Merciless Division 2: Talents, Build and Farming Locations

Division 2 has many exotics and Merciless is one of them. Let's discuss how to use this exotic rifle, whether it's good or not and locations where you can you farm it.

Merciless Division 2
The Exotic Rifle "Merciless"

 Merciless in Division 2 is arguably one of the most unique exotics regarding both looks and usage. It may look like an assault rifle, but it’s a semi-automatic rifle with a unique shooting mechanic.

Key Takeaways

  • The Merciless in Division 2 is an exotic semi-automatic rifle with the “Binary Trigger” talent, enabling two shots per trigger pull, granting stacks for hitting the same target.
  •  At seven stacks, hitting an enemy deals +500% amplified damage and creates a 7m explosion, increasing damage further.
  • The Striker gear set, with three pieces and additional talents, boosts weapon handling, fire rate, and critical damage.
  • Obtain The Merciless, a Hyena weapon, by completing missions featuring Hyena bosses like Jefferson Trade Center and others.
  • Increase drop chances by raising mission difficulty or farming when the mission target loot is a rifle.
  • For optimal results, farm open-world areas with rifle-specific target loot.
  • A recommended build includes specific gear pieces like a Striker mask and Ceska bag-pack, among others, with emphasis on rifle damage.
  • The Merciless’s binary trigger talent offers high damage potential, beneficial for multiple enemy takedowns, but requires precision. Acquiring it through loot drops may be challenging due to RNG.

Here is a summary table for the Merciless Build in Division 2:

1MaskStriker (1/3) mask with 12% critical damage and 6% critical chance
2BagCeska Bag-pack with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Composure” talent (15% Damage in Cover)
3Chest PieceGroupo chest piece with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Braced” talent (45% Weapon Handling Increase in Cover)
4GlovesStriker (2/3) gloves with 12% critical damage or 6% chance
5HolsterStriker (3/3) holster with 12% critical damage or 6% chance
6KneepadsOverload kneepads (Fox Prayer) with 8% damage out of cover and 12% critical damage or 6% chance.

How to Use Merciless Talent in Division 2

Merciless Division 2
Talent of Merciless

“Some people say I lack empathy. They’re wrong. What I lack is mercy.” -Zodiac, Hyenas Councilmember

As cool as the quote sounds, this gun also does it justice. It has a talent called a binary trigger, which is nothing like you’ve seen in Division.

Unlike other rifles in Division 2, this gun shoots two bullets in one trigger. How is that possible? Well, it’s because of its talent called “Binary Trigger”.

Basically, you fire one bullet when you push the trigger and one when you release it.

If both the bullets fired hits a target, you get 1 stack out of 7. When you keep gaining stacks, at the 7th stack, you’ll do 500% amplified damage and a 7 meter AOE damage of another amplified 500%.

So basically, not just your enemy will get amplified damage but others around him as well. This talent especially comes in handy when you have a bunch of enemies grouped.

Build for Merciless

Merciless Division 2
Merciless Build

This is my go-to build when I run Merciless on my character. Here’s a breakdown of it:

  1. Mask: Striker (1/3) mask with 12% critical damage and 6% critical chance
  2. Bag: Ceska Bag-pack with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Composure” talent (15% Damage in Cover)
  3. Chest Piece: Groupo chest piece with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Braced” talent (45% Weapon Handling Increase in Cover)
  4. Gloves: Striker (2/3) gloves  with 12% critical damage or 6% chance
  5. Holster: Striker (3/3) holster with 12% critical damage or 6% chance
  6. Kneepads: Overload kneepads (Fox Prayer) with 8% damage out of cover and 12% critical damage or 6% chance.

Optimize weapon performance by specializing in rifle and assault rifle damage using The Merciless and Shield Splintered.

Utilize the striker gearset bonus (with three pieces) for a 15% increase in weapon handling and fire rate. Combine this with stability improvements to control the Merciless more effectively and maximize critical damage output, resulting in high DPS.

Enhance damage potential with the “Composure” talent in the bag-pack for increased damage against enemies not in cover, along with the Fox Prayer kneepads providing an 8% damage boost to uncovered enemies.

Maintain a minimum 50% critical chance and focus on boosting critical damage through attributes and gear mods. Adapt and customize this build to suit your individual playstyle, as it serves as a foundational template rather than a definitive solution.

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Merciless Division 2 Farming Locations

You can try and farm The Merciless in Division 2 at many locations throughout the game; let’s discuss some of the main ones.

Merciless from Hyena Missions

Merciless Division 2
The Hyenas

As Merciless is a Hyena weapon, it will drop from missions that feature a Hyena boss. There are 4 main missions in the game that feature a Hyena boss:

  1. Jefferson Trade Center
  2. Grand Washington Hotel
  3. Bank Headquarters
  4. District Union Arena Stronghold

By powering through the above missions, there will be a boss at the end. Depending on your luck, you might get your hands on it in one of the runs.

Pro Tip: Since all the loot drops in the game depend on RNG, are even rare. To increase your chances, increase the mission difficulty to either challenging, heroic, or legendary (Stronghold only). You can also add a few directives which will increase your chances. The best tip, however, is to farm these missions when their target loot is a rifle.

Open World Target Loot

Merciless Division 2
Open world Rifle Target Loot

Similar to the target loot of a mission, the open world is divided into different areas, and each one has its own target loot. So you can fast-travel to the area that has a rifle as a target loot.

You can do open-world activities in those areas that include:

  1. Bounties
  2. Propaganda Broadcasts
  3. Public Executions
  4. NPC Rescue Operations
  5. Control Points
  6. Resource Convey
  7. Elite Patrols

By completing the above activities in a rifle target loot zone, there will be a chance for Merciless to drop. You can also activate directives and increase your chances.

Summit Game Mode

Merciless Division 2
The Summit Entrance

Title Update 11 in Division 2 introduced “Summit,” a new PVE-focused mode. It features a 100-floor skyscraper occupied by various factions. As you ascend, the difficulty increases, offering better loot.

A unique aspect of the Summit is the ability to select targeted loot, unlike the open world, where it updates periodically. Choose specific items like rifles for farming within the Summit.

Opt for higher difficulty by selecting challenging, heroic, or legendary settings before entering the elevator and applying it across all floors.

In contrast to the open world’s 5 directives, the Summit offers 10. Activating these directives increases the difficulty while also enhancing the chances of getting The Merciless.

Weekly Projects

Merciless Division 2
The Project Screen

It’s not exactly a location, but you can get exotics, especially Merciless, guaranteed this way. It’s through the weekly SHD requisition and legendary missions project.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s all about the grind and how much time you invest into farming for Merciless. But one thing I know is that it’s worth it! So if you don’t find it in a single run, just try again, and it’s just a matter of time before it’ll be in your inventory. Good luck, agents!

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