Interview: Mighty Mage Was Developed In A Few Months By Two Devs

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Mighty Mage - via Afil Games

Mighty Mage is an arcade-style top-down arena shooter featuring a very retro-level design that almost sends you back to good ol’ upbeat arcade machine games. The game features advanced mechanics to reflect the Bullet Hell genre with advanced arena shooting and allows using up to five elemental spells during combat. 

Despite the auto-target weapon, Mighty Mage offers a decent challenge to players to fight off hordes of enemy waves with an ideal build of your choice. To discuss these mechanics and nostalgic inspiration more, we spoke to Antonio Filipe, Art and General Director at Afil Games. 

Mighty Mage - via Afil Games
Mighty Mage – via Afil Games

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your work on Mighty Mage.

Antonio: My name is Antonio Filipe. Mighty Mage was one of the first titles from Afil Games, where I worked as art director and general director.

The world design of Mighty Mage is very nostalgic and simple. Yet, it is still very detailed, with numerous things going on at the same time. What inspired you to create such a detailed design for a top-down arena shooter title?

Antonio: Mighty Mage was inspired by games like Brotato and Neon Fight, with one screen and a simple background but with a focus on gameplay and well-crafted hordes of enemies.

Even though it was a game made in just a few months, we made enough levels for players to have an experience focused on gameplay, and we will give the readers a tip: be careful around corners, as there are portals, you can die easily!

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Mighty Mage – via Afil Games

Speaking of retro arcade design, how do you think this aesthetic choice contributes to the overall gameplay experience?

Antonio: Mighty Mage is a game that reminds you of old arcade games, so the aesthetics contribute to bringing nostalgia to the user. You will always want to test different combinations based on your last high score of how many enemies you killed.

Can you give an example of how a player might create a 'unique build' using spells and upgrades?

Antonio: At the beginning of the game, players choose between four types of magic: fire, water, earth, and air. Doing this, they have random skill paths that can be chosen, which makes each player’s build unique to their gameplay, leaving all the risk up to the player which style they like to play most and bringing a sense of reward when they have good progress!

Enemy Waves
Mighty Mage – via Afil Games

What was the thought process behind giving players an upgrade before each wave? How does it balance the challenge offered for all types of enemies?

Antonio: Balance ends up being a decision made by the player, who makes his own choices after each wave of enemies. It is up to the player whether he prefers more: life, more damage, stronger skills, but which take longer to activate or vice versa, and finally, decide what he needs most to advance in the game.

How many developers have worked on Mighty Mage, and how long has it been under development?

Antonio: It was made by two developers and just two months of development!

Queens of the Stone Age - In the Fade
Queens of the Stone Age – In the Fade

With the game released quite some time ago, how has the reception been so far?

Antonio: Steam, unfortunately, didn’t meet our expectations, as many players didn’t like the idea of a simple game, but on consoles, it was more positive; the Trophy Hunters community really like games in this style!

Who do you think is the ideal player for Mighty Mage?

Antonio: For players who like casual games with a quick run style that mobile players also like, each run lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. It is made for players looking for fun without needing to make a big space in their daily schedules.

Queens of the Stone Age - In the Fade
Queens of the Stone Age – In the Fade

What is next for Mighty Mage? Any plans to add more content for players to expand their experience?

Antonio: Mighty Mage was a game made to be its final version, and because it was released for consoles, the next upgrade would be more complicated. But to not say never, maybe in the future, something like Mighty Mage 2 will be in our plans.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Antonio: I would like to thank you for the interview invitation. We want to invite everyone to play Mighty Mage and have fun! Thanks!

Mighty Mage is a top-down rogue-lite arena shooter, developed and published by Afil Games. The game was released on February 1, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Nintendo Switch. 

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