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Mass Effect Legendary

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Finally A Release Date

Last month we dared to dream that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition could be with us as soon as March 12th. Sadly, those hopes were dashed because of a new reveal trailer from Bioware and EA. But don’t despair, because it’s good news! Included in the announcement were an official release date and some kickass action sequences?

Mass Effect Legendary
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We can now expect to begin our journey in 4K Ultra HD from May 14th, 2021. Preorders are being taken already so fingers crossed there won’t be any further delays. There will also be 40 DLCs included in the game from extra stories to weapons. Take a look at the trailer below, you won’t be disappointed.


An unusual touch for a Mass Effect trailer is that it predominantly features the female Commander Shephard. In previous releases, although FemShep is preferred to play, Bioware opt to show us BroShep.

This change has been noted by Jennifer Hale, voice actor for FemShep. According to PC Gamer, she was in fact moved to tears by the move. “I’m just sitting here ugly-crying because I’m just so moved,” Hale said, before giving a “huge shout-out to Mark, you know I love you.” Between the tears, she continues, “You guys are the best and to be part of this is the greatest thing in the world and I’m so grateful. BioWare, thank you, fans, thank you so much. It’s so beautiful. I just wanted to share that I’m ugly-crying because it’s so cool.”

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We Can’t Wait!

In less than 24 hours, the Mass Effect Legendary trailer has been viewed almost a million times, indicating just how hyped fans are. But will the game live up to the high standard? We’ll have to wait till May to find out. You can pre-Order the Mass Effect Legendary Edition here.

We’re also still waiting to hear more on the untitled project Bioware teased last year. You can check out our theories on the reveal trailer here, and don’t forget to let us know what you think will be the next step for Mass Effect in the comments.

That’s all from me for today. What did you think of the trailer? Who are you most psyched to see in Ultra HD? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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