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Microsoft Considering Buying Discord For $10 Billion

Yesterday, it was revealed that Discord Inc. is looking to possibly sell up to another company. Just this morning, we have learned that Microsoft is in talks to acquire the platform. Although nothing is set in stone, it is rumoured the deal could be for the sum of $10 billion, a pretty staggering amount unless you’re one of the wealthiest companies in the world. There is no guarantee of a sale, however, with people close to the talks suggesting Discord might go public rather than giving over to another company. It sounds like they may be testing the waters at this time rather than desperately looking to sell.

Venture Beat yesterday revealed that those in charge of Discord are looking to sell the videogame chat platform in the near future. Multiple sources familiar with the matter said that the decision was made in the wake of acquisition interest from several other companies. This is unsurprising given how well they’ve been doing recently. In December last year, the instant messaging app reached 140 million users and raised over $100 million in funding. Whilst it’s a bit more complicated than throwing out big figures, Discord’s profitability is predicted to keep rising as popularity and wide-spread availability increase. Venture Beat’s source had this to say:

“I know they are in active discussions with a select few parties. The market is in a state where they could command strong double-digit billions of dollars.”

Microsoft’s At It Again

In the wake of yesterday’s news, Bloomberg has also clearly been in contact with their own sources. They are now claiming that Microsoft is in the running, for a tidy sum of over $10 billion. No final deal is close yet, however, and other sources are claiming it may never happen. Instead, Discord may look at going public. Neither company has commented on the rumours as of yet.

Microsoft has been making waves in the gaming industry in the last few weeks. Only two weeks ago, their deal to purchase Bethesda was finalised and approved by the EU. This has allowed them to add a huge wealth of games to the Xbox Game Pass as they continue to compete with Sony.

Although a strong contender, they are not the only party who have been approached by Discord regarding a sale. According to the Bloomberg article, Amazon and Epic Games Inc have also been considered. No one is officially commenting yet so we will have to wait and see how this pans out.

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What do you think about Discord selling up? Would Microsoft be the right owner? Let us know in the comments.

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