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Metro Developer Discusses Compromises for Xbox Series S

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     4A games Chief Technical Officer Oleksandr Shyshkovtsov recently did an interview with wccftech, where he discussed the early headaches they had with the Xbox Series S. Shyshkovtsov has said that the GPU performance will present a challenge for future titles. “Our current renderer is designed for high spatial and temporal resolution. It is stochastic by nature. Dropping any of those would require us to do a more expensive calculation, dropping performance even further.” The Metro  developer is not the only one who has complained about the specs on Xbox Series S. Remedy’s technical producer Sasen Sepehr has said  that the Xbox Series S could lead to game optimization problems. Other developers have complained of the non existent RAM will hold back future multi-platform games.   

    Microsoft revealed the Series S as a cheaper, 1440p max, alternative for gamers that have limited budget. Microsoft has said that every game released for Series X will be available on the Series S. The problem is that the Series S is less powerful than the Series X. Series S only has 10 GB of RAM, compared to 16GB on the Series X. The Series S has 4 teraflops of GPU power, while the Series X has 12 teraflops. The Series S does not have a disc drive and is priced at $300, which is lower than the $500 for the Series X.  

   This will continue to be an ongoing issue for developers as the next-gen consoles have only launched a couple months ago. Developers have not been shy when it comes to criticizing the Series S. Microsoft has a problem if multi-platform games on the Series S have significantly lower performance than platforms. Sony had also released a cheaper alternative  to the PS5 without the disc drive for $400. The specs are the same for both versions. Series S can be a headache for game developers having to compromise a bit on their ambition in order for their games to run on the Series S.       

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