Marvel Snap Zero: Unlock, Locations & Combo

Zero is a character card in Marvel Snap with a unique ability of removing abilities from next card played.

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A detailed guide about Zero in Marvel Snap and its best combos, locations and decks

While progressing through the game and collecting new cards, you unlock a Zero card in Marvel Snap. Zero disables the abilities of the next card played by the player. But don’t forget, not all abilities are worth having anyways. A lot of cards give high Power but come with negative side effects. Having a Zero card gets rid of these effects for you.

The Zero card can be sourced from Pool 3 of cards. Even though the journey is long, Zero will make your card collection finer. So let’s dive right into it and learn all about the Zero card and all it has to offer. 

Key Takeaways

  • Zero is a character card in Marvel Snap with a powerful ability
  • The next card you play after Zero won’t work its abilities
  • Different combos go along with Zero 
  • Negative effect cards should be played after Zero
  • Some locations are better than others for Zero and some will affect Zero’s ability negatively

Zero Basics 

  • Type: Character
  • Power: 3
  • Cost: 1
  • Ability: On Reveal: Remove the abilities on the next card you play.

When you play the Zero card, your next card played won’t have its ability to work. The card might seem useless but that’s not the case. If used correctly, it gives you an upper hand.  

How To Collect Zero

If you have not come across the Zero character’s card just yet, you are not on Collection Level 486 or above. After reaching level 486, you unlock Pool 3 of the cards collection. 3rd Pool is the final Pool in the game currently, which means you have to progress a lot before the Zero card is available to be fetched.  

Pool 3 contains 74 character cards, one of them being the Zero card. Once you reach Pool 3, keep playing and upgrading cards. Upgrading cards helps your Collection Level increase, this is the easiest way to collect new character cards. And that’s how you collect Zero in Marvel Snap.

Increasing Collection Level

Collection Level – Image By Us

To acquire Zero faster, you need to increase your Collection Level. Currently, there are two ways:

Upgrade Your Cards

Upgrade Card Option In Shop – Image By Us

Each card in the game can be upgraded from Boosters and Credits. Continue playing matches and completing tasks, it’ll reward you with both. You can also buy Credits in the shop. Boosters can be obtained by winning matches and increasing Collection Level. Keep an eye out for upgrades in the shop too! They can be exchanged with Credits. 

Collect Variant Cards

Variant Cards In Shop – Image By Us

There are multiple variations of each card that you can collect. Acquiring variant cards isn’t as easy, you need gold to buy it in the shop. You can also collect it in the Collection Level itself.

Variant Cards Of Zero

Currently Zero has 3 other variants in the game. Here are pics for them:

Best Combos With Zero

Best Combos With Zero – Image By Us

Many supervillains in the Marvel universe are a part of Marvel Snap too. They might give you benefits but sadly, they come along with a major blow. Don’t worry, Zero is here to save the day.

Zero only removes the ability of the next card played, the powers are still gonna count. In this case, using high-power cards with negative effects should be played. Such cards are:

  1. Maximus:

    • Play Maximus after Zero to prevent your opponent from drawing two cards. You still get the full 7 Power from Maximus without granting your opponent extra resources.
  2. Typhoid Mary:

    • Despite its -1 Power effect on other cards, Typhoid Mary’s 10 Power for 4-Cost makes it a strong choice. With Zero, you can negate the Power reduction, effectively getting 10 Power without any drawbacks.
  3. Destroyer:

    • Despite its ability to destroy other cards, Destroyer offers a massive 16 Power for 6-Cost. Combining it with Zero ensures that you get the full Power without sacrificing any cards.
  4. Ebony Maw:

    • Ebony Maw’s limitation on playing cards can be mitigated by Zero, especially in the early turns. Its high Power and low Cost make it a valuable addition to your deck when paired with Zero.
  5. Red Skull:

    • Red Skull provides a significant 14 Power for 5-Cost but also benefits the opponent with +2 Power for their cards at the location. Using Zero before Red Skull ensures that you receive the full Power without granting your opponent any additional advantages.

Best Location For Zero

Best Locations To Play Zero At – Image By Us

Locations might not matter much, but a smart player can definitely take advantage of locations with a Zero card. If you run across the following locations while having Zero in your hand, make the choice smartly. The best locations for Zero are:

  1. Machineworld:

    • Playing Zero at Machineworld gives a copy of the card to your opponent. Since most opponents won’t have negative effect cards in their strategy, Zero can disrupt their plans and give you a significant advantage by causing them to lose points.
  2. Cloning Vats:

    • Utilize Cloning Vats to play Zero after a combo card in the first turn, then play another Zero card in the 5th turn following another combo card. This strategy allows you to efficiently use Zero to disrupt your opponent’s plans while maintaining your own card advantage.
  3. Elysium:

    • Take advantage of Elysium’s cost reduction for cards by playing Zero here in the early game. Saving on card costs early allows you to invest in higher-cost cards later in the game, amplifying the impact of Zero on your opponent.
  4. Pleasant Hill:

    • Playing Zero at Pleasant Hill not only triggers its effect but also allows you to draw a card when you play a card here. This location provides additional card draw opportunities, increasing the chances of drawing combo cards to pair with Zero for maximum effect.
  5. Wakanda:

    • Wakanda’s unique feature of preventing card destruction makes it an excellent location for playing Zero combos. Since cards played here can’t be destroyed by opponent’s “Destroy” cards, you can safely execute your Zero strategy without fear of disruption.

Worst Locations For Zero

Worst Locations To Play Zero At – Image By Us

Just like the best locations, there are worst locations to look out for too. These locations will ruin the Zero card ability. It is best to avoid these locations during the game. Some worst locations for Zero in Marvel Snap include: 

  1. The Space Throne:

    • This location only allows one card for each player. Placing Zero here inadvertently or intentionally will prevent any combos from working, as there’s no room for additional cards.
  2. Dark Dimension:

    • Cards played in Dark Dimension are not revealed until the end of the game. Since Zero’s ability relies on revealing the next card played, it becomes ineffective in this location as players cannot predict or manipulate the revealed card.
  3. Hell’s Kitchen:

    • In Hell’s Kitchen, players draw a 1-Cost card from their deck. Playing Zero here can disrupt its combo potential, especially if combo cards with higher costs are required for its effectiveness.
  4. Knowhere:

    • At Knowhere, On Reveal effects do not occur. Since Zero’s ability triggers upon revealing the next card played, it becomes useless in this location as its effect cannot activate.
  5. The Big House:

    • Cards with costs of 4, 5, or 6 cannot be played at The Big House. Since Zero often pairs with higher-cost combo cards for maximum impact, this restriction severely limits its effectiveness in executing powerful combos.

Best Decks With Zero

Zero in Marvel Snap is an extremely powerful card that can either be your success or your downfall. Having him in any random deck is risky but with our list of best decks for Zero, you will know which groups he perfectly belongs in. 

  1. Red Skull-Zero Deck:

    • Korg: Provides an early game advantage by shuffling a Rock into your opponent’s deck.
    • Zero: Removes the negative effects of the next card played.
    • Taskmaster: Doubles the location’s points, ideal for maximizing power.
    • Ebony Maw: Provides a power lead at a low cost.
    • Angela: Grants additional power when a card is played at her location.
    • Venom: Absorbs the power of destroyed cards at its location.
    • Maximus: Grants power while forcing opponents to draw cards.
    • Typhoid Mary: Provides high power at the cost of reducing other cards’ power.
    • Enchantress: Removes ongoing negative effects at a location.
    • Red Skull: Increases enemy card power at its location.
    • Agatha Harkness: Offers high power while playing cards for the player.
    • Armor: Protects cards from being destroyed at its location.

    This deck focuses on high-power cards like Red Skull and Typhoid Mary, with Zero mitigating their negative effects, while Taskmaster and other cards boost overall power and strategic advantage.Red Skull-Zero Deck – Image By Us

  2. Sera-Zero Deck:

    • Sera: Reduces card costs, enabling efficient play and combo potential.
    • Zero: Removes the negative effects of the next card played.
    • Storm: Floods a location, securing it for future turns.
    • Elektra: Destroys an opponent’s 1-Cost card at its location.
    • Carnage: Destroys cards to gain additional power.
    • Enchantress: Removes ongoing negative effects at a location.
    • Typhoid Mary: Offers high power but reduces other cards’ power.
    • Maximus: Grants power while forcing opponents to draw cards.
    • Taskmaster: Matches power with the last card played.
    • Bishop: Gains power each turn a card is played.
    • Destroyer: Destroys other cards but becomes more cost-effective with Sera.
    • Armor: Protects cards from being destroyed at its location.Sera-Zero Deck – Image By Us

    This deck emphasizes cost efficiency with Sera lowering card costs, allowing for rapid deployment of powerful combos while Zero mitigates negative effects, ensuring consistent performance throughout the game.

Final Remarks

Zero has the kind of ability people might use wrong and reach their defeat. However, the correct use of Zero can lead you to victory. There are numerous characters in-game who give away damaging abilities, Zero is the way to nullify them. 

Our Zero decks and locations will help you reach your full potential while playing. Put the mentioned techniques to good use and have fun gaming!

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