement of cards that enter your hand each turn.

You must ensure you have at least two destroy cards that can add value to your destroy deck during the first 3 turns. However, you can still play around with your opponent on turns four and five.

Death is a compelling card to have in your destroy deck. When destroyed, cards such as Wolverine, Nova, Deadpool, and Bucky Barnes will reduce the cost of Death by one cost each. You’ll destroy Nova, Bucky Barnes, and Wolverine once and Deadpool twice, lowering the cost of Death by five!

You can drop Death on turn six and have a massive power difference with only a cost of Four!

Scenario 1

Nova will be your man of the match. Store him for the last three turns if you have him during the first, second, or third turn. Why? Because throwing him at the start of the match will immediately trigger the opponent to prepare for a counterattack.

If the opponent has Armor in his hand, he’ll shut down Nova, so Venom/Killmonger/Carnage can’t destroy him. You don’t want that!

To use these cards efficiently, here’s the play you need to follow;

Do not place any card during the first turn or if you have Deadpool in your hand, drop him at the location! Otherwise, skipping the turn will prove to be helpful. On turn two, drop Wolverine at the exact location. You have three energies at turn three. Drop Bucky Barnes, which will leave you with two energy.

On turn four, you have Deadpool, Bucky Barnes, and Wolverine in the exact location. Drop Nova at another location and Venom on Bucky Barnes. Venom will destroy Wolverine, Deadpool, and Bucky Barnes. Venom will have the Power of six. Winter Soldier with Power Six will take his place, Wolverine will occupy a random location, and Deadpool will return to your hand with double its Power. You’ll have Twelve Power at this location!

The Final Blow

Drop Deadpool and Nova at any location on turn five, followed by Killmonger. Ensure you drop them in the order I have mentioned. With Nova destroyed, you’ll gain +1 power for all the cards you have at each location. Deadpool will again be in your hand with double Power (4).

On turn six, you’ll have a variety of cards to play. Deadpool will give you four Power on the location you want to win. Winter Soldier will have seven Power, and Wolverine will have a Power of four. You can drop any five-cost you have to win the match!

At turn six, Spider-women will reduce the Power of all the cards your enemy has by -1, giving you more advantage to win a third location! Spider-Women is a five-cost card which is excellent! Because you’ll have one extra energy to drop Deadpool!

The above-mentioned Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards can turn the tides in your favor if you use them effectively.

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Scenario 2

Destroy Deck 2
You can switch between Nova, Deadpool, Wolverine, Spider-Women with Doctor Doom, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, and The Hood!

I’ll keep it brief with this following scenario, the major cards you need will be mentioned below, and you can fill the remaining slots in your deck with any card you prefer!

Here is another combination of cards you can use in a battle;

  1. Deadpool (Cost 1)
  2. The Hood (Cost 1)
  3. Bucky Barnes (Cost 2)
  4. Black Widow (Cost 2)
  5. Venom (Cost 3)
  6. Killmonger (Cost 3)
  7. Shang Chi (Cost 4)
  8. Doctor Doom(Cost 6)

Use these cards in your deck and add four other cards of your choice to complete the deck.


We’ll start with one energy. Therefore, you can drop Deadpool at any location. If you don’t get Bucky Barnes on turn two, don’t worry. You’ll have the option to drop Black Widow or The Hood on an empty location.

Black Widow will prevent the opponent from drawing any card from his deck until he removes the Widow’s Bite card from his hand. The Hood will add a negative power of two to the empty location and give you a 1-cost Demon in your hand with Power six.

On turn three, you’ll eventually get Bucky Barnes. Drop him where Deadpool is, followed by Venom and Demon on turn five. Ensure that you drop Venom first and then Demon!

Winter Soldier with Power six, Demon with Power six, and Venom with Power two will add fifteen Power to the location. 

Deadpool will return to your hand with double the Power and, on the final turn, drop Doctor Doom at the middle location. He will add a five-power DoomBot in the other two places.

Suppose you don’t get Doctor Doom on any of the six turns. You can always count on America Chavez to deliver the final blow!

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Disruption Deck

Disruption Deck
Annoy your opponents by reducing the Power and increasing the cost of their cards!

If you’ve enjoyed the above Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards, you’ll find the following Disruption Deck exciting to use! 

  1. Korg (Cost 1)
  2. Yondu (Cost 1)
  3. Iceman (Cost 1)
  4. Scorpion (Cost 2)
  5. Black Widow (Cost 2)
  6. Storm or Iron Heart (Both Cost 3)
  7. Wong (Cost 4)
  8. Drax (Cost 4)
  9. Black Panther (Cost 5)
  10. Doctor Doom (Cost 5)
  11. Odin (Cost 6)
  12. America Chavez (Cost 6)

You can play Korg, Yondu, Iceman, and Scorpion on turns one, two, and three. Korg will shuffle a rock into your opponent’s deck, giving him a 55% chance to gain a rock in his hand at turn two. Yondu, on the next turn, will discard the top card of the opponent’s deck, followed by Iceman, who’ll increase the cost of any random card in the opponent’s hand by one!

You have disrupted your opponent’s flow in the first two turns, leaving him in a tight spot, but there’s more! You can play Scorpion and Black Widow at turn three or skip the turn to drop Wong on any of the three locations!

Remaining Cards
Double the On-Reveal effects of Black Panther/Drax/Doctor Doom with Wong!

The fifth turn is crucial, my friends. If you have Black Panther or Doctor Doom, you have pretty much won the match. Drop Black Panther at Wong, and watch how his Power is doubled from four to eight and then 16 because of Wong’s Ongoing ability!

You’ll have Wong at Power 2 and Black Panther at Power 16, giving you 18 Power at one location.

Final Blow

Alternatively, you can drop Doctor Doom at Wong and watch how he adds a five-Power Doombot to two other locations! You’ll have Wong at Power 2 and Doctor Doom at Power 5, giving you 7 Power for one location. If you have two different cards at this location, the Power will be higher!

You can play America Chavez or Odin at any location you need to win at turn six. With this deck, you can disrupt the flow of your opponent’s moves and get a guaranteed win for the two locations! However, To spice things up, you can add Odin to Wong and Doctor Doom and watch two more Five-Power bots occupy the other locations!

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Best Combination

Pool 3 Best Combination
Nova, when destroyed, can add one Power to every card placed on the three locations!

Most players reading this guide might not have access to all 76 pool 3 cards, which is why I took the courtesy of mixing the first three pool cards into one deck each. It does not matter if you follow through with all the cards I have mentioned for each type of deck. You can pretty much swap and play around with multiple cards for your personal experience.

Here is a fun deck mixed with a few Pool 3 Cards you can use to annoy your opponents and win the battle;

  1. Nova (Cost 1)
  2. Night Crawler (Cost 1)
  3. Korg (Cost 1)
  4. Deadpool (Cost 1)
  5. Angela (Cost 2)
  6. Scorpion (Cost 2) [Optional]
  7. Green Goblin (Cost 3)
  8. Storm (Cost 3)
  9. Kill Monger (Cost 3)
  10. Hobgoblin (Cost 5) [Optional]
  11. Spider-Women (Cost 5)/ Death (Cost 9)
  12. America Chavez (Cost 6)
Best Combo 2
Hobgoblin and Green Goblin are your opponent’s Worst nightmare!

You have various modes of playing with this type of deck. The best combination you’ll find is Angela, Storm, and Death/Hobgoblin. If you drop Storm on the fourth turn, followed by Hobgoblin on the fifth. You’ll win that location with ease.

On the other hand, playing Angela and stacking her Power with the one-cost cards will boost her Power to eight. You can drop Nova and Killmonger to destroy all the one-cost cards on both sides of the locations. Let’s say you were able to destroy four of your cards. They’ll help reduce the cost of Death by four energies. That way, you’ll be able to use her on the fifth turn and shake the opponent!

Moreover, another play you can go with is Angela, Green Goblin, and Night Crawler. Green Goblin will move to the opposite side and reduce the opponent’s Power by -3, followed by a power stack for Angela, giving her a Power of Three. Night Crawler dropped in the exact location will once again boost Angela, and you can move him out of the location to make space for two more cards where Angela is placed.


At turn one, you’ll have to skip it or drop Korg on the left location (ensure the location does not destroy or reduce the Power of your card). At turn two, you can drop Angela in the middle location or on the right side.

You’ll be stacking up Angela with those one and two-cost cards. Drop Korg, Night Crawler, and Nova on the third turn, and Angela will have seven Power. Move Night Crawler out of that place and drop Green Goblin to reduce the opponent’s Power at that location.

You still have one more play to make where Angela is placed. Her Power is now at nine. You’ll be on the fifth turn with five energy at your disposal. You won’t need to use Killmonger and Death for this combo. Instead, you can use Spider-Women if the opponent has more than three cards at a different location.

On turn six, you’ll have two options; either drop Hobgoblin at the location where the opponent has three or fewer cards. Or you can drop America Chavez (you’ll always have her on turn six for backup) at any location you think you’ll lose!

My Favorite Deck

My Deck
Angela and Bishop can be used to stack Power while playing the rest of the cards, and there’s more!

You must be wondering what deck I’ve been using to rank higher than 30+ ranks with no difficulty! I use two types of decks; Destroy and Disruption Deck. They overpower the locations if played right!

  1. Korg (Cost 1)
  2. Night Crawler (Cost 1)
  3. Nova (Cost 1)
  4. Angela (Cost 2)
  5. Scarlet Witch (Cost 2)
  6. Lizard (Cost 2)
  7. Bishop (Cost 3)
  8. Captain America (Cost 3)
  9. Killmonger (Cost 3)
  10. Enchantress (Cost 4)
  11. Spider-Women (Cost 5)
  12. America Chavez (Cost 6)


Skip turns one and two if you don’t get Angela in your hand. Otherwise, drop Angela on turn two. At turn 3, you’ll have two options;

  • If you get Bishop, drop it at another location.
  • No Bishop? Drop Night Crawler and Nova!

Angela will have a Power of Five. Move Night Crawler out of the way and drop Captain America on turn four. His Outgoing Ability will add one Power to each card you have next to Angela! Upon reaching turn five, you’ll have Killmonger and Lizard in your hand. Drop Killmonger, where Angela is, and he will destroy Nova and other one-cost cards, giving all your cards at different locations +1 Power.

If you had Bishop, you could stack his Power with each card you have dropped at any of the three locations! You will automatically get America Chavez in your hand on turn six, so either use her or try different cards; it’s up to you!

Another scenario is when you have Lizard and Bishop in the exact same location, and the opponent goes for four cards to reduce Lizard’s Power by Three. You can drop Enchantress on turn Four/Five, disable the Ongoing Ability for Lizard, and have his Power returned to Five! Or you can drop Spider-Women and afflict all his four cards with -1 Power.

This deck offers you numerous options, be it Spider-Women, Captain America, Lizard, Enchantress, or Scarlet Witch! If you have Bishop and Angela placed in two different locations, you’ll guarantee a win with only low-cost cards because they will ensure the power stack for Bishop and Angela!

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards are the best to mix with your pool two and one cards! You can either play with Destroy Decks with Venom and Bucky Barnes or Disruption Decks with Hobgoblin, Death, and Doctor Doom! The options are limitless, guys! It all ends with the cards you get in your hands and the locations.

Finally, adding your strategies, precision, and IQ, you’ll dominate not one, not two, but three locations simultaneously! In most cases, you’ll even witness your opponents retreating at turns four, five, or six.

Use these Marvel Snap Decks to the best of your advantage and ensure you don’t end up with locations such as Space Throne, TVA, Danger Room, Oscorp Tower, Jotunheim, and more!

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