Marvel Snap: Quinjet Guide [Complete]

If your looking for a simplified and step-by-step guide on Marvel Snap's underrated quinjet, then you have landed on the right place.

the marvel snap quinjet card 2022

Who Is Quinjet

Quinjet is a very unique and powerful engine card in the newly released action card game marvel snap. It has 1 energy and 2 power points with the on-going ability to provide cards costing 1 energy less if they are not available in your start deck. Collection level is 486 in the 3rd pool.

On 1st turn this card can be used and give you benefits throughout the entire game rather than on turn 5. This guide will give you the best way to use this card especially with The Collector deck for almost every single match up and carry you with ease and comfort.

This is the standard variant of quinjet upon unlocking it in the shop.

Key Points

  • Quinjet is one of the most versatile and flexible cards carrying your hand and deck to victory with ease.
  • Has 3 different variants you can pick from.
  • The Collector and Quinjet have a solid grip on the game with any other cards which have ongoing abilities
  • Choosing the right location with quin jet is also super helpful in making in the outcome of the gameplay in your favor.
  • Combining any cards in the deck with both quin jet and the collector can prove to be strategically challenging for your opponent.

Quinjet Variants

There are 3 variants of this card in marvel snap shop collection which you can choose from as shown below to customize according to your own preferences. Do not feel pressurized to choose from and pick what you feel like. They can be unlocked by first unlocking the card and collecting booster points by completing missions.

All available variants of quinjet in marvel snap displayed.
Left-to-Right: Pixel-Variant-Blue-print-Variant-Ghost-rider-Variant

The Collector Style Deck With Quinjet

The Collector and Quinjet unison is a really good match up.

Having said that, here is a simplified and effective card deck you can use every single time with this duo to make your deck more solid, impactful and strategically strong against your opponent:

  • The Collector
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Mantis
  • Cable
  • White Queen
  • Agent 13
  • Sentinel
  • Moon girl
  • Beast
  • Venom
  • The Hood
  • Demon
All the cards in the deck shown here have a combined average cost of 2 and average power of 2.6

Its reasonable to presume that with this deck you can for sure have the upper hand in game with a solid frontline from cards that are not in your current deck and each one which are in your hand, at a lower energy rate, extra power, drawing from your opponent’s deck, forcefully bearing them with high energy cards, duplicating your own high powered ones and doubling up your existing power to finish off the game with a swift blow.

With this unique style of deck, it enables all the powerful on reveal effects of other cards again and again. It’s a solid deck with different variations of gameplay pattern which makes the game more dynamic for you and difficult for the opposing side.

Although, if you struggle and find this deck complex and difficult, you can try out different cards with collector and quin jet, for instance; iron man, and can determine which deck combo you are comfortable and adaptable with these 2 since there are other ways you can play it out with them.

Keeping in mind Elektra and Killmonger can hard counter Quinjet so switching up few cards in your deck can prove to be useful to counter-pick.

Significance of Locations

Furthermore, certain locations also play a vital part for Quinjet synergized deck combo mentioned above to make this deck impactful.

For instance, K’un Lun gives your cards +2 power. Tinker’s Workshop gives you an extra point of energy. Lastly, Nidavellir contributes +5 power to your cards. (iron man is a bonus point since it contributes twice the power at that location to all cards present).

As a result, this certainly provides Quinjet with loads of benefits and eventually to your entire deck and hand cards.


To sum up it all, Quinjet’s usefulness really depends on your gameplay style. Using it with the collector styled deck will secure you easy victories. Some particular locations also matter as mentioned above due to the stats they provide to cards. Be ware of the locations stats and place your Quinjet accordingly to get more advantage in the battlefield.

We hope this guide was useful and makes you confident to boost your gameplay with this underrated card and make your way into higher-level pools and collections. Meanwhile, you can also check out our other Marvel Snap guides designed for you exclusively to dominate this awesome card game.

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