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Microsoft Promises to Fix Xbox Series X Controller Issue

Microsoft has announced plans to issue a fix during a future update after thousands of players reported problems with the new XBOX Series X controller.

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A discussion thread on the Microsoft help forums has hit forty pages, with over 1700 users claiming that their consoles will randomly lose communication with the Xbox Series X controller.

Many details remain unclear. while some players are reporting a lack of input signals from controller to console, others are claiming that the two devices won’t even sync.

Meanwhile, it seems the problem may only arise with specific games, among them Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ubisoft’s latest AAA offering.

Thus, although only a small fraction of the reported total number of Xbox Series X|S systems already sold have been affected so far, the issue remains widespread. In fact, some people must have experienced it practically out-of-the-box, given that the forum thread has been active since November 13th, 2020, a mere three days after the system launched.

Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft has finally taken notice. In a statement published by The Verge, they pledged to address the issue in a future update:

At Microsoft, we put all of our products through rigorous quality assurance testing and are committed to providing customers with an unparalleled gaming experience. We are aware some players may be experiencing disconnects with their new Xbox Wireless Controllers and our teams are actively working on a solution to be included in a future update. For the best experience, we encourage customers to update to the latest controller firmware by following the steps posted here or visiting for assistance.

The company has also added the Xbox Series X controller problem to its list of known issues with the new system, offering the following workaround while a fix is developed:

  • Known issue: Some users are noticing that their wireless controllers won’t connect to the console after it’s powered on. 
  • Workaround: We’re looking into the issue, but at this time there’s no known ETA for a fix. If you experience this issue, perform a hard reset by holding the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds, releasing it only when the device shuts off. After powering the console back on, the controllers should be functional. 

With both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 experiencing a number of serious issues since launch, both Microsoft and Sony are under increasing pressure to address these problems and compensate players for the damages caused. To that end, Sony recently began offering refunds to people who bought Maneater on sale in November, now that the game is free on PS Plus through January of this year.(If you haven’t been able to buy one already, be sure to keep an eye out for the Amazon listings for the PS5 here and XBOX SERIES X/S here.)

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