Xenoblade 3 Mio: The Definitive Guide

This Mio Xenoblade 3 will inform you all there is to know about the character and how to effectively utilize it to your advantage.

Mio Xenoblade 3 - Definitive Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the newest action role-playing game on the block. Within a day of its release, the game has seen positive reviews and has captivated fans worldwide. The game’s intricate character designs along with the gameplay make it a must-play game on your list. However, to fully immerse yourself in the game, you need information on which characters to choose. Hence, we bring you this Mio Xenoblade 3 guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Noah is a soldier originating from Colony 9 in the technologically advanced nation of Keeves, known for its mastery of both technology and swordsmanship.
  • Mio is a central figure and strong-willed character in the game, representing Colony Gamma and the country of Angus.
  • Mio starts off as a Zephyr class, with the defender role being recommended for optimal play.
  • Mio excels in the Zephyr class, having a high level of expertise in it; some of Mio’s Zephyr Arts include Butterfly Blade, Air Fang, and Wide Slash.
  • With a serious but kind personality, Mio is a skilled fighter and enjoys keeping a personal diary.

Here is a summary table for Noah and Mio in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

No.CharacterClassRoleBest Beginner Arts Best Accessories Ouroboros ArtsBest Abilities
1NoahSword FighterAttacker-Sword Strike
-Edge Thrust
-Shadow Eye
-Attack Stone
-Tool Belt
-Phantom Slash
-Dragon Tail
-Unison Strike
-Satisfying Piercer
-Critical Plus
2MioZephyrDefender-Butterfly Blade
-Air Fang
-Wide Slash
-Gear Support
-Beastfang Necklace
-Radiant Ring
-Deadly Twister
-Full Moon Drop
-Biting Back
-Attack Plus

Xenoblade 3 Main Characters

The Xenoblade 3 storyline feature six main characters. The game story progresses around them as you grow closer to them. The game has two protagonists, Noah and Mio.


Noah Xenoblade 3

He is a central figure in the Xenoblade 3 universe. Noah hails from Colony 9 and is a soldier from Keeves. Keeves is a great nation that has expertise in modern technology. They have changed the landscape of wars and use Fernonies in their battles.

Being a soldier for such a nation should already make you hold Noah in high regard, however, his real talent lies in his swordsmanship which makes him a goliath in a battle. Moreover, his crimson red blades make him stand out as he lays waste to his enemies.


Mio Xenoblade 3

Moving on, we have our second main protagonist of the story, Mio. In the game, Mio showcases a serious but kind attitude. She likes to keep a diary as a hobby to recollect her thoughts. Moreover, Mio is on her tenth term and has only about three months left to live.

Like Noah, Mio is also a soldier but serves a different country, Angus. She comes from Colony Gamma and used to work in the Colony’s expansion force. Angus is a deadly nation that uses Ether in order to gain the edge in technological and military advancement.

Using the advanced weapons made by Angus and Keeves, Mio obliterates her opponents while skillfully evading their attacks.

Xenoblade 3 Mio’s Skillset

As mentioned, Mio is a talented fighter. She displays skillful movement along with powerful blows that can shred through anything standing in your way. Her primary weapon is the Dual Moonblades which are enhanced weapons created using the Angus and Keeves technology. The yellow energy blades at the weapon’s edges ensure that Mio can slice through anything she wants.

Mio’s Class

Mio’s initial class that she unlocks is the Zephyr Class with a defender role. Characters of the Zephyr class have high maneuverability and defense. They tank the enemy’s aggro while evading their attacks. Moreover, they simultaneously put up damage to weaken the opponent. This makes this class a well-rounded class among all others.

However, if you wish to change to another class, you can do so after you complete The Hillside Hulk Standard Quest, which appears in Chapter Two. This will allow you to switch to a different class to ensure that you can fill any position your team lacks.

For Mio, the Zephyr class is her best class. She shines the most through the abilities she can get in this class. However, you can see the table below if you want to see how she will pair up with the other class.

Order Class Role Proficiency
Initial Zephyr Defender S
1 Swordfighter Attacker A
2 Ogre Attacker B
3 Heavy Guard Defender C
4 Tactician Healer B
5 Medic Gunner Healer D
Mio Class Roles

As you can see, Mio showcases the highest proficiency in the Zephyr class. So this Mio Xenoblade 3 guide recommends sticking with Zephyr. Tactician and Medic Gunner are only viable if your team desperately needs a healer to sustain fights. Swordfighter is also a good option if you wish to utilize her offensively. However, Zephyr allows her to shine the most as she reaches the highest agility stat at level 10.

Mio’s Arts

Now that you are aware of the class order for Mio. It is time you take a look at what arts you can take on her. As her initial and best class is Zephyr, we will solely focus on the Zephyr Arts.

Art Name Area of Effect Recharge Meter Effect
Butterfly Blade Singular Target 3 Auto Attacks This skill boosts the aggro generated by 50%, making it a perfect fit for her class.
Air Fang Singular Target 4 Auto Attacks This skill boosts your attack damage to enemies who have their aggro on you by 50%, allowing you to become a monster in fights.
Wide Slash Singular Target 8 Auto Attacks This allows you to dodge enemy attacks while sacrificing the chance of critical rate. It only works when the art is active.
Mio’s Best Arts

The Arts are the perfect fit for Mio with her initial class. They cover up any holes in her defense and make her more powerful. Butterfly blade and Air fang allow Mio to pull in the enemy aggro and simultaneously deal a ton of damage to them. Furthermore, Wide Slash will allow you to dodge any life-threatening attacks if you manage to time it.

Moreover, for Master Arts, you can take the following if you choose to go for a Zephyr build. This will work in coherence with your class and allow you to win your fights skillfully.

Art Base Effect Class
Myopic Screen Dazes your enemies  Medic Gunner
Crash Out Pull in aggro in an Area of Effect  Heavy Guard
Master Arts

When you go for Medic Gunner on Mio, you can take Myopic Screen while Crash out if you take Heavy guard. That will make it much more efficient for you to do your job while your team takes them out.

Xenoblade 3 Mio’s Accessories

Increase Mobility Increased Damage when Hunted
Gear Support Beastfang Necklace
Mio’s Accessories

These accessories fit in best with Mio’s character and her abilities. If you wish to add more speed to your playstyle to take care of your enemies more quickly, Gear Support is the best choice for you.

However, if you feel that your attack damage is lacking, you can take Beastfang Necklace. It will increase your damage to opponents who have their aggro on you. This makes it much easier for your team and yourself to deal with them.

If you wish to continue down the Zephyr build path, you can take the following gems to add more to your kit. You can take Tailwind gem to increase your mobility. This will allow you to close the distance between yourself and your enemies in order to get their aggro. Moreover, it will provide you with maneuverability so that you can dodge enemy attacks.

Secondly, you can take an Ironclad gem to make yourself tankier as it will increase your health. This will allow you to sustain more damage and keep the aggro on yourself much longer. Thus making it easier for your team to deal with them effectively.

This concludes our Mio Xenoblade 3 guide. Let us know down below what you think is Mio’s best class.

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