Microtransactions In Pokemon Go Is Another Reason Why Palworld Is Well Received

The increasing prices of items in Pokemon Go is forcing players to look for better alternatives.

Palworld vs Pokemon Go
Microtransactions in Pokemon Go is another reason Palworld is well received by fans

It’s fascinating how different games can influence each other! Microtransactions have become common in many video games, including Pokémon Go. These transactions often offer players convenience or cosmetic items, enhancing their gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Palworld requires a one-time upfront fee to play it, while Pokemon Go works on a freemium model where players can play it for free, but to excel further, they need to make in-game transactions.
  • The increasing prices of items in Pokemon Go are forcing fans to switch to Palworld.
  • Pokemon Go has been seeing an unstable rise and fall in revenue generation, and its monthly active players are decreasing despite adding new features. It indicates a significant flaw in its monetization model.

Palworld, with its own unique spin on gameplay and mechanics, has many edges over Pokemon Go, the absence of Microtransactions being one of them. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where monetization doesn’t overshadow gameplay but instead complements it.

Personally? I don’t think both games should be compared because they have different monetization models. However, I seriously believe this difference is one important reason, among many others, that Palworld is well-received by fans. Let me support my argument with a few points:

Microtransactions: My Take And Pokemon Go’s Freemium Model

Microtransactions indeed provide additional revenue streams for developers. However, my issue with microtransactions is not new, as I, along with many critics, believe this pay-to-win mechanism, which forces people to buy something for an ‘enhanced experience’, is against the spirit of video games.

I believe a competitive environment is necessary and more important for the growth of video games, where skills prevail rather than money. 

As Satoru Iwata, the famous Japanese video game programmer, says:

Video games are meant to be just one thing: Fun! Fun for everyone.

Microtransactions in Pokemon Go
Microtransactions in Pokemon Go

However, as Pokemon Go works on a freemium monetization model, it is natural to expect in-game transactions. Honestly, it had a great start, and the game was fun enough to convince fans to spend money on it. Later advancements, however, are not convincing and are making fans increasingly frustrated over rising prices.

Fans’ Frustration Over Rising Prices And Palworld’s Better Alternative

As a fan of the original Pokemon television series, I think incorporating AR technology was the best thing to happen. It made Pokemon Go a cultural phenomenon, blending the virtual world of Pokémon with real-world exploration. Even now, it is the most successful AR game of all time. I still play it sometimes and enjoy it a lot, without, of course, making any purchases.

Similarly, for an enhanced experience, players certainly spend a lot to buy Poké Balls, Incense, Raid Passes, etc. However, fans have expressed disappointment with the rising prices of items. Players can even be seen voicing their disappointment on social platforms. 

Should have known.
byu/Foulmouth232 inpokemongo

On the other hand, Palworld only requires a one-time purchase of the base game, and you can enjoy it as it is. No microtransactions, nothing forcing you to spend more money, pure fun with your pals.

As the fans call it the ‘Pokemon With Guns’, Plaworld takes a more straightforward approach to making money while also providing fans with what they wanted for a long time.

Pokemon Go’s Declining Revenue And Palworld’s Rise

Pokemon Go made a little over a billion dollars in revenue in the same year it was released. However, the next few years saw its revenue dropping drastically, sometimes even getting halved. It again saw its peak in 2020, after which it has faced a considerable drop in revenue until now.

Critics blame it all on the controversial decision to increase Remote Passes’ price. Even though the prices have increased, the items from these boxes are less valuable than ever. Players are deleting games as a form of protest; we cannot neglect these user experiences in accounting for the game’s unstable and often declining revenue

Now, since Palworld has arrived with a bang, we might even see Pokemon Go’s revenue in an even worse situation. All in all, Palworld has proved to be a better option for players in most ways possible, including providing them with a genuine gameplay experience and a true sense of accomplishment through genuine skills.

Ultimately, whether microtransactions enhance or detract from the gaming experience remains a subjective matter. Still, Palworld’s popularity suggests that there is a significant demand for games that prioritize fairness and accessibility.

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