Melia Xenoblade 3: Unlock, Skills, & Build

Melia is a unique Xenoblade Character that you don't wanna miss out on. So stick around this Melia Xenoblade 3 guide to learn more.

Meila Xenoblade 3 [Definitive Guide]
Meila Xenoblade 3 [Definitive Guide]

Who is Melia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Melia Xenoblade 3

Melia is a returning character from Xenoblade Chronicles. She used to be the protagonist and now makes her comeback as a playback character. She is a part of the High Entia race and demonstrates her skill as a powerful magus. The High Antia Race are bird people with wings on their back. Such people lead their lives under the rule of Empress Sorean Antiqua, who is Melia’s mother.

Key Takeaways

  • Melia possesses a potent mix of attacking and useful skills. In addition to doing damage, her attacks weaken her opponents by applying debuffs like bind, which makes the battle easier for her and her squad. Her powerful powers and arts take some time to charge up, so that’s the only thing you’ll need to be aware of.
  • The consensus is that in order to hire her, you must first liberate the colonies and unlock all the other characters, you will have made steady progress during your normal playthrough and will only have particular places to free and characters to unlock.
  • The immensely potent talents Here Shall I Stand, Fortified Ether Guard, Essence of Ether, and Elemental Boost will increase your attack damage overall.
  • Melia’s greatest builds are Combat Arts, Lower Rank Master Arts, Higher Rank Master Arts, Lower Rank Master Skills, and Higher Rank Master Skills.

This makes Melia the princess of the people, which can lead her image to be seen as someone with an authoritative mindset. However, contrary to rumors, she has a really humble and kind personality making her stand out among the others. But, her status as a princess meant that she had a strict upbringing and formal education. This causes her outlook to come off as stern and serious, even though she has a great sense of humor. She also fulfills your team with exceptional abilities and is a character you don’t want to miss.

Unlocking Melia in Xenoblade 3

Melia starts off as an NPC in the Xenoblade 3 storyline. This might make people disheartened as to maybe she is unplayable. However, that is far from the truth. You can play as Melia if you follow a couple of steps. You will have to complete the Hero Quest, which will push you to the brim and will challenge you to test your worth.

However, you cannot attempt this quest before you unlock the New Game+ mode. The New Game+ mode will become available once you complete the game once. You can unlock most of the unlockable characters only in this mode, so you will have to play this mode sometimes through your gameplay.

Rather than taking away from your gaming experience and telling you everything, we will let you know what way to go without diving deeper. This will allows you to get the adrenalin pumping while completing this quest. Instead of going for the New game+ mode, you can get this quest if you just play the game normally after finishing it as well.

The road to unlocking Melia is a tedious one. The community believes you will have to unlock all the other characters first and liberate the colonies to recruit her. Even though this might seem like a lot, you will have made steady progress through your normal playthrough and will only have specific areas to liberate and characters to unlock.

This is the most common way to unlock Melia at this point. We will update this article to aid in your uphill battle if we find a shorter route.

Melia’s Backstory

Melia makes her comeback in Xenoblade 3. The last time we met with this talented warrior was in Xenoblade Chronicles where she was supposed to succeed the throne. However, unfortunate circumstances delayed the coronation pushing Melia to side with the protagonists of the game to avenge the death of her father.

After this, many events transpired and led to Melia becoming the Queen of Keves. However, happy endings don’t exist for long as adversities are bound to appear. Melia was also in the palm of such a fate. The two worlds that were created and kept apart started resonating. Their fusing led to a calamity that led Melia to take some drastic measures. She formed a contract with the Queen of Angus, Nia, in order to construct an arc that would keep the civilians safe and provide them a safe haven.

However, the Arc called the origin had more problems for the people. It created a malicious existence known as Z, which overpowered Melia enough to put her in a cryogenic sleeping state. He even made a double of Melia to use as his puppet and destroy anyone that dares to stand in its way. This led to turmoil in the land and wars waged. The wars by Z keep the world in a ‘State of now.’

Xenoblade 3 Melia’s Skillset

Melia's Skills in Xenoblade 3
Melia with her Weapon

Melia is a compelling character with tremendous potential to grow. She is part of the Royal Summoner Class and acts as an Attacker. She is a character you don’t want to miss out on due to her talent and enriching story. It is bound to keep you hooked and leave you yearning for more.

Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Starfall Singular Target Ether Attack Damage
Topple effect on enemies
Power Effect On Character Deal 80% more damage
Take 40% more damage
Elemental Discharge Singular Target Deal 50% increased elemental damage
Starlight Kick Singular Target Topples your enemies
Summon Element Small field
around character
Ether Attack Damage
Shadow Stitch Singular Target Binds the enemy if the attack lands on
the enemy’s back

These are some powerful combat arts. Elemental damage increases your overall attack damage making you an absolute goliath in the face of an enemy. The increased damage will come in handy when dealing with tough monsters. The Power effect is also very broken as it increases your attack damage exponentially. However, it will decrease your defense and make you take more damage. So it is a double-edged which should only be used if you know how to handle it.

Talent Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Element Genesis A Small field around the character Discharges all elementals when using the art, increasing your attack damage

Xenoblade Melia Skills

Moving on, we have Melia’s skills. Skills play an essential part in the outcome of a battle and can be used to overturn the tides. Powerful skills can enable you to take down enemies tougher than you and dominate the battlefield.

Skill Effect
Here Shall I Stand 60% increased Elemental Damage
30% increased Elemental buffs
Fortified Ether Guard 10% increased Ether Defense
Essence of Ether 20 Increased teammates’ attack damage
5% decreased enemy’s defense
Elemental Boost 20% increased damage when discharging elements (has a stack-on effect)

These are some insanely powerful skills that will boost your overall attack damage. Here Shall I Stand allows your buffs and elemental attacks to be strengthened, enabling you to deal some massive damage. The Essence of Ether is an excellent team fight skill that will allow your teammates to overpower your opponents. The increased attack damage and lowered defense will allow your teammates to deal with them effectively and quickly.

Fortified Ether Defense boosts your defense stats and gives you more durability in a fight. Considering you will be attacking, the enemies will target you a lot, so it is worthwhile to use this skill to ensure your survivability.

Xenoblade Melia 3 Best Build

The arts and skills are all powerful in their own right. However, there needs to be some harmony between them to outshine all others truly. To become the most powerful image of yourself, you need a strong build. Thus we have got you covered in this Melia Xenoblade 3 guide.

Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Starfall Singular Target Ether Attack Damage
Topple effect on enemies
Summon Element Small field
around character
Ether Attack Damage
Elemental Discharge Singular Target Deal 50% increased elemental damage

This perfect blend of combat arts allows you to showcase your strengths while covering up your weaknesses. Elemental Discharge’s increased damage will make you the primary damage dealer that can run through the enemies’ tough hide. Starfall’s topple effect will enable you to overpower your opponents and completely obliterate them.

Lower Rank Master Arts

Art Base Effect
Overfall Lowers the Enemy Defense
Maximum Voltage Increase your Attack Damage and
makes the hits unblockable for the enemies
Glitter Stream Side Break

Maximum Voltage is incredibly powerful. Along with greater attack damage, it even makes your blow unblockable. Such a skill ensures that you attack lands, meaning you will have guaranteed damage. This coupled with the Overfall’s effect, will tremendously impact your fight. The lowered enemy defense will make them more vulnerable to your attacks, and with Maximum voltage, you are guaranteed landing hits making this combo mighty.

Higher Rank Master Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Element Genesis A Small field around the character Discharges all elementals when using the art, increasing your attack damage

Lower Rank Master Skills

Skill Effect
Cypher Edge Increased 10% Critical Rate
Ethereal Ability Ether Arts deal 30% increased damage
Now That’s Tactics! Increased TP by 5 when starting a Chain Attack

Higher Rank Master Skills

Skill Effect
Covert Attack Take 20% decreased aggro from enemies
Dynamite Spirit Deal 20% more damage when your HP is above 90%

These Master Skills are exceptional and boost Melia’s attack damage. Covert attack reduces the amount of pressure from enemies and will enable you to launch your attacks freely. Additionally, Dynamite Spirit rewards you for playing it safe by giving you a damage boost when above a certain health threshold. This will allow you to deal tons of damage at the start of a fight.


Item Effect
Silver Belt Increased Attack Damage
Wind Bracelet Gain Charged Master Arts before Battle
Gold Necklace Auto-attacking takes less damage

Silver Belt allows you to display a lot of damage. This will make it much more efficient in finishing off enemies. The Wind Bracelet gives you the edge in a battle by making your master arts charged even before being in a battle. This will allow you to showcase explosive attack damage right from the start and cement your victory.


Item Effect
Accurate Grace Increased Dexterity
Steelcleaver Increased Attack Damage
Disperse Bloodlust Using Arts takes less aggro

Disperse Bloodlust is a perfect gem to be used on Melia. It allows her to transcend her standard capabilities and reduces aggro on her. This means that she can launch more attacks without being scared of getting hit. Moreover, the dexterity will paint a much more skilled battle and allow you to hone your playstyle.

This finishes up the best Melia Build. This will help you stand victorious in your battles by demolishing your opponents.

Last Words

Melia is a strong character that can become even more robust in the right hands. Melia has a powerful blend of offensive capabilities and utility. Other than the damage, her attacks deal debuffs to her enemies like bind, making the fight easier for her and her team. The only thing you will have to watch out for is her powerful skills and arts take a while to charge up.

This could mean that you might lose before even having the ability to counterattack with those skills. You will have to get the timings down with your playstyle to ensure you dominate every battlefield.

This concludes our Melia Xenoblade 3 guide. Let us know down below which Xenoblade Character is your favorite!!

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