Meteorite Elden Ring: How to Get Meteorite Early

Looking for a damage boosting item in Elden Ring? Here is how you can make use of Meteorite Elden Ring Spell and Staff to deal heavy damage.

Meteorite Elden Ring
Meteorite Elden Ring

You might have seen players in PvP or live streams as they rain heavy damage dealing meteorites from skies. These meteorites are a real item and are relatively easy to obtain. Surprisingly, players can quickly get this shower of Meteorite in Elden Ring reasonably early in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Meteorite is a Sorcery spell in the Elden Ring that causes significant harm to opponents by summoning tiny meteors from the sky.
  • To cast the Meteorite spell, a character must have a high Intelligence stat and a Meteorite Staff or a similar object; it can be acquired from Royal Moongazing Ground.
  • The Meteorite Staff can be procured by defeating Loretta and visiting the Street of Sages Ruins in the dark Swamp of Aeonia.
  • The Meteorite Staff boasts S-rank scaling and requires 18 Intelligence and a Sorcery Score of 60 to use in battle.
  • To use Meteorite effectively, players should consider investing in Intelligence stats and finding allies  or summoning Torrents to assist in reaching the necessary locations.
  • Meteorite is a powerful item that can greatly enhance a player’s gameplay and help them defeat challenging bosses in the Elden Ring.

Apart from restoring the destroyed world of Elden Ring in the storyline, you might want to use new items that influence your gameplay.

Meteorite in Elden Ring is also one of the significant items that will greatly contribute to your playstyle to fight the bosses. This guide entails all the details of these meteorites and how you can get them to inflict more serious damage to the enemies. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

How to Get Meteorite in Elden Ring?

While you might have already seen the fantastic sight of meteorite showers in Elden Ring. But it is essential to know what they are and how to call them. The Meteorite is a Sorcery spell in Elden Ring that will call small meteors from the sky that will hit the enemies on the ground to cause massive damage. For those unaware of the Sorceries, these are the newly introduced magic spells in Elden Ring. These spells are directly dependent on Intelligence. You can read more about these in our Best Elden Ring Builds.

How to Get Meteorite in Elden Ring?
Meteorite Elden Ring

For that instance, your character must have higher Intelligence stats to ensure the performance of the Sorcery spells in the game. On the other side, using the Sorcery Spell like Meteorite in Elden Ring requires a Staff or a similar item. It means you will need to obtain these items first to call the meteors from the sky. While we talk about Stats, make sure to read our Elden Ring Stats Article.

Now that you know what Meteorite is in the Elden Ring and how to call them, you might want to pursue the step-by-step guide to get the Sorcery spell for your character and make the most out of the gaming experience. With that said, let’s discuss the first step to getting Meteorite in Elden Ring.

Get the Meteorite Staff

PhysicalMagicFireLightningHolyCriticalGuard Boost
Attack Power390000100
Guarded Damage Negation281717171717
SorcerySlots Used 1
FP Cost30(12)
Buy price600

First things first, you will have to obtain the Meteorite Staff that will be used to cast the Sorcery Spell of meteors. Before going into the wild, you might have to make sure your character has the Intelligence stat of 18 Intelligence. Otherwise, you might not be able to obtain the Staff. Another primary requirement for this Staff is to fight and defeat Loretta.

Loretta is a royal knight and is a part of the Elden Ring story lore for those who do not know. So you will have to finish that side of the gameplay and kill him before diving into the dark journey across the map. 

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location
Meteorite Staff Location

Moving on, players will have to visit the dark Swamp of Aeonia that can be found in the location of Caelid on the map. Once you reach the location, you will have to set the waypoint to Street of Sages Ruins. Few things that you should always remember in your journey through the swamp. Firstly, you must not engage in combat with any of the hostile enemies in the area.

These are the higher-level enemies that would try to take a piece of you. Considering you are the early-level character, these enemies will finish your character in one strike. 

Moreover, you might not want to take on the journey all alone. Make sure to bring a co-op companion with you or at least summon the Torrent to quickly reach the location without any trouble. Upon reaching the Street of Sages Ruins, you will be able to see a tower. Come around the back of the tower and here you can find a corpse with one and only Meteorite Staff. 

Corpse with Meteorite Staff
The corpse with Meteorite Staff

Looking at the stats, you will be able to see the mighty S-rank scaling with only 18 Intelligence requirements. The cherry on top is the Sorcery Score of 60 for attacking, which will increase whenever you invest in more Intelligence.

Considering these stats, these are highly worthy for early and higher-level players. On the other side, this Staff will be granting the Meteorite Spell, which takes us to the next step in the guide. 

Meteorite Staff Stats
Meteorite Staff Stats

Obtain the Meteorite Spell

The next step to cast the Meteorite Spell is to obtain it from one particular location. And that location is Royal Moongazing Ground. Call your Torrent boy and go through the dense jungle to reach the Royal Grave Evergaol.

Enter the Evergaol, and you will be taken to the battle arena. Here the game will spawn in the Alabaster Lord that you will have to kill to obtain your Meteorite Spell.

Meteorite Spell
Royal Moongazing Grounds

Killing the ancient enemy is not going to be an easy feat. So make sure to bring your best weapons and other defense measures to put down this boss easily. In the end, you will receive Meteorite in and will be readily available to use through Meteorite Staff you got earlier. 

Elden Ring Royal Grave Evergaol Location
Follow the Path Through Forest
Elden Ring Royal Grave Evergaol
Royal Grave Evergaol
Elden Ring Meteorite Spell Reward
Meteorite Spell Reward

If this approach seems complicated, you can pursue another strategy that will require investing in the Runes, an in-game currency. All you need to do is visit the merchant in the Post Town Ruin in Limgrave known as Sorceress Sellen.

You can purchase the Meteorite Spell for 400 Runes. Although, this approach is less daunting. But it might cost you a considerable investment of Runes, which are not easy to get. Choose whatever approach seems easy, and you will finally have a powerful Meteorite Spell for your S-rank scaled Staff.

How to Use Meteorite Spell?

Now that you have both Meteorite Staff and the Spell, it is important to note how you can cast the Spell and its effects on your gameplay. You can cast this mighty Spell with the Staff to shoot numerous meteors in different directions.

Use your Spell combinations on the respective platform you are playing, and you will be able to deal massive damage to the enemies and bosses with meteors. 

How to Use Meteorite Spell?
Meteorite Spell Use on Boss

Surprisingly, you no longer have to fight with different weapons. All you need to do is keep the distance and cast the Spell that will wreak havoc on all bosses like Stonedigger Troll that you were having a hard time hitting. Plus, it is not a one-time shooting animation. You will continue to shoot meteors depending on the scaling type you have on your Meteorite Staff. 

Although, one drawback of the Meteorite shower is that it is wildly inaccurate. Significantly, the minor enemies are more likely to dodge the Meteorite, because you can not accurately hit them during the Spell. Meanwhile, it works perfectly for large enemies as they are wide and will hit all the meteors on the body. 

The Meteorite Spell and the Staff have maxed-out abilities and do not require any skills or character upgrades. You can take on any Dragon Agheel and will be able to finish them off with two Meteorite Spells efficiently. 

Final Words

Meteorite in Elden Ring gives a significant edge to players that are just new to the game, while veteran players can farm Runes by using this overpowered Spell. It is recommended to invest the stats points into the Intelligence to scale up your Meteorite Staff and do the most damage out of the Spell. 

That is about it for the Meteorite Spell and Staff in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your Staff earlier in the game? What is your favorite Spell in the game that you love to pursue in character build? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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