Marvel Snap Yellowjacket: The Definitive Guide

A guide to Yellowjacket best combos, decks, locations, and more.

Read on to find out all about Yellowjacket combos and decks.

Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket is an extremely conditional card. But if you know how and when to play him, you can severely tip the odds in your favor.

So how do you play him? What cards does he have the best synergy with? What locations are best to play him in? And most important, what are some sample decks that take full advantage of this card?

Read on to find out the answer to this and much more in our ultimate Yellowjacket guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Yellowjacket is an exceptional card that costs 0 Energy but lowers your Power.
  • He is best played with Zero, Colossus, Valkyrie, and Cosmo, among others.
  • You should use him in locations like Atlantis, Death’s Domain, and Knowhere.
  • You shouldn’t play him in Kamar-Taj, Hala, and Klyntar, among others.
  • Decks that use Zero and self-silencing are best for him.

What Is Yellowjacket 

Yellowjacket from Marvel Snap.
Yellowjacket is a versatile card with no Energy cost.
  • Type: Character
  • Power: 2
  • Cost: 0
  • Ability: On Reveal: Afflict your other cards at this location with -1 Power.

Marvel Snap‘s Yellowjacket is an extremely useful card if you know how to play it right. It doesn’t cost anything, meaning it can be played at any turn without losing Energy.

But due to its ability, many people do not prefer playing it. However, if you know what combos to use and what locations to play him in, you’ll be well off with Yellowjacket in your deck.

Yellowjacket Variants

Yellowjacket Variant 1.
Yellowjacket Variant.
Yellowjacket Variant 2.
Yellowjacket Variant.
Yellowjacket Pixel Variant.
Yellowjacket Pixel Variant.

Yellowjacket only has 4 variants currently (including the original), but hopefully, more will be added soon. This card also has a Pixel Variant, which makes your card stand out on the playing field.

You can also get a comic-style variant with a blissful pink background with golden clouds. The color combination sits well with Yellowjacket’s theme.

How To Get Yellowjacket In Marvel Snap

Acquiring Yellowjacket isn’t easy. You need to reach Pool 3 to be able to unlock him, which becomes available after Collection Level 486. Unfortunately, since the cards that you get are random, there’s no telling when you’ll get Yellowjacket.

Don’t know what Marvel Snap’s card pools are? Don’t worry. Read our official card pools guide to find out more about card pools in Marvel Snap.

Yellowjacket Best Combos

Marvel Snap Yellowjacket with best combo cards.
Pair Yellowjacket with the cards shown above. (Image captured by us)

These are the cards that Yellowjacket has the best synergy with.


Type: Character
Power: 3
Cost: 1
Ability: On Reveal: Remove the abilities on the next card you play.

Zero has the best synergy with cards that have disadvantageous abilities, including Yellowjacket. If you play Zero before you play Yellowjacket, you will negate Yellowjacket’s ability.

Hence, you can enjoy the free 2 Power without any caveats. There are two catches here. First, you must play Zero before you play Yellowjacket. Second, any card you play alongside Yellowjacket in the same turn will have their abilities removed.

You’ll also need to unlock Zero by achieving Pool 3.


Type: Character
Power: 3
Cost: 2
Ability: Ongoing: Can’t be destroyed, moved, or have its Power reduced.

Colossus is the perfect play in locations that have been afflicted with Power-reducing abilities. Thus, by default, it’s one of the best cards to play with Yellowjacket. Combined with Yellowjacket’s Power, you get a total Power of 5 for the Cost of 2.

And the best part is that you acquire Colossus in the Recruit Season. Hence, you can play this combo as soon as you get Yellowjacket.


Type: Character
Power: 3
Cost: 5
Ability: On Reveal: Set ALL cards at this location to 3 Power.

Valkyrie is a great play in locations or with cards that inflict negative Power. And Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket is one of them. When you play Valkyrie after playing Yellowjacket, the Power of all locations will be set to 3.

However, there are some catches to this. For one thing, you must play Yellowjacket before playing Valkyrie. Additionally, you shouldn’t play Valkyrie in locations where you have cards with more than 3 Power.

Valkyrie is also a great play in locations like Shadowland, Negative Zone, and Klyntar. You can play Valkyrie and Yellowjacket with other cards like Hazmat.


Type: Character
Power: 3
Cost: 2
Ability: On Reveal: Your opponent gains control of one of your other cards at this location.

Viper is another excellent combo with Yellowjacket. Her ability gives your opponent full control of all other cards in the location. As such, if you play her with Yellowjacket you can afflict his ability on your opponent.

However, if you have another card in that location that you want to keep, avoid using viper. It’s best to use Viper when Yellowjacket is the only other card in the area.


Type: Character
Power: 3
Cost: 3
Ability: Ongoing: On Reveal abilities won’t happen at this location.

Cosmo is the best combo with Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket due to its unique ability. This space-traveling canine negates the On Reveal ability of Yellowjacket. Hence, you can keep the 2 Power of Yellowjacket without any major caveats.

The only condition is that other cards in that location will also have their On Reveal abilities removed. Hence, you should only use Cosmo with other cards whose On Reveal abilities you want to remove.


Type: Character
Power: 0
Cost: 5
Ability: On Reveal: Set this card’s Power equal to the power of the last card you played.

If you want to work around the Power-reducing effect of Yellowjacket’s ability, then use Taskmaster. His ability sets his Power equal to that of the last card that you played.

Hence, he won’t receive the -1 Power reduction. Moreover, you can use him directly after using Yellowjacket. However, due to his high Cost, it’s best to use him after playing a high-Power card.

The Infinaut

Type: Character
Power: 20
Cost: 6
Ability: If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this.

The Infinaut is a good combo with Yellowjacket simply because the -1 Power nerf won’t make a difference. With a whopping Power of 20, reducing the Power by 1 means you still get to use his Power advantage in the game.

There is one major condition to this: you mustn’t have played any other card in the previous turn. Waiting for 1 turn to play him is worth the high Power he grants.


Type: Character
Power: 2
Cost: 2
Ability: On turn 5, you get to see your opponent’s plays before you make your own.

A highly powerful card once you play it, Daredevil pairs perfectly well with Yellowjacket. Playing Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket is an extremely risky move. It may lower the Power you have in a location and put you at a disadvantage.

Hence, by using Daredevil, you get to see your opponent’s play on turn 5. This allows you to make a more informed decision and build a last-minute game strategy. With Daredevil, you can play Yellowjacket more carefully.

Best Locations To Play Yellowjacket

Best locations to play Marvel Snap Yellowjacket.
These are the best locations to play Yellowjacket. (Image captured by us)

Yellowjacket pairs well with specific locations. Here are some places where you should play Yellowjacket.


Effect: If you only have one card here, it has +5 Power.

Atlantis is a special type of location that gives you more Power the lesser cards you have in it. It adds 5 Power to the current Power of any card in the location as long as it’s the only card in that location.

This location is best for playing Yellowjacket. Not only is the card completely free, but you get a +5 bonus if it’s the only card there. Hence, the total Power in that location becomes 7.

And since you won’t be playing any other card in that location, Yellowjacket’s ability will not even get triggered. Thus, you’ll get more than twice the Power with no caveat.

Death’s Domain

Effect: When you play a card here, destroy it.

Death’s Domain is the perfect place to play Yellowjacket. Any card that’s placed here gets immediately destroyed. Now, you might be wondering, why would you use the Yellowjacket card just to destroy it?

Well, some decks are based on getting certain cards destroyed. Additionally, some cards benefit from the destruction of other cards. For instance, Death is a card that has high power but also a high cost. However, its ability reduces the cost by 1 for every card that is destroyed.

Hence, getting Yellowjacket destroyed by Death’s Domain when you have no use for it is a good idea. Not only will you not lose any Energy, but you’ll also reduce the cost of Death.

Gamma Lab

Effect: After turn 3, transform all cards here into the Hulk.

Gamma Lab has great synergy with many cards. As a matter of fact, it works great with any card, as it converts the card into the Hulk. As such, Yellowjacket is the perfect choice of card to play in Gamma Lab.

Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket is especially synergetic with Gamma Lab since it has 0 Cost. So you get an extra card you can play here along with other cards in your hand.

And since it gets converted into the Hulk, Yellowjacket’s ability doesn’t get triggered. So you make good use of Yellowjacket in this domain.


Effect: On Reveal effects do not happen at this location.

Knowhere is a great location to play Yellowjacket. Knowhere negates all On Reveal effects on all cards in the location. Hence, Yellowjacket’s ability will not get triggered and you won’t lose any Power.

But be warned: this location also removes the On Reveal ability of other cards. Hence, you should only use the location for cards whose On Reveal abilities you don’t need. Or use cards with Ongoing or no abilities.

The Bar With No Name

Effect: Whoever has the least Power here wins.

The Bar With No Name is quite a unique location in that it considers the lowest Power side as the winner. That’s completely contrary to what every other location is based on.

But having 0 Power simply isn’t enough. You must have negative Power in this location to stay one step ahead of your opponent. Hence, Yellowjacket is a great card to play here. It costs nothing and actually has a use for its ability in this location.

Worst Locations To Play Yellowjacket

Besides that, there are some locations where you absolutely shouldn’t play Yellowjacket. These include:


Effect: At the end of turn 4, destroy all cars controlled by the player losing here.

Hala is an extremely tricky location to play in. You must fight exceptionally hard to ensure that you’re winning here.

As such, Yellowjacket simply isn’t a good card to play here. It doesn’t use up Energy but it also gives you negative Power. You don’t want that in a situation like this.


Effect: After each turn, cards here lose 1 Power.

Jotunheim is a peculiar location because cards placed here are at a severe disadvantage. It’s only recommended to play high Power cards here.

Hence, Yellowjacket simply isn’t a good choice. Not only does it already have a -1 Power debuff, but you’re also reducing its Power further. It’s extremely disadvantageous to play any negative or even low-Power cards here.


Effect: On Reveal effects happen twice at this location.

Kamar-Taj is a location that can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing when you play cards like WhiteTiger and Ironheart. And it’s a curse when you play Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket.

Since Yellowjacket has an extremely rebuffing ability, placing it in Kamar-Taj is like digging your own grave.


Effect: Cards here have -2 Power.

Klyntar, much like Jotunheim, is not the best place to play Yellowjacket. It decreases the power of cards in the location by 2. For Yellowjacket, this means a total Power of -3.

Negative Zone

Effect: Cards here have -3 Power.

Much like Klyntar, Negative Zone should also be avoided. It’s already a pretty rebuffing location for other cards. But when paired with Yellowjacket, you’re only worsening the effects.

Oscorp Tower

Effect: After turn 3, all cards here swap sides.

Oscorp Tower is one of those locations that completely flips the table. Its ability swaps all cards in the location after turn 3.

You can see clearly why Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket is not the best to play here. Although Yellowjacket’s -1 Power will get transferred over to your opponent, the debuff really isn’t that big. The max debuff you can afflict is -3 (since Yellowjacket will take up one space in the location). That’s not really that big of a debuff. And if you have the other three spots in the location filled, you’re just giving the opponent more cards.

Additionally, since you must play Yellowjacket here before turn 3, it’s very likely that your opponent will have their cards dispersed in various locations. Hence, it’s possible that while you’re giving your opponent cards by playing cards here, you’re also not getting a lot of cards.

There are some instances where this will work best though, especially when you’re pairing it with other negative power cards like Hobgoblin. Check out our Oscorp Tower deck below to learn how to make the best of Yellowjacket in Oscorp Tower.


Effect: Add a Ninja to each side with -2 Power.

Shadowland is quite an annoying location as not only does it give a Power debuff but also takes up one whole space. Hence, Yellowjacket will only waste one of the other three spaces you have left. And it will further decrease the total Power of this location.

Decks Including Yellowjacket

Several decks utilize Yellowjacket and its innate ability. Here are just three of them:

Cerebro Jacket Deck


  • Yellowjacket
  • Domino
  • Debrii
  • Shang-Chi
  • Sentinel
  • Colossus
  • Moon Girl
  • Valkyrie
  • Spider-Woman
  • Cerebro
  • Cloak
  • Mystique


The Cerebro Jacket deck uses Cerebro as the main card and strategies to clone it repeatedly. The deck contains two cards that are great at cloning. The first is Moon Girl, who will duplicate your hand upon getting revealed. The second is Mystique, who will copy Cerebro’s ability if you played Cerebro right before playing her.

Hence, you get a total of 3 Cerebro cards to play and exponentially increase Power in any location.

Additionally, you should play all your 4-Power cards in one location and use Yellowjacket to lower their Power. You can also use Cloak to move the cards to just one location.

Rocks left behind by Debrii can be taken advantage of. You can use Valkyrie to immediately raise their Power to 3. This gives you a severe advantage over your opponent.

The deck also features some good low-Cost cards like Sentinel and Domino. You can also use Shang-Chi if your opponent has an advantage on the playing field.

Zero Deck


  • Yellowjacket
  • Zero
  • Cosmo
  • Viper
  • Enchantress
  • Maximus
  • Red Skull
  • Destroyer
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Typhoid Mary
  • Ebony Maw
  • Lizard


The Zero Deck has been designed to essentially be self-silencing. Most of these cards are high-Power or low-Cost cards that can be silenced by other cards.

To be more specific, this deck contains Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket, which costs nothing but also has a major caveat: its ability. There’s also Ebony Maw, which has a very high Power for a 1-Cost card but a disadvantageous ability.

Similarly, Lizard, Typhoid Mary, Red Skull, and Destroyer have very high Power-to-Cost ratios. But they all have abilities that put your opponent at an advantage.

That’s where the silencing cards come in, namely Enchantress, Cosmo, and Zero. These cards negate Ongoing and On Reveal abilities under certain conditions. You can also play Viper to transfer the disadvantages to your opponent.

Oscorp Tower Deck


  • Yellowjacket
  • The Hood
  • Black Widow
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Electro
  • Mysterio
  • Vatu The Watcher
  • Ebony Maw
  • Carnage
  • Viper
  • Captain Marvel
  • Hobgoblin


This deck, aptly named “Oscorp Tower Deck”, is the best deck to play in Oscorp Tower. It features many characters that provide negative Power as well as some that give your opponent control of the card.

Yellowjacket is a must-have here. He’s so easy to play and really puts your opponent at a disadvantage when you’re playing in the Oscorp Tower location. Ebony Maw is also a great play as it prevents you from adding any more cards. When the cards get swapped, your opponent will be the one with that restriction.

Of course, you can’t always get the Oscorp Tower location. So use this deck with caution and heavy modifications. It’s somewhat of a guideline for people who want maximum card swapping.

You can also use Scarlet Witch to change the locations once and try your luck at getting Oscorp Tower. You can also use Hobgoblin to put your opponent at an immediate -8 Power disadvantage. Lastly, use Captain Marvel as a finishing move.

Final Word

Marvel Snap’s Yellowjacket is quite the anomaly when it comes to Marvel Snap cards. It provides 2 Power with 0 Cost but at a major disadvantage: its ability. Yellowjacket’s ability adds a -1 Power debuff on all your other cards at that same location.

But that doesn’t mean that he’s completely useless. Knowing where to play him as well as what cards he goes best with is crucial to making use of him. Additionally, you should know the different decks and strategies used when playing him.

Fortunately, you now know all about the card and how you can use it. So add him to your deck and secure your wins!

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