Marvel Midnight Suns Friendship Explained

Here are all the methods to improve friendship in Midnight Suns and unlock the rewards

All you need to know about the friendship feature of Midnight Suns

Developing friendships with fellow superheroes gives you the upper hand you need to dominate the game. There are a few ways that you can adopt to increase your friendship level with any superhero of your choice. The rewards for these friendships are incredible.

Main Points

  • Marvel Midnight Suns friendship feature can be used to unlock new rewards and abilities
  • There are 5 levels of friendship that can be achieved with a superhero
  • 4 methods are mentioned here to build friendship
  • Every method offers different XP and increase in the friendship level
  • Select the method according to your situation and conditions

Moreover, developing stronger friendships and getting up the ladder leads to a plethora of unlocked items. Along with legendary abilities, passive and combo abilities are unlocked. Better friendships also lead to the best cards of the game and color palettes and outfits.

You will need to build bonds and friendships with your Abbey mates to bring the best out of your superhero squad and get a competitive advantage. Doing this will also enable you to know more about the heroes you are playing with on a deeper level.

There are 5 levels of friendship that you can achieve with any superhero. Every new level will bring you newer joys. So, to start building friendships you must know what the ways are to develop the bonds.

Increasing The Friendship Level

There are 4 methods described here to build better friendships with a superhero. You are free to use any method that you like. The XP you receive differs from method to method. Therefore, choose accordingly from hanging out, engaging in conversations, safe havens, and sparring in the yard.

Hanging Out

Hanging out refers to undertaking an activity with any superhero after completing a mission. There are certain activities that you can do with a superhero such as playing cards and fishing. You can choose whatever activity you want.

Moreover, to further strengthen your friendship with a superhero, you can give them a gift. The gift can be bought from the gift shop, or you could get lucky if you a gift at the Abbey,

The activity that you choose must be carefully selected depending on the hero you decide to hang out with. Every superhero has a different preference for hanging out and your friendship bond with them is strengthened or weakened based on your choice of activity.

Midnight Suns Hanging Out
Hangout completed with a superhero and rewards received

A superhero would want to play cards with you, whereas another would want to go fishing and this is your task to take care of their priorities.

The gift that you select for a superhero also should be carefully selected based on the superhero that you are hanging out with. Here also, each superhero has their own preference, and to develop stronger friendships with them, you have to take care of their choice.


‘Haven’ is a specific place at the Abbey grounds where you can invite a friend and hang out with them. ‘Haven’ is not a typical hanging out spot because you can only take a friend there once and they can be met only once at the Haven. Havens are limited in number also.

The advantage of taking a friend at the Haven, as compared to other spots, is that Havens double the amount of friendship rewards you get from the activity.

Therefore, to make full use of a Haven, invite a friend to the activity they enjoy and bring them the gift that they appreciate the most. Since Havens will not be available every time for a superhero, carefully select the activity and the gift.

Indulging In Conversations

There are two ways that can earn friendships in Midnight Suns from conversations. First is to engage in dialogue with a superhero casually and the other is to complement them.

The most widely used way to gain friendships is to engage in a dialogue with a player. You will always have three options to choose from over which topic to converse about. The choice that you make will decide the amount of XP you get and how much your friendship strengthens.

Midnight Suns Indulging in Dialogue
Using the conversation options while conversing

Hence, you are to use whatever knowledge and intuition you have about the options, the player, and the situation. Careful selection will lead to a higher increase in the friendship level whereas, a poor selection will lead to the otherwise.

Engaging In Dialogue

There are innumerable ways to indulge in dialogue with other heroes.

Many a time, superheroes will send invitations to you to meet them one-on-one or to see them at club meetings. Heroes of similar interests hang out at club meetings after they have undertaken a day-long mission.

Also, sometimes superheroes will ask you for your help to do a task or seek your advice. Take these opportunities with both hands since they give you a push to your friendship level.

Apart from this, you will meet and converse with superheroes at the Abbey, hangouts, and on Superlink as well. Superlink is a social networking service that superheroes use to socialize. Make good use of the platform also.


The other way to gain friendship while conversing with a hero is when you compliment them. Opportunities to complement appear after you have completed a research project, a Hero op, or when you get to a new training level.

Complimenting is a quick way to earn some XP and improve your friendship. Here too, care must be exercised while complimenting a hero. The benefits of the activity vanish if you compliment one hero a lot in a short period.

Hence, it is important to complement different heroes and not stick to just one. Also, if more than one compliment is given to a superhero, make sure to do that with a gap.

Spar At The Yard

Sparring rewards with a minimal increase in XP, so they must not be used to jack up your rewards. Sparring should be done when only a few XP are required, and you need a quick way to get them. This is done when you require a handful of them to reach the next friendship level.

These are all the methods that can be used to increase the friendship level. However, it is up to the player which method he uses. The method should be adopted based on how much time is to be invested in increasing the friendship level and how much XP is to be obtained.

Benefits Of Friendship

Increasing the friendship level of your player is not just something to look over as increasing levels offer fruity bounties.

Apart from the wholesome teamwork feeling you get after building stronger friendships, you will unlock rewards as you level up and eventually get the ultimate midnight sun ability of that player. Every friendship level brings with it new outfits and color palettes.

Midnight Suns Friendship Level Up
Friendship level increased with a superhero

The benefits are enlisted as follows:

  • Passive abilities of the hero
  • Combo abilities
  • Hero ability cards
  • Improved stats of the character

Apart from the player’s friendship level, the team friendship level also improves. These would help you in improving your friendships hastily. The team friendship rewards are as follows:

  • Increased number of combo abilities
  • The Gift Shop
  • More compliments

As you might have discovered by now, making friendships in Marvel Midnight Suns is not to be taken lightly. It leads to many unlockable items that make the gaming experience worthwhile and allows quick game progression.

Ending Notes

The friendship system of Marvel Midnight Suns is a great tool to create synergy among the superheroes in the game that work together to undertake missions. The missions are completed with relative ease and the game is more fun to play this way.

Furthermore, the items that unlock as a reward for increasing the friendship level also is a treat to building friendships with other superheroes. Newer rewards greet players as the friendship level reaches a new stage with a superhero.

The methods enlisted in this article are to be followed to increase the friendship level and to unlock the rewards that await the friendship levels.

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