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Did you know that you can make your Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters way more powerful by gaining friendship levels? Gift-giving can be very useful for that purpose, here’s a guide on gifts in Marvel’s Midnight Suns!

The guys at Firaxis Games have collaborated with Marvel games to bring forth our beloved Marvel heroes in a tactical game. The game features many of our heroes and comprises high-graphic gameplay and story-filled cutscenes.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a must-try for all the people who love Marvel characters. Likewise, if you are also a card-game fan, then this game has got you covered. The game is available for you to play on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

The game also lets you add friends and share strategies with them. Speaking of sharing with friends, the game lets you send gifts to your in-game friends. Gifting has many benefits in the game, let’s guide you on how to choose!

Key Takeaways

  • You can add and send gifts from your inventory in many ways.
  • Gifting can be used to gain XP for heroes.
  • Heroes can ‘like,’ ‘dislike’, or ‘love’ the gifts that they receive.
  • Every hero has a certain set of interests, according to which their gifts can vary.

Gifting In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Invest your gameplay time into friendship levels to have the greatest power levels imaginable. But don’t be too hasty as it can take some time to be able to get there.

Goblet: a common gift in the game for gift guide
Goblet: a common gift in the game

Once you’ve made enough progress through the story to unlock Hangouts, you can give gifts to friends. Here, you can invite one another to engage in a number of other activities.

Increasing your Friendship levels will increase the number of gifts you receive. Once you’ve unlocked Hangouts, you can join them every night, although you’re more likely to meet up with Heroes who participated in that day’s adventure.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Friendship level

You’ll need to establish friendships in order to fully utilize the Midnight Suns, and there is no better way to do so than by giving gifts to new friends. Creating friends can also help you create a successful team which is essential to achieve success against the enemy.

Midnight Suns Friendship Level Up in gift guide
Friendship level increased with a superhero

All your squad can get upgrades and better rewards if your friendship level with them is good. We can say that it’s worth it to increase friendships.

Check out Friendships in Marvel’s Midnight Suns for an in-depth article on this sub-topic.

How to Find Gifts in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

You can add and send gifts from your inventory in many ways. We will go through all the ways so you don’t miss out on any of them below:

  • Buying gifts
  • Looking around Abbey
  • Agatha’s Cauldron

Let’s discuss them in a bit of detail below!

Buying Gifts At The Gift Shop

Keep in mind that you do need to increase your friendship level to at least 2 to be able to send gifts in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The game has a gift shop from where you can buy gifts. If you’ve been playing the game for a couple of hours, then you are already familiar with Gloss.

Every day, a brand-new gift is available for purchase in the shop for Gloss. It is earned by successfully completing missions. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade the gift shop to provide more possibilities. Just like other things, it will take time.

These gifts are considerably rarer than the items that you find just lying around in Abbey. This also makes them have better XP gains and other advantages.

Searching For Gifts in the Abbey

Roaming around and exploring in Abbey does have its advantages. You will be able to find gifts while wandering in the locations. Our advice would be to take some time out of the main story tactics to explore the room.

All non-combat strategic decisions are taken in the Abbey. Don’t leave any tables or shelves, as gifts could literally be anywhere. They are scattered around the whole location of the game, waiting for you to discover them.

Remember that you should always be on the lookout for random items. They will have the option to interact above them. But they don’t always appear in obvious places.

Using Agatha’s Cauldron To Craft Gifts

Have you used Agatha’s Cauldron yet? You can use it to craft special gifts to give to others. Crafting these can take quite a bit of time as they require various ingredients. You can search for different ingredients as collectibles around the Abbey.

Agatha's spirit Standing next to the Cauldron for crafting gift
Agatha’s spirit Standing next to the Cauldron

Gift Guide: Recommended Gifts For Heroes

You can send specific gifts for different heroes because they don’t do the same things for every hero. When you give the right gift to a certain hero, They will ‘love‘ it. Make sure not to get a ‘dislike‘ from the hero.

To make sure the hero ‘loves‘ your gift we have something for you. We created a detailed list of preferred gifts for these heroes, according to their interests in the game below:

  • Iron Man – Does not like to meditate and is often found reading by the fire.
    • Tales of Suspense #39
  • Wolverine – Often seen drinking and Fishing. Also dislikes Meditating.
    • Snack Box (Root Beers of Canada)
  • Blade – Interested in fishing and likes to meditate.
    • The Unauthorized Biography of Captain Marvel
  • Magik – Interested in stargazing and drinking. Also dislikes Workout.
    • Snack Box (World’s Grossest Candy)
  • Nico – Interested in watching movies and dislikes workout and fishing.
    • Dark Beauty: A Gothic Coloring Book
  • SpiderMan – Interested in watching movies and dislikes playing cards.
    • Music Box (Face it Tiger)
  • Scarlet Witch – Interested in watching Movies, pool lounging, and reading beside the fire. Also dislikes playing games.
    • Music Box (On the Slopes of Wundagore)
  • Captain America – Mostly found playing Cards or reading beside the fire.
    • Snack Box (Premium MREs)
  • Captain Marvel – Can be seen stargazing and dislikes fishing and meditating.
    • Candle (Jet Fuel)
  • Doctor Strange – Found in deep conversations, reading beside the fire, and dislikes workout.
    • Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
  • Ghost Rider – Often seen fishing, pool lounging, and dislikes exploring the grounds.
    • Serenity – Calming You Inner Demon

Ending Point:

There you go! We have told you all the info we had regarding gifting in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Now you will be able to send and receive gifts to increase friendship levels with your friends in the game. Hope you liked our article.

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