Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Is the Fastest-Growing Entry in the Series

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Get it here) is now the fastest-growing entry in the series, according to a recent press release from project lead, Jorg Neumann, boasting over 2 million pilots since its launch earlier this year.

Neumann took the opportunity to thank fans for their support:

“This was possible thanks to the incredible community of fans, real-world pilots, flight enthusiasts, and virtual travelers who have embraced the new simulation since its arrival on August 18 and made it the biggest game launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC history.”

He went on to drop some impressive stats, claiming that the players have already piloted over 50 million flights and logged over 3.5 billion miles, “the equivalent of flying 19 times roundtrip from the Earth to the Sun, or around the world over 400 thousand times.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Get it here), as it is colloquially called, is the 11th entry in what is easily the company’s longest-running franchise, which debuted 38 years ago in 1982. This latest iteration was developed by Bordeaux-based Asobo Studio (known for their 2019 title, A Plague Tale: Innocence) and published by Xbox Game Studios.

This latest milestone builds the game’s existing success after the title took home “Best Sim / Strategy 2020” at last week’s Game Awards, edging out fellow heavyweights XCOM: Chimera Squad by Firaxis and Splash Damage/The Coalition’s Gears Tactics.

Microsoft hopes to continue this trend when Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2021, making it the first game in the series to be released on consoles. You can watch the latest trailer, captured in real time on Series X hardware, here.

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