Why Modding Has Become An Essential Part Of Gaming These Days

Mods forged your favorite games into relevancy, and still continue to do so.

Back when I used to play games on my Playstation 2, the games would get boring quickly and I always wished that these games would have something added or changed. These days, this wish is a reality.

Key Takeaways

  • Modders are responsible for most popular games present these days, as they started as mods first and soon became a standalone game that you know and love.
  • With the technical skill and knowledge of modders, even decade-old games are staying relevant to this day.
  • Developers need to appreciate the efforts of modders and make their lives easy by providing them with more tools.

Today, no matter the game, it will get modded in one way or another. Sometimes modders completely revamp the game or add a spotlight on it for the players. Modding is the sole reason many games that would have died a long time ago are still relevant. It has become an important part of gaming these days.

Same Game But Different

Modding these days doesn’t just let you make minor adjustments to the game, but change the game completely if you desire to do so. If you get bored of going through the same missions or stages, with modding you can add or change things to the game.

If you can’t feel the same excitement in your favorite game that you had when you played it the first time, then modding is the best option for you.

Dark Souls III Modded (Convergence Mod) | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

With modding anything is possible like turning the serious tone of a game to a goofy one, adding numerous add-ons to try new things, or adding trendy memes to the game to make you laugh while playing. The types and amount of options for modding are almost endless if the modding community is active.

With modding, a linear game can turn into a deep and fulfilling experience. A 10-hour game can turn into an endless playthrough. 

From Mods To Gaming Giants

Games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress 2 are considered gaming giants these days. These games have a worth of ranging from millions to billions of dollars. But they all had a humble beginning.

These games, and many others, were mods at first which aimed at providing a different experience to players who enjoyed games like these. These games quickly became popular and are now genres of their own.

If you love any of these games, don’t forget the efforts of the modders who started it all. While you grind for hours in these games, modders in the past did their fair share of grinding to bring these games to the audience.

EUL the modder behind DOTA 2 | From: DOTA 2 WIKI

Devs Should Support Future Devs

Modders have a great hold on experience and technical skills, allowing them to add content to the game that even the original developers did not plan. 

Skyrim is a prime example of why modding is so important. Skyrim in its vanilla state is just a mess. Too many bugs, glitches, balance issues, and outdated visuals, and the list keeps going on.

Modders have been using the engine of the game to provide content and game-fixing patches of their own. Skyrim modders these days have been able to make mods as big as the game itself.

If it wasn’t for these people then most Bethesda games would have been dead by now. Bethesda Games are famous for feeling outdated and modders are the reason their games have stayed up to date and are being played today.

Developers and companies should support the modding scene and let modders give tools to express their creativity and reward them for their efforts too because without them their games wouldn’t be the same. Valve has been a paradise for modders as they reward them for making mods and compensate them for their efforts. More companies should do this too.

CD Projekt Red working on REDkit to provide tools to modders | From: Steam News

Time To Make A Modlist

Content creators have dedicated their entire channel to showcasing mods and modded playthroughs which promote the amazing work of modders too. Plus, mods have come a long way, from the complexity of adding them to your game library, to selecting and install with an installation system. There are pages in social media where mods are discussed and people seem to post their mod list (basically a list of mods that are collectively installed) to share their experiences.

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