Interview: Microvolts: Recharged – No Pay2Win, Strategic Gameplay Takes Center Stage

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MICROVOLTS Recharged - via Masangsoft

When it comes to intense third-person shooter experiences, MICROVOLTS: Recharged always grabs the attention of players with unique action gameplay and a variety of weapons to choose from. The game gets challenging with each match and demands players to adapt quickly to claim victories. At the same time, it also allows players to customize their figure to stay dominant in the expanding maps. 

To learn more about the development efforts and inspiration, we interviewed Leo, Director of MICROVOLTS: Recharged, over email. 

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your work on MICROVOLTS: Recharged.

Leo: Hello, it’s my first time reaching out, so allow me to introduce myself. 

I’m Leo, the Director at MICROVOLTS: Recharged, where I spearhead our efforts to craft an engaging world filled with joy and entertainment for our players.

MICROVOLTS has always been a nostalgic experience for the community. What new aspects does MICROVOLTS: Recharged bring for the players in this release?

Leo: This update brings a host of fresh features across various aspects of the game.

While we’ve launched on the Epic Games platform to broaden our reach, allowing more players to experience our game, we’ve integrated EAC to promote fairer gameplay in response to popular demand.

The zoom mode interface has been refined, offering players a choice between click or hold functionalities, tailoring the experience to individual preferences.

Moreover, we’ve added several options to personalize the action figures, notably including the new ‘Street Dancer’ skin, designed with great ambition.

MICROVOLTS Recharged gameplay
MICROVOLTS Recharged – via Masangsoft

Since it is a free-to-play game, how did you balance the F2P aspects and microtransactions?

Leo: Our approach to the F2P model is firmly against Pay2Win. We ensure that both basic and premium equipment have equal performance, providing a fair competitive environment for all participants, regardless of their investment. Purchases and microtransactions are solely focused on enhancing the visual appeal through styles, skins, and the overall look of characters and weapons. It’s all about personalizing your figures to reflect your unique taste and style, adding a fun and visually appealing element to the game.

The game features two types of currency, RT and MP, which can be earned through gameplay. These currencies can be used to purchase various skins for weapons and parts in our store. Initially, RT was solely obtainable through purchases. However, following player feedback, we’ve adjusted the system to allow for some degree of RT acquisition without payment. We’re also continuously monitoring and expanding ways to earn MP, with further enhancements planned.

In celebration of our Epic Games Store debut, we’re excited to announce a ‘$10 RT Coupon Event’ from March 26 to May 27, alongside a ‘Lucky MP Box Event’ from March 26 to April 8, offering additional opportunities to earn MP. We encourage your participation and hope you discover stylish skins and fun.

What role does strategy building play in MICROVOLTS: Recharged? How do weapon choice and switching tactics affect gameplay?

Leo: Strategy in MICROVOLTS is crucial, with game modes and maps dictating potential winning strategies. This can transform matches into strategic duels between teams, where clever tactics can sometimes outweigh sheer combat prowess, providing thrilling victory experiences.

Choosing and switching weapons strategically is vital. Understanding each map and its terrain allows for the optimal use of different weapon types, adapting to various combat scenarios. Effective use of weapons can dramatically swing the tide in your team’s favor at critical moments.

MICROVOLTS Recharged - via Masangsoft
MICROVOLTS Recharged – via Masangsoft

Easy Upgrade system has always been a top recommendation from players. How has MICROVOLTS: Recharged revamped this system to make the gameplay more rewarding?

Leo: We’ve replaced the term ‘upgrade,’ which previously required many paid transactions, with ‘tuning’ to indicate setting up with minimal cost. 

The previous tuning system was quite inconvenient in terms of UI/UX, leading us to redesign it for simplicity. Now, the tuning process is allowing a single attempt, providing players the flexibility to select options that align with their personal preferences.

What was the inspiration behind completely revamping the original MICROVOLTS?

Leo: Once, I had the opportunity to interact directly with a player, who told me, ‘This is the best game of my life and I wish I could play it through my entire life’. That moment reminded me of the deep attachment people can have with games and made me wish to provide a lasting service that continuously entertains our players.

We believe the original MICROVOLTS’ excessive Pay2Win designs significantly contributed to past service closures, causing the gap between paying and non-paying players. Our mission extends to offering a service that endures a lifetime, moving away from the divisive Pay2Win model to ensure fairness for all players, thereby fostering a more inclusive and engaging community.

MICROVOLTS Recharged - via Masangsoft
MICROVOLTS Recharged – via Masangsoft

How long has this game been in development, and how many developers actively worked on MICROVOLTS: Recharged?

Leo: Approximately 20 developers were involved in the project, which took just over a year to develop.

What was the reason behind removing Level Cap in MICROVOLTS: Recharged? How does it contribute to making the game easy?

Leo: The essentials I consider in servicing a game are skills, honor, uniqueness, and affection for the game. Amongst many elements that describe honor, the level is the indicator of how much time a player has enjoyed playing, which means, how much dedication a player put into it. Removing Level Cap does not make the game easy, rather it shows the extent of affection the game receives.

MICROVOLTS Recharged - via Masangsoft
MICROVOLTS Recharged – via Masangsoft

Since the game has been out for quite some time now, what was the initial reception from the community?

Leo: The community warmly welcomed the opportunity to play a game that remained a fond memory for many previous players. They appreciated our commitment to avoiding a Pay2Win system, ensuring everyone could compete fairly based on skill alone. The positive response wasn’t limited to any particular country; it was global, and we’re grateful for the valuable feedback that has contributed to the game’s ongoing development.

Will the game be released on consoles?

Leo: Currently, we are not planning to release the game on console platforms.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Leo: Looking ahead, we’re gearing up to add a league system, a second Clan Tournament, and various other events that promise to enrich the MICROVOLTS experience. Stay tuned!

We know there are lots of joyous memories of MICROVOLTS and we are committed to creating more for you. While we understand updates may sometimes feel slow, please know the development team is diligently working behind the scenes.

MICROVOLTS: Recharged is a lobby-based third-person shooter game, developed and published by Masangsoft, and released on 9 September 2023. 

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