Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Servers Are Officially Offline

Remember the Lord of the Rings inspired game of the year from 2014? The game that gave birth to the iconic ‘nemesis’ system, offered a truly gripping Tolkien-esque tale and had an expansive open world to boot. Well, if you haven’t, you may have missed out on ever having the full experience with this title. You see, the servers for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor have been permanently shut down. This news comes from an official announcement from Warner Bros Studios.

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This announcement actually comes two days after the first reports of players losing access to online servers. With players on January 12th 2020 reporting that the servers were not functional days ago. When players aimed to access online features of the title, they would be met with a message which reads ‘Changes in our network‘ as the error message.

A Shadow Of Its Former Self

For those coming to the game late or making a return to the title. This will mean that the game has much less to offer. First of all, the Nemesis forge will no longer function meaning players will no longer be able to access this feature. Then secondly, players will no longer be able to play vendetta missions. Although, those worried that they won’t be able to pop the trophy related to this feature can rest easy. It seems that the developers have patched in a workaround for this achievement.

Then additionally, the leaderboards will no longer be accessible, meaning that there is no means of attaining bragging rights in this title. All in all, these changes are a real shame as each added to the overall enjoyment one gets from playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. So it’s rather upsetting that these servers have been taken down with no fanfare or ceremony whatsoever.

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Of course, if you are hankering for a Tolkien style adventure or simply want to witness the nemesis system first hand. You can still do so through Middle Earth: Shadow of War. However, we will never forget the truly revolutionary first instalment of this series and even though the servers are gone for good, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this game series brought back into the fold. You only need to look at the fate of the original Demon’s Souls servers and the events proceeding their shutdown. Perhaps we haven’t seen the last of the Middle Earth series. Only time will tell. You can still get Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor GOTY PC Steam edition for $5 here & can find other versions here, for the newer and also excellent Middle Earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition check here.

So that’s our news regarding Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s server shutdown. What do you make of this news? Are you upset about the shutdown? Will you return to this game again? Do you think the series will make a comeback? Let us know in the comments below. Plus, if you liked this news, why not check out our coverage of the Steam Lunar sale. Or alternatively, why not read our news regarding Pokemon Diamond and Pearl getting a remake.

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