Midnight Suns Hulk: Cards, Unlock, Abilities & Team Comp

To unlock and master Hulk in Marvel's Midnight Suns, players need assistance. So, here is a detailed guide to help you on each step while you learn Hulk's skills.

Hulk in Marvel's Midnight Suns
Everything you need to know about Hulk in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Released right before the launch by developers, Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns built up the Players’ excitement further. He is the 13th and last character (for now) to be unlocked in Marvel’s Midnight Suns who also happens to be one of the tankiest heroes in-game. 

To gain the full potential of Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and smash your way to victory, here is a guide on how to unlock him, what are his cards, abilities, and best team compo.  

Key Takeaways

  • Hulk is the 13th and last playable character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns currently.
  • To unlock Hulk, players need to progress till they start a mission called “The Witch on Wundagore Mountain” and purify him first.
  • Hulk has a unique ability Rage which increases when Hulk receives Damage.
  • The Rage ability increases Hulk’s offense the more it grows. 
  • There are a total of 10 Hulk cards to play.
  • To make full use of Hulk, pair him with Support role Heroes.

How To Unlock Hulk

Hulk is seen as a Lilin (an antagonist) for the majority of the game and can not be associated with the Midnight Suns. However, if you manage to complete the first 50-55 hours of gameplay, you run across a mission called “The Witch on Wundagore Mountain.” The sole purpose of that mission is to purify the Fallen Hulk from his corrupted form and unlock him by doing so. Players have already Faced Hulk before as an enemy, and now is the 3rd and final Battle with him, which helps purify him.

The Witch On Wundagore Mountain Mission

Scarlet Witch vs Fallen Hulk
Scarlet Witch vs Fallen Hulk

Compared to the previous missions you completed, the Witch on Wundagore Mountain is fairly easy, so don’t sweat it. Wanda aka Scarlet Witch will be your assistant in the mission. With the help of Wanda, take down the Hulk using the best available cards in Wanda’s deck. Once you win the battle by knocking him down, use the Special Card given during the mission. The Special Card purifies the evil Lilin Hulk. You will be required to repeat the process, and once the mission is completed, Hulk is finally a part of your Midnight Suns team, or maybe not just yet.

After completing the mission, go back to the Midnight Sun’s headquarter, The Abbey. There you can finally talk to Bruce (Hulk). No, you can not play with Hulk just yet, wait a day and return back to him the next day. The second exchange of words will unlock Hulk officially, and you can use him during the gameplay. 

Hulk Passive Ability

Rage Bar
Rage Bar

Hulk comes with an impressive yet unique passive called Rage. The in-game description of Rage Passive is:

“Rage increases Hulk Offense. Hulk gains Rage when damaged. Hulk Attack and Heroic abilities consume 1 Rage when played.”

When receiving damage from enemies or using the Smash ability, Hulk gains an increase in Rage, which can be seen in a green bar. The increase in Rage raises Offense of Hulk. Offense refers to the amount of damage a character’s abilities inflict upon the opponent. So, the more the Rage, the more damage dealt. And due to his Rage passive, Hulk contains Offense and Defense both, making himself a perfect Tanky character. 

However, Rage also decreases during combat. Whenever Hulk uses his Card abilities (except Smash), his Rage consumes by 1. So Rage is kind of like an energy that helps Hulk perform on the battlefield. Players should make the best use of it by spending Rage on correct abilities and also make sure to continuously taunt enemies and receive damage in order to regain the Rage back (for more abilities).

Another built-in ability of Hulk saves him from receiving injuries during the fights. Other characters can get injured from the continuous damage received. These injuries can slow down the character’s potential if the character is picked again, but none of that is Hulk’s concern. His brawniness refuses to take any injury that might negatively affect him in the long run. Another reason why we believe he can play one of the best Tank roles in the game.

Hulk Ability Cards

Hulk comes with a total of 10 cards, each containing its own ability. Players can use these cards during combat and benefit from the card’s ability. Most of the Hulk’s cards consume 1 Rage upon usage except a few such as Crush or Smash. Players can quickly build up the Rage that was used with some card abilities too. Therefore, do not stress about losing Rage while using Rage consuming cards.

Each of Hulk’s 10 cards is a part of one of four rarities, which are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The cards are divided further into three categories. The three card categories are:

  • Attack Cards: With the help of Attack Cards, players can damage enemies along with stun effects. Each Attack Card provides One Heroism that can be spent on Heroic Cards.
  • Heroic Cards: The Heroic Cards enhance the character’s powers or give an ability that deals massive damage to enemies. To play a Heroic Card, Heroism is required. Players can gather Heroism by playing Attack and Skill cards.
  • Skill Cards: Boosts the character’s health and damage. Players also get a chance to draw more cards by Skill Card ability. Additionally, a Skill Card provides assistance in gaining more Heroism than Attack Cards do. 

Let’s dive deeper and find out which card of Hulk belongs in which of these card categories.

Attack Cards

Hulk Attack Cards
Hulk Attack Cards

Currently, Hulk holds only three Attack Cards. These three cards, each with a unique ability, are:

Smash (Common)

Almost all Attack Cards consume 1 Rage upon use, but that is not the case for Smash. Instead of consuming a Rage, Smash Card increases the Rage by 1. Smash Card also stuns the enemy for the next turn giving players an advantage and a free Rage along with it. The Smash Card deals 67 Damage which doubles up to 134 Damage when the Target is full HP. Keep in mind, the damage further increases if we include Rage Offense. 

Players can upgrade their Smash Card to Smash+ by exchanging two Base (Smash) cards. A resource known as Attack Essence is essential to upgrade cards. Once upgraded, Smash+ will do 68 damage instead of 67.

Crush (Rare)

The Crush Card is known to deal massive damage of 134 to nearby enemies. If the enemies are Stunned from the previous turn, the initial damage of the card will increase to 201. If players get a KO upon using Crush Card, the card does not consume any Rage. 

To upgrade Crush to Crush+, exchange the two Base cards. Initial damage goes from 134 to 136. Crush+ also gives 204 damage instead of 201 (on Stunned enemies). 

Gamma Kick (Rare)

The main ability Gamma Kick card posses are its Forceful Knockout and Taunt. For Hulk, Taunt is a crucial ability to use due to his passive ability, Rage. Hulk will receive more damage upon Taunting, resulting in building up more Rage as fast as possible.

The Gamma Kick card has 1 status effect, “Weak.” When a card applies a Weak effect, the Offense goes down by 50%

If you upgrade Gamma Kick to Gamma Kick+, you gain 1 Heroism to use for the Heroic Cards.

Heroic Cards

Hulk Heroic Cards
Hulk Heroic Cards

Hulk possesses more Heroic Cards than the other two types of cards he holds. There are a total of 6 Heroic Cards for Hulk that players can choose from. Let’s get into more detail about each of these cards.

Mighty Blow (Epic)

To Forcefully Knockback enemies along with massive Damage, Mighty Blow is your pick. If you previously apply Stun to your enemies from cards like Smash, the enemy receives extra damage, with the total being +268. Three Heroism are required in order to play Mighty Blow; you can collect them from Attack and Skill Cards. 

You can upgrade the card to deal more damage. Exchange two base cards of Mighty Blow and gain an upgraded version. The upgraded Mighty Blow card will give +94 additional damage upon Stun. However, the damage is limited to a single target and does not provide large-scale damage.

Worldbreaker (Legendary)

There is only one Legendary card Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns possess; the card is called “Worldbreaker.” The damage done by Worldbreaker implies on each enemy in the area with some cool visual effects. 

All enemies get Forcefully Knockback and receive 201 Damage, resulting in at least one KO normally. And if an enemy does get KO (Knockout), Hulk gains 1+ Rage. The card does use Six Heroism, but the Rage gain and huge blow to every enemy make up for it.

Players can upgrade Worldbreaker to Worldbreaker+ and increase the card’s damage by 87. So, make sure to upgrade the absolutely destructive Worldbreaker and turn it even better.

Rampage (Common)

A common Heroic Card, Rampage deals 46 Damage and consumes 3 Heroism in return. The damage and overall ability of Rampage might seem underwhelming but worry not. When Rampage upgrades to Rampage+, it gains more personality due to new abilities included. 

Upon upgrading, Rampage+ gives 107 Damage and includes some abilities such as Chain 3 (Status Effect), Taunt, and +1 Heroism upon using Full Combo. Chain 3 means players can damage single or different enemies thrice and deal intense damage to them. Taunt helps Hulk receive damage from enemies and gain Rage. 

Finally, if the player uses all attacks on a single enemy, they perform a Full Combo which rewards you by returning one Heroism back.

Thunderclap (Common)

Another Common card, Thunderclap, is only a useful resource if upgraded. Make sure to collect two Base Cards and exchange them for a Thunderclap+. You will get Knockback and Stun ability which can be quite helpful, especially as a Tank role. These knockbacks and Stuns apply to all enemies in a line

The Thunderclap card also provides 44 Damage to the enemies, which is not a great card compared to others, considering it consumes 4 Heroism. However, if you go full Tank, Thunderclap should be in the deck.

Seismic Slam (Rare)

One of the highest damage-dealing Heroic Cards, Seismic Slam not only Taunts the enemies but also increases its Area of Effect upon upgrading. Taunt ability helps gain Rage, which increases the damage of the card further.

To cause damage on a larger scale, upgrade Seismic Slam to Seismic Slam+. The insane damage, along with more enemies in range, will take them down in an instant. 

Skill Cards

Hulk Skill Cards
Hulk Skill Cards

The least of all cards, there are only 2 Skill ability cards for Hulk. Let’s get into further details about each.

Challenging Roar (Common)

Challenging Roar’s main focus is on the Taunt ability. Players should equip the card to increase Rage, which leads to more Offense (Damage). One Rage increases for each enemy hitting Hulk after they get Taunted by his Roars. Therefore, the lack of Base Damage on Challenging Roar makes sense because Rage will cover up for it. 

Hulk will also gain One Counter for the next turn, meaning he will deal damage to all attacking enemies. Upgrade your Challenging Roar to Challenging Roar+ and gain 2 Heroism whenever you use the card.

Always Angry (Epic)

The only Card that has healing effects on Hulk is “Always Angry,” making it in the Epic category with no surprise. When players Always play Angry, all Rage gets consumed by Hulk, which results in 84 Health recovered. A single Rage adds 84 Health, so if you happen to be abundant with Rage, you can maximize Hulk’s health easily. If Hulk is over-healed, he increases his Maximum Health.  

If the Always Angry card is upgraded to Always Angry+, players can also increase the maximum Rage of Hulk by 1. However, with or without an upgrade, Always Angry causes an Exhaust status effect, which means that the card removes from combat after a single use.

Best Team Compo

Hulk might be one of the strongest damage dealers, but due to his Rage, he depends on receiving damage continuously. Players should pair Hulk up with characters who can bring out Hulk’s potential to the fullest. Heroes who can Heal and Support Hulk’s abilities would make him unstoppable; these Heroes are:

Doctor Strange 

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

Hulk can be provided with the best assistance from none other than Doctor Strange. He has some of the best Support abilities, especially in his Skill Cards. Players can not only gain more Damage from Doctor Strange’s abilities but also collect Heroism for his Passive Ability. The Heroism will help in playing Hulk’s Heroic Cards faster which also includes “Worldbreaker,” a Legendary card

The biggest advantage Doctor Strange will provide Hulk is Redrawing Cards. Hulk can constantly use his Smash against enemies and keep gaining Rage by 1 till he can one-shot high-level opponents single-handedly. Not only that, each Smash Stuns enemies, benefiting you for the next turn. 

So, to redraw Hulk’s cards, use Agamotto’s Gaze, Astral Meditation, or Blessing of the Vishanti. Each of these Doctor Strange cards provides a Draw Card ability. 



There are three branches of Hunter’s Cards. The one we recommend using with Hulk is the “Light” Branch. To identify “Light” cards, look for a light symbol at the center bottom of the Card. Light cards will convert Hunter into a Support with some amazing Heal and Draw ability cards. Hulk can constantly heal from Hunter’s Cards while he builds up his Rage and increases his Offense. 

Use the cards Holy Burst and Summon Charlie to provide Heal along with 2 Cards Drawn. A “Light” Branch card, “Call To Arms,” give free Heroism upon use too.

Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru
Nico Minoru

Another amazing pair with Hulk is Nico Minoru, who not only Heals her allies but also provides them with multiple buffs such as counterattacks, life steal, and extra Offense. The Counter status effect is essential for Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and having Nico Minoru will just help him Counterattack the enemies and build more Rage with each hit. 

Some perfect Nico Minoru Cards to play in favor of Hulk are Blood to Blood for heal, Blood Magic for 2 Blood Magic/Counter/Fast or Strengthened, and Double Up to get a copy of any Heroic, Attack, and Skill card in your hand. The Heroic Cards cost can also reduce to 0 by using Empower. Remember, Heroism is crucial in order to play Heroic Cards, and most of Hulk’s cards belong to the Heroic type.



Unlike other Heroes mentioned in our list, Blade does not provide healing support to Hulk, making him an odd one out. However, all Blade’s abilities, including his Passive, have a Bleed status effect. With Bleed, Blade can put constant damage on enemies while ignoring any Resist or Block in the way.

The continuous damage from Blade weakens the enemies, which leads to Hulk easily clearing them out with his AOE. Almost all Blade’s Card abilities are useful when it comes to the Bleed effect. We recommend using Worldbreaker, a Legendary Hulk card, after you weaken all enemies from Blade’s abilities.

Final Remarks

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Hulk is a complex hero due to his Rage passive ability. Players might find it troubling to keep Rage in check. However, once players pair him up with the best Heroes, they can manage his Rage and deal impressive damage on enemies. Hulk can single-handedly kill enemies if his Rage is full, making him one of the strongest Heroes in the game.

We have covered everything regarding Hulk in Marvel’s Midnight Suns to assist players, so smash them all and lead your way to victory!

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