Marvel Snap Vulture: The Definitive Guide

The Vulture is a three-cost card that can have its power increased by Five, every time it is moved to another location!

Marvel Snap Vulture

I unlocked the Marvel Snap Vulture card at Collection Level 286 and found it to be very helpful in winning any one of the three locations. The guide will talk about the powers of the Vulture, the range of levels where it can be unlocked, and how much it costs to use the card when in your hand.

There are five variants of the Vulture and each of them has a different design and stance. The card is used to add more power to one of the locations and increases your chance of winning the game if used correctly. Vulture is mistaken by many players and is hardly added to any decks. However, I’ll show you how you can use it to your advantage in Marvel Snap!

Key Takeaways

  • Vulture is unlocked between Collection Levels 222 and 450.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with Vulture around Level 286 as I did.
  • The card has a Power of three and costs three Energy to draw from your hand.
  • When it is moved to another location, an additional five power is added to the card.
  • Vulture then gets a total of eight power once moved, giving you the advantage to win at a losing location.
  • Vulture has five variants.

Who Is Marvel Snap Vulture

Increase its power by five, every time it is moved!

Vulture is obtained at a higher level of Collections and thus it can take a while to unlock him. The best use of Vulture will also be discussed later on in the guide, and I hope you’ll stick to the end!

To upgrade your Vulture cards, you can use Credits and Boosters. Win battles against different players to complete missions on a daily basis. Completion of those missions will get you enough Credits to upgrade your cards. However, you can’t upgrade with only Credits.

You need to have enough boosters, and where will you get them from? Collection Levels, of course! If you climb higher in your Collections, you’ll even receive Credits, Boosters, and Mystery Cards. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your hands on the Vulture!

There are six Vulture cards if I’m not wrong!

As for the Variant cards, you’ll need to buy them from the shop, keep an out for any exciting offers at the shop! I wouldn’t recommend players purchase season pass points, however, it is up to you. A season pass can get you more rewards and give you an opportunity to obtain Variants such as the Pixel Variant cards!

Is Vulture Worth It?

Not all cards are useless in Marvel Snap if you know how to use them efficiently! We already know that the card provides a base power of three. And upon moving the card to any other location, it will get an additional power boost of five!

If you have cards that allow you to move locations, the Vulture will highly benefit you. For instance, the Cloak has a Power of Four and costs only two Energy to draw from your hand. You can place the Vulture on any of the locations, and on the next turn, play the Cloak on the location you have low power.

With Cloak’s ability to move any card to its location, you’ll be able to activate the On Reveal effects of Vulture and gain a power of eight. You’ll have a total power of twelve at the location you moved Vulture to!

It can mess up your opponents’ moves and even trigger them to make a mistake. It’ll also leave them clueless as to where your cards will end up on the board!

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The above-mentioned cards are the best when you have Vulture in your deck!

Cards such as Doctor Strange, Cloak, and Heimdall, allow you to move your cards from one location to the other. Therefore, your main goal is to stack up as many buffs as possible.

Other than that, you need to avoid placing your cards in the wrong location. For instance, drawing Vulture from your hand will cause Doctor Strange to ignore Vulture, and move the highest power card to that location. You wouldn’t want that! Consequently, you’ll need time and precision for successful combinations.

With that, I end my Marvel Snap Vulture guide and would like to add a final comment. In my opinion and experience, I’d say the Vulture is worth having in your deck, along with any other 3-cost cards as backup!

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